Looking to get in touch? Great! However, as this website has grown, the volume of e-mail has gotten so out of control that I first must ask you to read the following guidelines before sending us a message. While I hate to restrict email and the help we can offer, it’s just too hard to keep up with the volume of messages we receive.

1. If you are looking for general destination information, please visit my destination guides or use the search bar on the top right of the navigation bar. Basic information on what to see, do, and how much things cost in a place can be found throughout the site.

2. If you are emailing about visa questions related to my European visa article, please contact an embassy or consulate. I can’t comment on individual situations. Those emails will simply get deleted.

4. I love itineraries but planning them is a very personal process. My advice is always to simply avoid doubling back and move in one direction! For what places to go and things to see, only you can answer that. Itinerary feedback will also go unresponded. We aren’t a travel agent so can’t offer personalized itinerary planning.

5. If you’re looking to inquire about having me on press trips, sponsored tours, doing brand partnerships, and the like, please contact Kamla Pande at as she manages that for us.

NOTE: We don’t do any link insertions. Please don’t email Kamla any link/SEO related inquiries.

6. If you’re looking to write a guest post for us, check out this post (and follow all the rules accordingly).

7. If you’ve found an error on the site, contact Chris at christopher at nomadicmatt dot com so that we can fix it. Travel information changes all the time and we’re a small team so any errors that we can fix, we welcome the help!

8. If you’d like to reach me and ask me a question, the best way to do that is via social media. Find me on any platform with the handle @nomadicmatt! I’m more responsive there than I am over email.

Thank you!

– Nomadic Matt