11 Reasons Why I Love Thailand

I’ve been to Thailand more times than I can count. I’ve lived in Bangkok twice, and if I stay away for more than a year, I feel as if a piece of me is missing. It’s been 18 months since I’ve last been here, and my excitement oozes off me like sweat during a hot Bangkok summer.

People often ask me why I return to places I’ve already visited instead of exploring somewhere new. Well, that’s an easy answer—it’s because I feel attached to them. I feel at home when I’m visiting them. And Thailand is probably the one place outside of the US where I feel most at home.

And why do I love Thailand so much? Well, let me count the ways:

The Delicious Food
delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
When people say they like Thai food but haven’t been to Thailand, I can’t help but think, “You’ve never really experienced Thai food.” Thai food in Thailand is leagues better than anywhere else in the world. There’s more variety and more flavors. Your mouth dances with flavor when you eat here. The food has kick to it too. I always order “mai pet,” which means “not spicy,” because by Thai standards that means only one chili. Anything more than that, and I look like I’m about to keel over and die. (I have a low tolerance for spicy food.) All over the streets of Thailand, outdoor stalls serve up the cheapest and best Thai meals you can find. And no matter what time of the day it is, there’s always food available somewhere.

Moreover, there’s a lot of savory international food in the country. Thailand is a very international place thanks to the hordes of tourists and expats around the country. Some of my favorite sushi restaurants are in Bangkok, and you can find amazing halal and Indian food in the downtown Sukhumvit area. And surprisingly, you’ll also find a lot of Mexican—Señor Pico’s is the best Mexican outside of North America.

Thailand is a foodie’s wet dream.

The Warm Weather
delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
I love the sun a lot (much to my mother’s and my dermatologist’s dismay). I think after shoveling snow in Boston for the vast majority of my life, I gravitate to the sun because in the tropics, there’s no snow to shovel. Even though there’s a monsoon season in Thailand, I love the heat, and the fact that it’s always hot and humid in Thailand appeals to me. It’s never jacket weather and I can always wear a t-shirt and shorts.

(OK, that’s not entirely true. In January, I do wear a jacket. It gets pretty close to 20 C here. You can always tell the expats from the tourists in Bangkok, because the expats are the ones wearing sweaters and jackets in January. I once had a friend visit me and I refused to turn on the A/C in my apartment. It was far too cold for that!)

The Friendly Locals
delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
Thais are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They’re always happy, always smiling, extremely polite, and always helpful. They’ll help you out if you’re in trouble and help translate for you if you can’t speak Thai. They treat you well and whenever I come back here, the local shop owners whose stores I frequent greet me with a warm smile and big hug. Thais have amazing memories—once a friend, always a friend. I always feel safe in Thailand. Thais rarely steal or cause any problems. Thailand is one of the few countries I feel comfortable leaving my laptop out while I go to the bathroom.

It’s Perfect for Travel
Thailand is smack dab in the middle of everything. It’s three hours to Hong Kong, two hours to Singapore, four hours to Bali, and half way between Australia and Europe. You can get to a lot of places easily from Thailand, which, for a traveler like myself, is really appealing. And you can get to many of these destinations cheap. I’m heading to Singapore tomorrow for four days, and it only cost me $120 USD roundtrip on Tiger Airways. Not a bad deal and not a bad way to spend the weekend.

The Postcard-Perfect Tropical Islands
delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
I love the beach. I can sit on the sand and go for a swim for hours upon end. It’s heaven to me. (See above and my love of warm weather). While Thailand has been developed for years and many of the best beaches have been ruined through uncontrolled development, you can still find some pristine, picture perfect islands and beaches around the country. I particularly love Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Surin Island, Ko Adang, and Ko Lanta. The best islands are down south near the Malaysian border. They all look like the above picture, and a place like that is simply heaven to me.

The Lush Jungles
delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
As much as I enjoy sitting on the beach, I also love to hike through jungles, and Thailand has some of the most beautiful and lush ones I’ve seen. From the jungles and elephants in Khao Yai National Park, to the famed lake of Khao Sok in the south, to the famous jungle and hill tribe treks near Chiang Mai, you can get your tropical jungle fix very easily here. They may not be the wild and untamed jungles of some places in Borneo or the middle of Africa but they still offer amazing views, dense forests, waterfalls to cool off in, and an interesting variety of wildlife.

