The Ultimate Guide to Points & Miles


Details: Over 120 pages of expert advice
Last updated: May 2023
Return policy: No risk, 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee
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How do all those people you see on social media afford first-class seats, hotel suites, and those endless trips?

We collect points and miles.

This is the art of collecting frequent-flier points and miles to get free flights, hotels, tours, and more.

It will allow you to have those once-in-a-lifetime experiences: the over-water bungalows in Tahiti, the first-class flight with a shower, the African safari, the visit to the Galápagos Islands, or that dream trip to the French Riveria.

Collecting points and miles makes these experiences possible to do — for free.

I’ve been collecting points and miles for over a decade – and it is the linchpin of all my money-saving advice. It helps me save tens of thousands of dollars on flights, accommodation, and transportation every year.

Points and miles are the solution to the money problem of travel – and I’m going to show you how to do what I do.

You can do it with your current spending. You don’t have to spend extra money or go into debt to make this happen.

If you’re ready to stop paying for travel and start traveling in style, this book is for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Points & Miles

Powerful Time-Tested Advice That Really Works

Nomadic Matt's Points and Miles book
Think about the next trip you want to take. Maybe it’s a solo trip around the world, a family vacation, a honeymoon, or a quick trip to see your parents.

Collecting points and miles will help you get there by reducing the costs of your travels to near zero.

It is not hype. It works. It’s why so many people swear by it.

Wouldn’t you like to travel for free like the rest of us?

I know points and miles may seem confusing — all those reward programs, redemption rules, flight alliances, credit cards, and promotions. There’s a lot to think about. It can seem overwhelming and time-consuming to figure out. Too many people look at this and think, “I don’t know where to start — so I won’t start.”

That’s why I wrote this book. While there are a lot of points and miles websites, there’s no resource that lays it out in such an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.

What You’ll Learn

My easy-to-follow guide will show you:

  • The history and philosophy behind points & miles
  • How to use credit scores to your advantage
  • How to spot and get the best-earning reward cards
  • How to master the ins and outs of loyalty programs
  • How to maximize your everyday spending for bonus points
  • The secret art of earning points for FREE
  • How to always find an award flight or hotel room
  • How to get points on your rent
  • The tools and resources travelers use to unlock secret fares and deals
  • How to do all this without spending extra money!
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With this book, you’ll learn the tips and tricks insiders use to travel the world in style and on budget. You won’t need to change your spending habits to earn the points that will keep you in free travel for the rest of your life!

Details: Over 120 pages of expert advice
Last updated: May 2023
Return policy: No risk, 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee
Format: PDF (instant download)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Michael: “I bought the guide a few months ago and was able to book a one-way flight from New York to Saint Petersburg for 30,000 miles and $5.60! Matt lays out a great plan on finding the best card for you, how to use it to its full advantage, and quickly build up air miles.”

Eric: “Collecting points & miles has helped me to travel frequently on a budget that anyone can afford. Using his advice on leveraging award offers on credit cards, I’ve been able to avoid having to pay for airfare (other than fees) on trips to great locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Whether you want to become a long-term traveler or you just want to take better vacations, Nomadic Matt’s advice can help you get the most out of your travel budget.”

Rusty: “Matt’s guide has unlocked a whole new way to travel. His book was an eye-opener — it explained the concept and language of points and miles in a way that is easy to read and understand. Since buying his book six months ago, I have accumulated nearly 300,000 points. Now, I’m repeating the steps for my wife so we can have double the miles for our future trips!”

Lisa, an avid traveler discussing points and miles
Lisa: “I always thought credit cards were bad, but after reading this book, I realized that they can actually work for you, not against you! After following Matt’s advice, I now have two free airline tickets to the US Virgin Islands and I am asking myself, why didn’t I start doing this years ago?! I used to be a real skeptic, but I see that it really does work and it doesn’t ruin your credit!!!”

tonia testimonial
Tonia: “I was already dabbling in points and miles, but this book contained ideas that I hadn’t thought about. Matt’s book helped me get two first-class tickets to Australia and 10 nights in hotels for free for my 40th birthday. My husband and I honestly thought we would have to wait until we were retired to be able to afford this trip, but because of Matt’s advice, we will travel there for free!”

Esteban: “I always thought all the frequent-flyer miles stuff was all a big scam, but after reading this book, I see that is definitely not a scam at all. I’ve already gotten a few free hotel stays. With Matt’s tips, I’ve earned enough miles to fly to South America for a three-month trip with my wife! It made this dream trip more affordable and allowed us to have more money for when we arrive!”

A traveler named Matt sharing his thoughts on points and miles for travel
Matt: “I purchased Nomadic Matt’s The Ultimate Guide to Points & Miles to help ease the financial struggles of a trip around the world. Within four months, I had accumulated 308,682 miles that I can use to lower the costs of flights and accommodation! The guide served as the perfect template to get started, and honestly, if you don’t buy this book, you’re saying no to free money!”

Carrie: “I bought this book because wanted a more in-depth guide than what you can find online. By following Matt’s tips, I earned 100,000 miles within the first couple months. I’ve saved thousands of dollars so far and seen my credit score rise to over 800, and I get to take more trips over the next year than I have in the last ten without altering my normal spending habits.”

Jennifer: “Matt’s book was an eye-opener for us. We’d been slogging along, getting 1 point for $1 spent on an airline credit card, and we aren’t big spenders, so it seemed like getting enough miles for a trip would take forever. Well, three months after getting the book and using the techniques mentioned, we are planning a trip to Thailand with a free stopover in Tokyo! Thank you, Matt!”

Cindy: “Matt’s book was a great purchase. It was really informative and covered a lot of different aspects of points & miles that we were not even aware of or thinking about. Matt explains everything very well and makes it really easy for readers to understand. Thanks to Matt’s book, we are on our way to getting a free flight to South America!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book only for Americans?
If you’re American, you’ll get the most out of the book, but residents of Canada and the UK will find some the information in the book relevant. As much as I wish this book could apply worldwide, in my research I did not find anything relatable to residents of other countries. There just isn’t that much that can be done outside the listed countries. I wish there were.
I don’t fly a lot. Should I buy this book?
Whether you fly once or ten times per year, this book will help you get free flights and hotel rooms. There are no restrictions. Use the advice in this book as much or as little as you want.
I’m already an avid points and miles collector. Is this book for me?
Simply put: no. If you’ve been collecting points and miles for a long time and know all the rules, this book won’t be for you, so don’t buy it.
Will this hurt my credit?
No, collecting points and miles doesn’t hurt your credit score. It actually helps it by helping you increase your available credit. There is a detailed section in the book on how credit works and how collecting points and miles helps your credit.
Will I have to get a lot of credit cards?
While credit cards help, you do not need a lot of cards to succeed at this. You’ll need at least one, though; otherwise, this won’t work!
How will I get this book?
You’ll be emailed a download link; you’ll be able to open the file on your computer, Kindle, Nook, iPad, or phone.

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