Five Destinations Under 30 Dollars Per Day

We all want to take that vacation, career break, or gap year, but with the way the economy is right now, many people are concerned about being financially stable. To some, travel is not an option. It is a luxury. However, the idea that travel is always expensive is simply not true. There are plenty of great travel destinations in the world that won’t break your bank once you’re there. Here are five of my favorites places to travel on less than $30 USD per day:

beaches in southern thailand
Despite being a hugely popular tourist destination, Thailand as a whole has remained relatively cheap. Outside of a few of the popular tourist islands, it’s easy to live on less than $30 USD (900 Baht) per day. Budget rooms cost between $6-10 USD per night, you can eat on less than $5 USD per day, drinks are about $2 USD, and sightseeing activities cost around $10 USD. To live on $30 USD dollars a day, stay in guesthouses, eat the delicious local food, avoid lots of expensive drinks, and take local transportation. But even when I splurge, I still barely break $30 USD per day. Most of the time I spend around $20 USD per day. This is a country where drinks cost more than food so as long as you go light on drinks, you’ll find Thailand quite inexpensive.

bali rice terraces
Even cheaper than Thailand, Bali is a great destination for those looking to avoid spending a lot. In the south, especially around Kuta, you’ll find more $1,000 USD per night rooms than any other place in the world. However, right next to them are rooms for less than $10 USD a night. Though flights are long and expensive, the island itself is amazingly cheap. Most local meals cost between $2 USD while “western” dishes are about $4 USD. Activities such as snorkeling tend to cost no more than $10 USD. Moreover, once you leave the touristy southern part of the island and go inland, everything gets even cheaper.

greek island of paros
Even before Greece almost went bankrupt, the country was a bargain. Now, it’s even cheaper. I was shocked at how cheap it was. Gyros cost around $3 USD, you can get a huge lamb dinner for $10 USD, drinks go for around $3 USD, and single rooms can be found for under $15 USD. An expensive night for me in Greece was $55 USD and that included an evening of drinks. In cities like Paris or Amsterdam, a dorm room is at least $30 USD. That’s more than I spent most days in Greece! You wouldn’t think a Euro zone country would be so cheap but that’s all the more reason to visit. If you want to enjoy Europe on a budget, visit Greece.

Central America

beaches in panama
Most of Central America is pretty cheap and you can travel on less than 30 dollars a day. Of course, you’ll need to exclude Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama as they are more expensive. (At about $35-40 USD per day!) But throughout the other countries in Central America (El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala), you will find most budget hotels for around $10 USD per night, meals for $3 USD, most bus journeys for the same price, and beer less than a dollar. In the central part of Central America, if you are spending more than $30 USD per day, you’re living large!

the beautiful architecture of budapest
I went to Budapest last year loved it. It was a beautiful, historic city. And Budapest was cheap. It was a warm welcome coming from expensive Italy. Hostels in Budapest start at 6 Euros ($8 USD) per night and private rooms double that. Meals at the markets or at the plethora of Kebab and sandwich shops are around $2 USD. Trains and buses were just a few dollars. Unless you are going out for a big night of drinking, $30 USD will give you plenty of room to enjoy the sites and sounds of Budapest. Budapest is a great alternative to cities to more popular destinations like Prague or Vienna.

There are many great destinations in the world that don’t cost a fortune. While some of these destinations might be expensive to fly to, once you get there, they are cheap as hell. If you want to go somewhere else, here’s how to pick a cheap place: Avoid the major tourist destinations, think outside the box, use an economic crisis to your advantage, or get off the beaten path and you’ll find value throughout the world.

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Preemptive Editor’s Note:
Before you ask me why I left out places like China, India, Cambodia, or a million other places, remember that the places above are destinations that I have been to. I haven’t been to India, China, or South America so while they are cheap, they can’t be on the list.

  1. I also went to Budapest (coming from expensive Northern Italy) for a few days last December, and you are absolutely right. I paid about $6 USD for a MASSIVE meal at a Christmas market in Pest … including goulash in a bread bowl, a large Hungarian sausage, a potato fritter, and spiced wine.