The International Environment
delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand is a country where you can get as local or foreign as you like. Because of all the tourists and expats who live here, the country is very cosmopolitan and international. There are global food chains, international restaurants, stores, Starbucks, and Hollywood movies. Thailand is a melting pot of people, and you’ll find people from around the world. I’ve made friends here from France, Germany, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Israel, just to name a few.

Thailand is Convenient
Thailand is convenient. Hungry at 3:30am? There’s someone around to sell you food. Need to take a bus to Vietnam? That can be easily arranged. Need to go shopping at some strange hour? There’s a store open. Pharmacy at 2am? Got that too. Thailand is just an easy place to live and move around in. And in Bangkok, you never have to wait for a taxi.

The Beautiful People
delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
Let’s be real—Thais are pretty good looking. There’s a reason so many people come here and marry Thais. They are pretty damn hot. It’s nice coming to a country where everyone is good looking. The women here are just stunning, with beautiful skin and exotic looks. All of my friends have dated Thai girls.

delicious street food in Bangkok, Thailand
I hated Bangkok the first few times I traveled there. It wasn’t until I moved there that I fell in love with it. Bangkok, it turns out, is an easy city to live in. There’s lots to do, plenty of events, great bars, amazing food (see above), and it’s easy to get around (except during rush hour). I love cities where there’s always something to do. No matter what time of the day or day of the week, you can always find something to do in Bangkok. Like New York, Bangkok is a city that never sleeps.

It’s Cheap!
Thailand is cheap to visit and cheap to live in. Yesterday, I spent $4 USD for all of my food for the day, including some drinks and snacks. Most food from the street vendors costs $1. I can get a private room for $10 USD per night or a bungalow in front of the beach for $15–20 USD. An apartment in downtown Bangkok costs $300 a month and it’s still bigger than what I need. Thailand simply offers incredible value for your money. A few years back, I was telling my friend that after a month bouncing around the islands, I had spent around 40,000 baht ($1,400 USD). He was shocked! “How the hell could you spend so much money in one month!” he exclaimed. Thailand is a country so cheap, $1,400 is considered a lot of money. I paid double that in rent in New York City.

When people ask me what my favorite country is, I always say Thailand. Though I wonder how you can pick a favorite country. Each one is amazing in its own right. No country is really better than another, just different. However, Thailand has a special place in my heart. We have a long history together. I’ll always return to this country. I love it here too much.

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  1. What really impresses me is how much you hear about Thailand and how much hype it gets and you’re still not disappointed. I fully expected to dislike Thailand simply because I had heard so much about it and had been bombarded with images on blogs, in movies and in pop culture.

    It’s the one place in the developing/emerging world that has maintained its own sense of self as it modernized. Says something special about a place and it’s no wonder so many different types of travelers are attracted to visit.

  2. No wonder I’ve chosen this place to settle down and enjoy my laid-back life :)

    I pretty much fell in love with Chiang Mai though, big cities are not my thing and the weather in Chiang Mai is a little cooler than down south.

    Sabai sabai!

      • David

        Hi Guys , Sounds fun in this blog ,I also love Thailand but I love Bangkok. I live here for 1 year. And I would say “Bangkok A little ugly when A Day Light but Have a Pride in The Night Time. Bangkok is not boring
        So many things to do. There is lots of bars hi -class, low-class,nice resturants,shopping mall,nice ,fashions, and Thai girl so beautiful :)))).I was so scared before I came here because I heard only bad side now No! No!. I don’t know what people think sometimes I really dont understand why they hate Bangkok. For me Bangkok like my home town and make me alive :)))

        Just wanted to say I LOVE BANGKOK.

  3. I’m with you on this Matt (and Daniel) … it’s a pretty amazing place to be an expat. I’ve been in Chiang Mai a month and will be in Thailand for at least another five. Even then I suspect it’ll be a real struggle to leave – it’s just that kind of place!

      • chanya

        not only just in Chaingmai and Bangkok Thailand is the best place for you ..so you should to look for new province to go ,i’m sure that you’ll more love my Thailnd

  4. I just got back from Thailand last week and I couldn’t agree more. It was my first time there and I already want to go back. Have you ever had No. 6 Restaurant in Patong? That place was always great for a cheap meal and always packed and great food.

