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Outside a few key items, I don’t think travelers don’t need a lot of gear when they travel (unless you’re hiking and camping). The more you carry, the more you’re weighed down. However, since gear is expensive, making a mistake or two can lead you to waste money, buy the wrong gear, or travel with too much stuff. This section will teach you how to buy the right backpack, what to pack, how to protect your data and tech, and give information on insuring it all!

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Below are my favorite companies to use I’m looking for new gear, insurance, and more. They are always my starting point when I need things like a new backpack, clothes for my next trip, and travel insurance!

  • Unbound Merino – They make lightweight, durable, easy-to-clean travel clothing. I love their stuff!
  • LifeStraw  – LifeStraw makes reusable water bottles with built-in filters so you can ensure your drinking water is always clean and safe.
  • REI – My go-to place for backpacks and gear. You can get anything there and it’s always super durable!
  • SafetyWing – This site offers convenient and affordable plans tailored to digital nomads and long-term travelers. It has cheap monthly plans, great customer service, and an easy-to-use claims process that makes it perfect for those on the road.
  • InsureMyTrip – An insurance aggregator that’s great for helping you compare plans. If you are 70 or over, it’s the best place to find travel insurance.
  • Medjet – A membership that ensures you get home should something go wrong on your trip. If you’re looking to do adventure activities or are going to remote destinations, MedJet is a must!
  • Skyscanner – Skyscanner is my favorite flight search engine. It searches small websites and budget airlines that larger search sites tend to miss. It is hands-down the number one place to start.
  • Discover Cars – Discover Cars is a car rental aggregator that can help you find the best deals for your next road trip. It pulls data from over 8,000 car rental locations to ensure you always find a great deal!
  • Top Travel Credit Cards  – Points are the best way to cut down travel expenses. Here’s my favorite point earning credit cards so you can get free travel!
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