    Also, when you say Greece is cheap, are you referring to a certain part of it, or is it cheap everywhere? Are the tourist oriented islands more expensive than say, mainland Greece?

    • Ann Whaley

      I just spent a month and a half in Greece and it was phenomenal! So inexpensive, and the most beautiful country I’ve ever been in.

    • Carol Kurrusk

      Can you tell us where we can find cheap accommodations in budapest we will be there in a couple of weeks.

  2. Scott and I spent Christmas 2005 (while students on a budget) in Budapest, and it probably remains one of my favorite European cities. Love it in the winter with the snow and Christmas markets–makes the outdoor baths even more fun!

  3. peace lover

    Great article Matt. After visiting so many places around the world, and factoring everything from cost to people, nature, food, etc…there is no place like THAILAND.

  4. I never knew Budapest and Greece were inexpensive. I’ll have to keep all these places in mind when I’m feeling a bit of wanderlust and my wallet is a bit light.

  5. Great list, and like others, I was surprised by Greece.

    I also liked the editorial note. It’s a shame that you have to add it, but that’s the way things are I guess.

  6. NomadicMatt

    Wow! Greece is the hot button topic!

    Yes, Greece was that cheap. I went to the Athens and a few of the Greek Islands, including the expensive Santorini and Mykonos. I found everything to be cheap. On Mykonos, food and accommodation where more expensive than elsewhere. I remember a meal being $20 USD on Mykonos but for the most part everything was over 1/2 the price of elsewhere in the Eurozone. Moreover, in Athens my friend and I had a dinner for two with wine and it cost only 35 Euros.

    • Delaluna

      I heard that fascism is on the rise in Greece and that many people are being “disappeared” for being gay, immigrant, black, weird, etc. As a woman of color who really wants to go to Greece this worries me.

      Did you find this to be true?

      Do you have links to other travel bloggers of color as well? Just as traveling in some places as women can be a completely different experience from men, so too can traveling as a person of color, and I would like to make sure that I am enjoying these places while keeping aware of the potential dangers that might come from them.

      • Elena Frank

        I’ve also heard a lot about how Hungary has become extremely anti-semitic. My position is that we don’t need to go to countries to spend our hard earned money if they hate us. I’ve not heard this about Greece, but it wouldn’t surprise me with the economic crisis at its height. And although I’ve never really been hurt, thank goodness, I’ve been touched inappropriately by men in Italy and Spain. That was a long time ago and it wasn’t acceptable to rape and hurt women like it is today in so many countries.

        • Kelly

          I’m a blonde middle aged woman, and I’ve traveled solo to Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, England, Mexico, and Egypt. I also have plans to go solo to Africa, Greece, and Turkey in November. I have never had a situation where I felt endangered and, in fact, was treated in a very protective manner by a couple of the guys who worked at a hostel in Amsterdam who warned me about venturing out at night during a Dutch vs English soccer match and the streets were filled with drunk sports fans. I explore every destination thoroughly, walking miles, taking public transportation, etc., but I dress modestly and try not to draw a lot of attention to myself. I have only been inappropriately groped on a crowed bus in Italy with my husband standing next to me. My best tips are travel light, investigate your destination so that you have a loose itinerary in mind, stay in centrally located highly rated hostels, and keep an open mind and positive attitude!

        • Hi,

          I would recommend you to stay with locals in Hungary by BeWelcome, Couchsurfing or Hospitality Club. I have had an invitation from a Hungarian Teacher. She cared about me very well and we didn’t stay only in Budapest. I spent less than 100 EUR for the week. I paid once for the theatre (for a ballet) for both of us – in the 4th row – only 7 EUR! But more important than the money is, that you have a great guide and an interpreter if you need, because the Hungarian language is hard to understand / learn and there are not so many people, who speak English if you don’t stay on the touristic places. Szia

      • Irene

        I live in Greece and trust me, you will have no problem being gay/black or whatever.. The thing is, we love tourists, and as long as you behave nicely to us, we don’t care about your skin color. It is true, there is a party in the government that supports fascism, but it is condemned by the largest part of the Greek population (i don’t even know anyone who voted for it, i am still trying to figure out who would even do that). Think about this, Mykonos is considered the gay island! (because it’s full of gays) and nobody minds!