  5. Rick

    Hey Matt, where do you stay when you are in Bangkok? Living in Phuket and moving there in January and we are struggling to find inner city units for 10,000THB like you mentioned. Everything seems 25k+ Would love some tips!

    • NomadicMatt

      I stayed on Suk Soi 22. Depends on the kind of amenities you want. I didn’t have a pool or maid or guard like a lot of fancy buildings. I lived in a very Thai area in a very large studio.

  6. Jan

    Well you guys have got me thinking about spending my next holiday in Thailand. I have only stayed in Bangkok for four days. On the way from the airport we got stuck in the red shirt riots. Our taxi overheated and we got kicked out. Some Thai teenagers led us to the river, gave us directions and put us on a boat, while bullets, ambulances and injured were all around us. How is that for generosity.

  7. Daniel

    I see that exploiting young Thai women for their ‘exotic looks’ is part of the charm of Thailand to you and your friends. How sad that you have spent so much time there, yet still endorse Western men taking advantage of their privilege to score a Thai girlfriend. Do you really think all these young, pretty women get together with those crusty old Westerners because of their dashing looks?

    For your info, the vast majority of Thai women are not interested in dating foreigners. Those that do, do it on purpose, and seek out Westerners specifically for their affluence. Now, perhaps you think such practices are acceptable. But at least don’t disguise it as simply ‘dating’…

    • NomadicMatt

      My friends are not old crusty Westerners, unless 25-30 is old. And many Thai girls do date young guys for more than just money. You over simplified the whole Thai dating scene. And frankly, it’s not my place to judge what others willing do. If a Thai girl wants to marry a guy for their money, they can. If a young girl in California wants to do the same, go for it. I don’t like it but judge not lest ye be judged.

      • Daniel

        I’m not judging the Thai women who are using farangs to earn a decent standard of living. But I do find it sad that you would recommend Thailand for its ‘women’ while totally dismissing the dimension of exploitation involved.

        Here is an interesting post by a Thai American on what kind of women go to farangs, and for what reasons. (Hint: it’s not dashing good looks.)


        • NomadicMatt

          No, I said the women were beautiful, you extrapolated something else from it. And that post is dead wrong. The type of women he is talking about are the same kind I mentioned early. But there are plenty of Thai women who marry for love not money. Don’t go assuming that it’s all some sort of exploited situation where men pray on innocent Thais and women are just out to get money.

      • Pi

        To Daniel. I don’t think it is fair for us Thai woman when you say things like this. I am Thai and I have dated an American before. And I think Thai woman is the same as everyone. You think all the playmates marry hugh grant for love? its happening everywhere. For sure that there are alot more of us who would marry someone for love. So please don’t create a wrong stereo type because my friends and I who are all well educated will not stand for this. and Thanks Matt for correcting the starting to be “a wrong perception of Thai woman”. Because it was hard for me to walk with my ex bf without being judge.

        • Geoff

          Dear pi , i wouldn’t worry about what Daniel says about Thailand . He just reads the usual crap written by unhappy westerners who didn’t even try to learn thai language or thai culture before engaging with thai society long term . I have been to Thailand many times in the 70’s and 80’s and just recently went back (to see the dentist ) there for the first time in 23yrs and realised how much i missed it , i love thailand and i love thai people .

        • NomadicMatt

          I wasn’t there in April. I went in December. But they give you gear to protect yourself against leeches.

      • Kate

        Exactly! Thai women are not all the same, and there are plenty of them that have a true love to foreign people. Thank you so much for your understanding NomadicMatt! By the way I’m a Thai girl.

    • sean

      went to thailand after divorce so lonely in bankok until thai girl stole my heart.found out after two weeks she was an operater. learnt my lesson lost that money moved on. since then met athai girl with own business who the following year paid 4 me to go 4 a month because she loves me. the people in thailand have got something weve lost and nearly all of those girls who sell temselves are lovely people who send mony for their familys and retain a lot of self respect. best place you could ever go put us westeners to shame may bhudda bless them love thailand xxxxxxxx

  8. We’re looking forward to being there after Belize. I’m glad you listed food as your #1…it’s my #1 as well and the two countries we’ve lived in as expats (Costa Rica & Belize) are certainly not known to be big on flavor. My tastebuds can’t wait to be awakened again.

