Introducing a Brand New Awesome Nomadic Matt (Plus Some Announcements)

For close to three years, this website had the same design. When it came out, I loved it but over the course of those three years, the website has grown with a new forum, destination guides, new books, sections, and much more. To accommodate all that, I haphazardly added new sections of the website using […]

Travel and the Art of Losing Friends

After months on the road, you find yourself back home and excited to resume old friendships. You plan dinners, get-togethers, and nights out. And, as some people fail to respond or show up, you begin realize an awful truth — while you were out exploring the world, your friends crept out the back door of […]

Searching for a More Balanced Life

Somewhere in Wyoming, I realized my life had gone off track. I was at a scenic overlook, gazing upon these majestic mountains rising up from the ground in the distance, and all I could think was “OK, it’s time to go!” As I got back in the car, I yearned to stay longer, but I […]

The Travel Slump (And How to Deal With It)

The slump. It happens to us all. After months on the road, you wake up one day and feel a little off. Travel doesn’t seem as exciting as it used to be. You’re bored, tired, and uninterested. You start to think, “What’s wrong with me? I’m seeing and doing amazing stuff every day. Why don’t […]

The Shape of Things to Come (P.S. – I’m Hiring!)

Things are changing here at a fast pace so it’s time to take a step back, breathe, and share news about what is going on because it’s going to be big (and awesome!). Simply put, this website is too big for my little ole self to run alone. Moreover, I don’t want to keep this […]