  7. Sofia - As We Travel

    I love how Greece is so cheap at the moment!

    I too found Budapest quite cheap, as long as you don’t buy clothes and stuff like that (crazily expensive!).

      • Nikesh

        How much cost it will take to spend one week on italy, france, uk, Switzerland and germany…can u tell me the total cost to travel on above countries.

        • The prices for the public transport are very different in the different areas. In Hamburg for e.g. you pay around 6 € a day for “the bigger area” and you can go all around Hamburg with all kind of public transport, even the ferries in the harbour – I recommend a trip from Landungsbrücken to Finkenwerder. For small groups (2 -5) they have a lower price/person. If you are not travelling by your own ask for it. In Switzerland in general prices are very high – even for people from e.g. Germany. This is the same for public transport. In Zurich I paid 6.60 CHF for an one-way-ticket for only two zones. Buy “tourist tickets” only for public transport if you will stay there for a couple of days. It is possible to check that on the internet. – Don’t forget to buy an European Railpass if you want to go to all these countries.

  8. Kenan Lucas

    Awesome list and a few surprises there – Greece?!

    I think that the first two should be combined into South East Asia in general. I am in Malaysia right now and am often surprised at how things are cheap here – but it is consistent for the entire region, from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and beyond.

  9. CJ

    Greece and Thailand look great for budget travel. I think I’m going to try and get Australia and New Zealand out of the way first though and see what kind of budget I can survive on there.

    Great list!

    • NomadicMatt

      There’s a few posts on the site about how to visit both countries and survive! Check them out in my travel guides section!

  10. North Thailand is definitely cheap. The south, not so much. You can definitely live there for less than $30, but you got search around. It depends what kind of experience you want. If you are into the hardcore partying, then you are going to need more than $30 a day. If you like nature and hiking and doing things outdoors, then Thailand is a great place to go. The best way to see the islands and the rest of the country is by renting a scooter for really cheap ($4-$6 a day), eating street food and just admire the beauty of the place.

    I found Bali to be a little more expensive than I had anticipated, however, you can definitely do it on less than 30 a day. Since the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” came out, tourism has definitely boosted in Bali and so have prices. Another great island is Lombok. It’s about an hour and a half from Bali and a lot cheaper, not to mention very beautiful.

    • NomadicMatt

      If you are spending all your time on the islands, getting drunk, then you will spend a lot more than $30 USD per day. I totally agree. But if you say no to buckets of alcohol, you can do it for less than $30.

  11. Great post and really enjoying your blog since I discovered it recently! I always thought Bali was quite touristy (and therefore expensive) but I’ve always wanted to visit – Thanks to this post it’s definitely been bumped higher on my list – thank you!

    • NomadicMatt

      The area around Kuta is a bit touristy but once when you get out of that area, prices drop a lot. But even in that area I could find places to stay for $10 USD a night.

  12. Johnsson

    Greece is definitely not cheap, especially not Athens. Clubs charge around 20€ entrance fees. The akropolis is like 25€ entrance to walk around. Sure, tavernas are pretty cheap, but once you go up from backpacker hostels and low-end tavernas Greece is hella-expensive.
    I’m waiting until they get kicked out of the euro and go back to drachmas. There is a reason people go to Turkey instead of Greece. Telling people that it’s on par with Thailand and Bali is just plain misinformation…

    • NomadicMatt

      Scroll up for a breakdown of my expenses. However, as mentioned in the comments, if you go to Thailand or Bali, I could also spend lots of money. Bali has the most $1,000 USD per night hotels in the world. Thailand? Those resorts aren’t cheap. Neither is the heavy drinking most people do. (Thai Buckets (big things of booze) are like $6 dollars.