  9. Cartucho

    I was in Tailhand almost a year ago and I was stunnig for me! Its was a s well tehe best place I’ve been and I was in 30 coubtries already. I just arrive I went ti Koh Phangan to meet a friend and I stay 2 month, I bought a Honda Econo 90cc to move around and then I travel with the small Honda for 1 month around Tai, I’d make mire than 3000 km in total. Amazing!1 And I did Muay Tai and I fight with a Tai and I get paid.
    really cool!
    cheers Matt and everybody

  10. Will be there in 3 weeks. Always good to read something like this to get in the mood!

    And the food, oh god the food om nom nom. Can’t wait.

    (Just don’t say anything bad about the King..)

  11. I’ve only been in Thailand for 2 days now and know that I’m absolutely gonna love it here. I’ve budgeted 40 days to spend throughout the country and I have a feeling I might be extending that!

  12. I agree with these. I would add that the food is also great for vegetarians (if you get it without fish sauce) especially in Chiang Mai where there are so many vegetarian restaurants. I didn’t think we’d like Thailand as it’s such a mainstream tourist destination but by visiting quieter islands like Koh Mak and living in Chiang Mai for a few months we’ve seen a different side of the country.

  13. I’ve known for a while now that I want to go to Thailand but reading this post has definitely confirmed it for me: I HAVE to go!

    I really want to do my TEFL course while I’m in New Zealand next year and hopefully find a job teaching after a while. I really hope this is possible because Thailand looks so beautiful :-)

  14. Amy

    I couldn’t agree with you more on everything above!! I am in RenuNakhon right now ( Nakhon Phanom province) teaching English :)

  15. Another good thing about Thailand is the health care available for visitors – you can have top quality dental or medical operations carried out for very little compared to the cost in the western world..

  16. colleen macleod

    I have never left Australian waters and am 45 years old and now single and my youngest child is now 17.
    Suffering anxiety, It is high time I went to Chang mai and all those easy going communities are a much needed aid in my recovery.

    Colleen MacLeod

  17. Courtney

    Thailand is the 3rd stop on my RTW trip-June-Aug ’12…I have heard nothing but amazing things about it; I can’t wait!! If you’re around at that time, I’d love to hear all of your stories/recommendations over some awesome street food :)

  18. Matt, thank you for this post! I backpacked around Thailand for a month just over two years ago and I’m planning on moving there (I’m thinking Chiang Mai) in the next six months. Just working in my hometown for the time being to save up some money to be comfortable there at first, and reading this article made me remember why I’m sitting at this desk. So much to look forward to when I move to my favorite country (as well)! Thanks for getting me excited again :)

  19. Great story! I love the picture of the small lobster tails pickled in fish sauce. Did you try it? They are great bathed in lime juice. I’m glad you get to experience a wide range of Thai cuisine as I keep telling my friends, ‘Pad Thai is only the tip of the iceberg.’

  20. Man, I gotta go. I’ve heard so many good things about Thailand. The food looks incredible. I love spicy food too, so I’m curious to see where I fit in on the Thai Spicy Food Standards.

  21. Fidel

    I’ll be visiting for the second time this year and to start off the new year. I think my top reasons are similar to yours. Where else can you experience so much, for so little and still feel like you haven’t done enough. Don’t forget all the tailor made suits and clothes you can get too. I love Thailand!

  22. Thailand remains one of our favorite places in the world. We traveled there in July 2010, visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi, never disappointed with the food, culture, people or beauty, it’s paradise. Can’t wait to return.

  23. Thanks for the great article…I am salvating just thinking about all of the wonderful food (and I don’t tolerate really spicy food, either, so it was good to hear that if I order food “mai pet” that I won’t keel over.

    The more I read about Thailand, the more excited I get about our trip in 3 weeks. Thanks for the great article!

  24. Hey, you are convincing me to try again to go to Thailand :) I had heard so many nice things about it, I tried to go on holiday in 2010 but had to cancel just some weeks before. I am always trying to find some weeks to go since then, I definitely have to.

  25. Wasif

    Great article Matt. Been reading you’re website for a while now. I am thinking of taking six months off and live in Thailand as the Norwegian winter is horrible (having lived in Malaysia for six months before, Thailand was the choice after some consideration). Weather, cost, weather, food, weather, beaches and weather were the deciding factors:)

    Reading you’re articles about Thailand makes it just more exciting. Do you have any recommendations of where a nice place to stay is? I want to fulfill the “living in a bungalow at the beach” dream and explore other countries at leisurely level (backpacking for months and years is not me;) but you’re five years on the road is amazing!