      I knew eventually someone would come in and write a comment like yours so I was preparing for it. Yes, Greece can be expensive. In fact, every place listed here can be expensive. I could write a post talking about how Laos is the most expensive country in the world. It’s how you travel. If you are going clubbing a lot, eating lots of good food, and staying in 50 Euro a night hotels then yes you are right, Greece is expensive but if you go cheaply, it’s not. Just like you can do Thailand on a budget of 20 USD a day or a budget of 200 USD per day.

      Again, it’s how you travel. Maybe people will go to all of these places and spend more than 30 USD per day but at least they know that it can be done for the cheap and can try to find ways to lower their costs. Some days you go over, some days you go under. But if you avoid say 20 Euro clubs and 40 Euro meals, you’ll find Greece cheap. But that can be said for anywhere. I’m in NYC a lot. I can go to the expensive clubs and spend 200 USD or I can walk to the Irish pub down the corner and spend 20 bucks.

      • agreed, Matt. it is in how you travel, how you plan, and what trade offs you are willing to make. thanks for the heads up on Budapest — sounds as though it’d be a good winter destination to add to my list.

      • Very helpful advice as I am planning to go on my first long term travelling trip! I definitely want to go to Greece, so I am very glad to hear it can be done on the cheap. Your site has been immensely helpful to see how travel truly can be done by people without a lot of money. I am currently teaching in South Korea and plan on travelling when I am done with my contract at the end of July.

        My main places I want to go to (not in any order) are Greece, Italy, Thailand, China and possibly Spain or Mexico along with side trips to Romania, Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries. I am so excited to be planning for this and am loving all of your advice!

  13. NomadicMatt

    Yeah, that’s a huge budget for Greece! Since I write everything down, here’s how my expenses broke down (I wrote them down in Euros):

    Athens subway: 2 Euros
    Hotel Room in Athens: 30 Euros (Split by 2 = 15 Euros)
    Dorm in Ios: 10 Euros / Private Room on Ios: 20 Euros
    Food costs per day: 15 Euros (Usually a nice meal for dinner and a cheap lunch.)
    Super nice hotel in Mykonos: 50 Euros
    Fish Dinner: 25 Euros (That was a whole fish catch during the day)

    My expenses can be skewed sometimes since I make money while I travel, I sometimes get a nice hotel room or a more expensive meal. The cheapest accommodation I found was 10 Euros a night ($13 USD) and if you avoid eating big dinners all the time, you can do food for under $13 USD per day. My friends would live on $7 USD a day by cooking their own food or sticking to gyros and other quick local food. The cheapest day I have written down is 17 Euros, the most expensive I have is 40 Euros. Most average 25 Euros. The exchange rate when I went was pretty good with the dollar getting .77-.79 Euros. At the current exchange rate, 25 Euros is 34 USD.

    What will really send your budget flying is the ferries. There are super cheap overnight ferries but if you take the fast boat expect to pay around 20 Euros for an inter-island boat. Also if you head to Greece in the middle of July, you will probably end up doing it for more than 30 USD per day. At my per day high of 45 Euros that is now 62 USD, which is still a lot lower than your 88 USD per day.

    Point here is that Greece is cheaper than you think.

  14. Nani

    Matt, in response to the negative comment left earlier, I have to agree with you; it’s how you travel. Some of the best trips I’ve taken are also the most economical (sans the airfare) thanks to careful planning, staying away from the adult beverages and avoiding fancy foods!

    Kinda makes me wish that was the case with Japan, where I’m headed a couple of weeks from now. :-)

  15. I must admit that I’m surprised with Budapest on the list – I was there 6 years ago and whilst it was cheaper than “mainstream” Europe, with the exchange rate from South Africa it didn’t necessarily work in my favour.

    Then again, it was a business trip so I didn’t pay too much attention to the tab 😉

  16. Before I stated reading travel blogs a lot of these places would have seemed out of reached. I see now it is more if what you are willing to plan for or even sacrifice in order to go and experience something somewhere. Matt another great write up. Some of these places such as Bali and Thailand I would love to visit.

    • Ruth

      Bali can be cheap or expensive depend on what you choose.. I am agree with Mat, there are some cheap rooms you can find in Bali, i lived there.. and have some connections for cheap accomodations

  17. Hi Matt,

    Like everyone else commenting, I’ve found some great surprises on your list! One country I immediately thought of that wasn’t included however is Bolivia! What a sweet wallet relief to cross the border from Argentina! My boyfriend and I were getting a double room, grilled fish and other yummies and potosi mine tours for under $30US easy! The people are so lovely, the sights so wonderful that I think everyone should put their laptop lids down and go right now!

    • Charlie

      Yes! I love Morocco. I have been spending a month there each of the past three Christmases. It is a fantastic country and very inexpensive!

  18. Tameka

    I am going to Greece in a week…..can’t wait. This article and the comments are very helpful My package is paid for, hotels, air, transfers, ferries and breakfast….Was hoping that I could make it there 8 days with $500USD or less. Sounds like i can!!!! Looking forward to visiting the other destinations as well.

  19. Heather

    Any suggestions for good places to go in mid-March with still youngish kids? We’re in Canada and looking for a way to bring a little more adventure and culture into family vacations…stepping away from the typical Florida stuff. Ideas?

  20. Daniel Johnson

    That wasn’t my experience of Budapest! Suppose it shows that planning and/or willpower are just as important as your destination!

  21. Jonny

    No negativity here, all good posts. Having just come through the area myself though, this is hardly realistic, even for ultra-budget travel confined only on the mainland. Hostels can be relatively rare outside major hubs, and almost always expensive than listed (think 12-19 Euro). Buses, trains, metro, and entry fees (delphi, meteora, etc) cannot really be avoided, and will take a good bite out of your budget, without even considering boats. When even very modest food and drinks are considered, you’re well out of the SE Asia/Central America leagues.
    Point taken, it is significantly more inexpensive than northern europe (particularly sweden!). But it seems strange to single Greece out when neighboring Turkey and eastern europe offer exponentially more value?
    That said, Greece is great. If you were looking for dirt cheap, you would have gone to Egypt! Cheers for the posts!

  22. I think in southeast asia Vietnam and Laos are the cheapest places to visit,specially food and accomodations are really cheap in those places

  23. Shweta

    Thanks for all the information Matt. I’m an Indian but currently working in Nepal. I’ve done a lot of travelling in India but now I’m planning for a solo trip to another country. Your information has been very helpful. I was wondering if Greece is good n safe for single women travelers ? I have my concerns about safe accommodation for single women. I’d appreciate your reply. Thanks :)

  24. spring

    Thanks for the post.
    Can you recommend any other beautiful tropical island destinations which cost about the same as Thailand (apart from Thailand) ?
    Warm weather, amazing beaches, etc.

    • Roy

      Langkawi , the tropical Island south of Phuket on the Malaysian side.Access from Singapore or Kuala Lampur by flight or ferry from Thailand.

  25. Bonnie

    Love your blog, Matt. I’m a sagittarius; we’re born to travel. Last time I went to the Greek islands – 20 years ago – I stayed in private homes with ladies who met the ferries and rented out rooms in their homes. It was a great way to get in touch with the local scene, and the houses were close to the harbor and town. One day in particular I remember the mother and her daughter making dolmades from grape leaves growing overhead on the trellis above the patio. Is staying with locals still a good thing to do? When I look on the web, even the cheap hotel rooms seem much more expensive than the prices you’ve mentioned.

  26. Jay Armstrong

    What about the cost of flights? Why wasnt that included, that seems to be the most expensive portion of the trip.

  27. Mohsin

    Very useful information.