  26. I also prefer the mountains over the beach. Prolly cuz I lived most of my life by the ocean so like the change. Khao Yai is pretty great. And there’s plenty to do nearby outside the park, too.

    • NomadicMatt

      I love Khao Yai park. It’s one of my favorites. Did you get to see all the bats when they go out at night? Thousands. Amazing sight.

  27. Good list Matt but you forgot to mention the buckets – whisky, redbull, coke, ice & a bunch of straws and friends to share it with 😛

  28. Angel

    Hello Matt, after trying to decide where I wanted to fly to next, friends have suggested a visit to Thiland and I came across your site, and am now convinsed this will be my next destination! I have searched sites for tickets, and found lowestairlinetickets.org, but is there any others you would also know about?


  29. wander

    On the downside, Thailand is too commercialized for me. Too many tourists. Thai people just want to take your money. I find that tourists who like the place, like it because it’s an easy place to get laid (by paying) and it’s cheap. That’s all really.

  30. Hey Matt
    We couldn’t agree more with your reasons for liking Thailand. We lived in Bangkok for 2.5 years in the 90’s and loved every minute of it. And we’ve been back a few times and are thinking of returning again maybe to live again. We both love the food, the friendly people and the warm weather. Sure there are things like the over-development in some places that take away from the country but overall it is definitely one of our favourite places in the world. We made some great friends (Thai) while there. Their approach to life, friendliness and calmness are really appealing. Apart from being Buddhist, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Thailand was never colonised by the English or French. All the best for the new year.

  31. I have to say I’ve just come back from my second trip to Thailand, and I honestly think I was 20 years too late. I travelled from Bankkok, down to the Koh Samui/Koh Tao etc and then across to the Andaman Sea. Frankly it was like Magaluf on the move – thousands of beered-up teenagers on gap years partying on down and ruining what was once a beautiful country. Hundreds and hundreds of people spoiling the best snorkelling spots and killing the coral, fat old men slobbering over “willing” teenage Thai girls – the sex trade there is depressing, not to mention the animal cruelty. Baby elephants standing on their heads for crowds of western tourists, drugged tigers chained to stone plinths with only inches to move in, monkeys being hawked on the beach to tourists for photos – it just made me want to cry. I spent one whole day in Krabi picking up rubbish on the beach – it would have been quite stunning if not for the crap in the water. Further south in the Trang islands, the peace was fantastic and the scenery beautiful (although the women are still treated like sex commodities by western men), and it made me sad to think this is what the rest of Thailand was like 20 years ago. I have travelled extensively and have to been to some equally stunning countries, but Thailand has prostituted itself for the sake of the Western cash its bringing in. I for one will never go again.

    • NomadicMatt

      Thailand was no different 20 years ago than it was today. Nothing is changed and you find the same sort of “exploitation” in Western Countries. And regarding the sex trade, the biggest contributors to the sex industry in Thailand is actually Asian men not westerners. I’m not saying what the westerners do is right but I think your comment is overly harsh. It’s a very big country and there are plenty of places where you can get away from the tourists and crowds. And not every Western/Thai relationship is one of exploitation. My friends who love their Thai girlfriends would take offense to that.

      • Well its ok to have a different point of view. If what you see in Thailand is what you like, then thats great. I just think your article needs some opposing views – not everybody will like it there, and in fact I met plenty of people travelling there who was massively disappointed, just like myself – I might be in the minority but I’m certainly not the only one. i just think your post should have two sides – the one that likes Thailand for the convenience for travelling, its cheapness, its undeniably stunning scenery, and for the party scene. The other side should reflect everything I’ve mentioned above – Thailand is not for everyone, and its a real shame because I really wanted to like it. On the plus side I did see a pingpong ball shot out of somewhere I never thought was likely, so its not all bad!

        • Tewa

          To Mr.Hobbers.,

          I think every country has good and bad.
          And I think that my country still has many things to fix.
          But there are many things in my country, no other country.

          I’m sorry about the problems you come across in Thailand.
          I’m sorry for everyone in the country.
          I’m sorry..