    Reading the comments from others, the whole idea is that it all depends on you how much your trip would cost. If you want to have luxoriuos weekend in Dubai, it can cost you more than a week stay in Europe.

    I am very new to travelling and it has been only 2years that I have started going to other countries. My first destination outside Pakistan was Thailand (honeymoon trip for one week), and yes it was cheap (A part from this I have travelled alot in Middleast). Although I did not arrange it myself and paid a tourist Company to arrange my trip, still it was cheap (USD3,500 for a week, a great bargain and very beautiful). Last year I went to Spain (barcelona, madrid, Palma Mallorca) and Paris. This time I arranged it myself, including airfare, hotels (average three stars but clean or apartments), entertainment. It only costed me USD 7,000 (EVERYTHING INCLUDED). I travelled with my wife and a daughter (This does not include clubs, alcohol etc).

    Next year my plan is to travel from Saudi Arabia to Italy and Greece (and if possible Croatia). I am keeping a budget of USD 7,000 again. I need to research a lot on this to assess whether its financialy feasible or not. But roughly I think I can manage.

    Many thanks

  28. Greece and Budapest then may be my next destinations? 😀

    Excellent post!
    I will research more for this 2 places… starting with your website :)

  29. I usually can do Costa Rica in under $30 per day. A dorm bed is about $10 per night on the beach, and I don’t drink alcohol (I find that’s what most of my friends spend a lot on). That leaves $20 to eat and play, which I find do-able. Though I usually park in one spot for awhile and don’t do too much expensive stuff, like zip-lining.

  30. Sarah Laurence

    Thanks so much, we were debating between a trip to Italy or Greece last night. No that we are earning in South African rands again the exchange kills us! R10.50 to the dollar which makes SA a great option for tourists but travelling internationally pretty tough! Looking forward to our Greek trip already :)

  31. Good response on inexpensive travel in Greece. I would recommend checking out the Greek islands, Crete, Corfu ect. My girlfriend and I went to Kefalonia this summer and, although it includes many wealthy areas such as super-yachting communities, we found the food and living extremely cheap. If you head away from the coasts there’s some brilliant places to eat for dirt cheap – only thing is, you need to hire a car as public transport on Greek islands isn’t that great, especially in a mountainous region like Kefalonia.
    Great article :)

  32. Great list! I definitely agree, if you’re spending more than $30 a day in Central America, you are living the high life! Bali & Budapest are definitely on our to-do list. Mexico should be on this list as well! Although it’s a bit pricier than Central America, it’s definitely do-able under 30 a day. I just wrote a budget breakdown for living in the south of Mexico for under $350 per month. People always assume it takes a lot of money to travel, but its possible to travel on the cheap!

  33. The last time I was in Bali I only took $2000AUD for a 3 week trip. I physically could not spend all of my money. I ate in restaurants for all my meals, partied every night, did all the touristy things and brought home gifts for all my family and still returned to Australia with $500 in my pocket.

  34. Matt, love your site – my wife and I are embarking on a RTW trip starting tomorrow in Bangkok. All the resources you provide through this site, the How to Travel on $50/ Day book, twitter, etc. have been incredibly helpful for us and just wanted to say thanks!

  35. Bali is great. But I think Thailand is still one of the cheapest places in Southeast Asia. Of course if you end up going Phuket or Pattaya you’ll spend more than local places. But Chiang Mai and all Isaarn region is dirt cheap. You can have a fantastic holiday for ridiculous prices.

  36. Thailand is incredibly cheap! We recently went to QLD in Australia and found it to be almost the same as Thailand but 10x more expensive!

  37. James

    Hi Matt, great article. A couple of years since you made this post, do you think the price estimations are still accurate (particularly in, you guessed it, Greece)? I’ve been backpacking around USA and South America at US$37 per day budgeted for a year for 6 months now. No problemo to stay under this for Greece, including Athens?

  38. I think actually that most places on earth can be done on a budget of 30 $ per day, it’s just the overly touristic parts of the world and also super developed countries that are more expensive.

  39. Greece indeed is cheaper than Western Europe, but it’s still quite expensive. Turkey was much cheaper (at least in my case). Malaysia and Morocco were like “wow!” very very cheap. Unbelievable!
    Budapest is surprisingly expensive. It’s not like Vienna or Barcelona, but not much cheaper. And food is quite expensive, hotels as well…

  40. Nice choice for 30 dollars per day. Agree with Escapist about Budapest. Great city, a lot of must-see attractions, and quite inexpensive. Greece also good choice.

  41. For me Colombia is a good pick. Although more expensive than it was 5 years ago you can still manage for around $30 a day and is way more developed than most of Central America.

  42. Carol Kurrusk

    Hi Joya can you give me some cheap places to stay in both Budapest and Prague as we will be there in a couple of weeks. Trying to find pensions to stay in. We are older and dont want to stay in hostels perhaps but not 4 star hotels either. If you have some cheap places to eat that would be great information.

  43. travellingcheapscate

    Thailand isn’t the bargain it once was. Currently the Thai Baht is very strong compared to before, and costs have risen. In Bangkok cheap rooms are more expensive than before, Thailand is getting more wealthy year by year. Travellers are now choosing cheaper areas like Issan, or travelling only in the low season to get the bargains. Travelling on the cheap to South East Asia means less time in Thailand, more time in other cheaper nearby countries.

    Asian countries like India will ALWAYS be a bargain, but are one hell of a travelling experience. South America and Central America offer great ‘bang for buck’, especially places like Guatemala, and the Andean countries like Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia are simply made for adventure seeking cheapscates like me.

    Lots of previously cheap Eurozone countries like Poland and Czech Republic, are now getting expensive, so that leaves a lot less bargains. One must be selective and do their research.

  44. I know you mentioned that you left China off the list because you haven’t been here. Having just finished up 6 weeks here I can say that it definitely belongs on the list! Many days I spend under $15 for food, lodging and some cheap transportation. Even if you splurge, you can get buy pretty well for $20-25.

  45. Most of Asian countries you can visit and live there for less than $30 per day. I once stayed in Vietnam and I can live like a local there for $10 per day which is pretty awesome. Save a lot of money to buy many cool cheap things.

  46. When I clicked on the link I thought to myself “Budapest!”, such a great place for so little money, we rented an apartment just around the corner from one of the main squares/ metro stops, walking distance to Chain Bridge and was really cheap for the standard. Of course you mentioned Prague too,again we ended up in a 4* hotel there for the price we paid for a hostel in NYC so although more popular still quite cheap! We are headed to Krakow soon and believe it to also be cheap, just looking at the accommodation the prices look great!

    We went to Kos, Greece in 2012 and found accommodation/ food/ drinks expensive for what you got but other things such as renting out quads and buggies good value.

  47. travella

    I stayed in Barcelona right next to the Ramblas (=directly in the city centre) for 5 € weekdays and 7.50 on the weekend. Also in Portugal’s most visited city, Lisbon, In stayed relatively cheap: 12 € / night in peak season. Both places were equipped with kitchen so that spending no more than 15 to 20 € was easily possible!

  48. I often find myself not really looking for cheaper places to eat and other ways to save because from traveling for so many years it seems like I just do it automatically. It is funny how going to Italy a lot as well as the surrounding countries that I just seem to be able to spot what I am looking for.

  49. Kathleen

    I’m planning to take my 2 kids (age 13,15) abroad for 6-8 mos next year. Hoping to stay in one local ( possibly 2) with a little bit of traveling. I want it to be a cultural experience immersing as much as possible in the local community. Definitely on a budget. Need to be active outdoors- also public transportation and safe and comfortable for kids ( 13 yr old is biracial). Thoughts on SE Asia, Spain/France (would probably go for German resident visa because self employed), or South America. Your thoughts?

  50. Shubham Saikia

    I guess, you all should try India… Definitely under USD 30. Its a huge state so one has to do careful planning…

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