        • Tewa


          Thank you for your understanding thailand.
          Thank you.

          (I’m not good at (speaking/ reading/ writting) english. I apologize for any mistake I may cause.)

        • NomadicMatt

          Well, the article is called “why I love Thailand” so I don’t see why I should have two sides. Plus, if you are heading to Ping Pong shows and Phuket, etc then it should be no surprise why you don’t like it. Maybe head off the trail and into the country and away from the tourists. You won’t see any of the things you mention.

    • Ryan


      Wow, you are too funny. You head straight for all the tourist spots and the backpacker trail and then complain there are too many backpackers. You don’t say….

      There are plenty of authentic, charming, old-world places in Thailand if you just put down your Lonely Planet for a second.

  32. I also love Thailand, I have lived here for the last 12 years and am happily married with 2 beautiful children.
    All the points you make are true, Thailand is stunningly beautiful, on the whole the people are very pleasant and you can travel and live extremely cheaply.
    I sympathize with Hobbers, some of points he made are valid, elephant shows, elephant trekking, hawkers using monkeys and various other animals, dolphin shows. The majority of these animal shows rely on starvation and cruelty. The tourists need educating before it will stop.
    As for the nice people, stay lucky, don’t go too far off the beaten track, don’t flaunt your gold and just use your commonsense, My wife, my mother, and many of my friends and their wifes have also been robbed.

  33. Nickodemus

    I was in Thailand 26 years ago and was supposed to stay 3 weeks but ended up staying 3 months plus a week in Burma. That makes me sound old but I am still a young mid 40’s! Travelled all over including Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai, Koh Samui (40 baht for a beachfront bungalow) and Koh Phanghan. I LOVED the abundance of everything, the food, culture, beaches, the flowers and of course the wonderful people. My dilemma is that I would love to go back, but am worried I would be very dissapointed with the level of commerialisation – esp on those islands. Is there anywhere in Thailand that is still “the old Thailand I loved”?!?

  34. Travis

    I would just like some advice on what time of year to go? More importantly what time of year NOT to go?
    I’ve been dreaming Thailand for some time now and am ready for an adventure.
    Thanks for any help

  35. Jane

    Hi. I’m Thai and glad to hear (read) about your comment.Thank a lot. :)
    I think you travel in Thailand more than me lol. But I know how’s it fun.
    So happy When tourists came to Thaland and want to come again. Thank you so much. ^/|\^ (sorry about my gramma. I wish it correctly)

  36. Mariska

    We are a South African expat family who has moved from Singapore to Phuket just over a month ago. My hubby works in China and travels to Phuket every weekend. So far this has been the best move we have ever made, such friendly people, food is amazing and everything is so cheap in comparison to where we have been, Can’t wait to travel in Thailand!

  37. lori

    my husband and i are poor travelers and elderly. we would like to see thailand
    but are concerned with having to get shots for any bugs that may be lurking and if the food can cause problems on our digestive system . we need to know what to do to prepare and what not to do when we get there to make our trip enjoyable instead of a hospital stay. we love thai food in the usa but are concerned with food out of the country.any suggestions?

    • NomadicMatt

      The food there is very spicy so if you get upset stomachs easily that could be an issue.

    • Kiki

      Hi Lori, Not all of the Thai dishes are spicy. However, to make sure that you will not get spicy food, tell them “Mai Sai Prik” which means please do not put any chili in the dish. I am Thai and I don’t eat spicy food because it hurts my tummy. Also, if you are concerned about unclean food, I would say that you should avoid street food.

      Hope you have a great time in Thailand!

  38. sariya

    May I have your permission of translating this article into Thai for my personal Blog? I will send you the link later.

    Thank you and really appreciated your love for Thailand ^^

  39. Noi


    Nice that you’d like to see Thailand. I just like to help make your dream comes true, at least once in your precious life time. As a Thai, I have some suggestions:
    – Better to come in Nov to Jan cause it’s a bit cool and less bugs.
    – Be careful and choose what to eat.. Food with plain hot soup or hot food is good enough. Normally you can order not to make it spicy (mai-ped).
    – Good and clean restuarants could be found almost everywhere.. quiet convenient.
    – Go around with a tourist company and tell them about your concerns. I think they and the local people would be more than pleased to help.

    Please do have a good time in Thailand.

  40. Kiki

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for writing great things and answering questionas about Thailand. I really appreciate it. I have been away for the country for almost 2 years and I miss it a lot.

    What a coincidence that I am in Boston. I am not sure where you live now. If you are in Boston, you should try Thai food at S and I near Harvard Ave. It is the best place for Thai food that I can find so far.

  41. sasi

    I’ m thai. And i’m glad to know that there ‘re many foreigners who “love” my little country. Proud to be “Thai” :)

  42. I lived in Bangkok for five years. At first I found gross and crowed by the time I left I called it home. The thing I miss most about living in Bangkok, is how I can eat whenever I want to.

  43. Mary

    I’ve recently moved to Phuket, having completed a TEFL course in Phangan. It’s early days for me and so far so great:). I sure wont be visiting any of the animal shows I’d rather find some of the well-known sanctuaries where they rescue these great creatures. For me being here is all about learning the culture and people. It’s a life changing experience. I would recommend anyone who keeps looking out of there office window wishing they were somewhere else to – just do it!!!!! It’s not brave – anyone can do it:)

  44. Its always been a place that fascinates me – but i’ve not managed to go yet…

    I’ll be sure to get over there sometime soon and let you know my thoughts!


  45. Beth

    hi, my fiance and i plan to have a destination wedding, and we’ve chosen thailand as our location.

    we’ll be flying our family in, so we want to limit it to bangkok.

    can you suggest any beautiful hotels or alternative venues with reasonable rates where we can have our wedding? hopefully some place which can accommodate a small party (around 30 to 40 persons only)?

    most hotels have a minimum required number of guests or minimum revenue which we can’t afford. hope you can help me out. thank you :)

    • Beth

      do you think it will be possible to book anything with only a budget of about USD5,000 -USD6,000?
      we will have to shoulder the airfare and accommodation of our families.

  46. patti anderson

    Searching for our missing person …he left USA Jan/2011…for Singapore and to travel SEAsia….we have lost complete contact with him {1 year}…..he would be on a mission to learn cultures and live cheap. Has anyone run into hin….his name is Mark slender build blue eyes dark blonde/brown hair.
    We have trouble with getting any info from embassies because of the privacy laws so have decided to try this….any other boards/web sites you can help me with is appreciated.
    Thank you


  48. John

    Thailand is my favourite spot on this planet. I’m a few years off from the retirement visa but I plan to call it home and can’t wait. I’m trying to learn I’d love to learn the language to be able to communicate with locals outside of BKK

  49. Worapim

    I am Thai, born and raised and it is so good to come across your post here. I agree with every single word you wrote. And yes, Thai food in Thailand is crazily amazing : )

  50. Sam

    I’m glad and so proud for my little country when reading all of comment that like my home.

    i want to say that you’ll happy when arrive and travel at here

    thanks for Matt about you wrote these blog.

    i recommended you to other Ex. Krabi , Pattaya , Rayong , Koh Samet , Koh Larn , Koh Tao , Bang san too (if you never met)

    welcome to Thailand !!

  51. It’s cheap? ,I find in the different point of view, It make some foreigners thought that coming to Thailand must be incredible cheap ,everything cheap then they may disappointed , of course if one of you can live and eat like a normal-poor Thai people. I do believe that so many foreigners can’t adept to that .I still do accept that it much cheaper in Thailand for this lovely unfair world 😉

    • Julin

      I agree. It’s not that cheap unless you know where to get to stuff. For example, a nice and clean hotel room in Chiang Mai ranges from 150 baht to 8,000 baht a night. If you stay long enough, you’d rather rent it at a monthly rate. You’ll get at least 50% discount from that rate.

      Food price is also the same. If you eat where a normal Thai eats, it will cost you around 40 baht per meal. Just look where there are a lot of people in the queue. Ask those local what to have or what they are having. You will get lucky.

      Still it’s not that expensive. You can get the 5 star hotel food for 20-30 USD a meal (without the wine).

  52. nurtschop

    If you want a ‘real taste’ of thai food, try street vendor food. It’s much better than the one in restaurant but your tongue need to be tough enough for the spices!! Recommendation from Thai :)

  53. Mandy Lee

    I’m Canadian, 40 years old and had never flown in my life out of fear. I ventured to Bangkok for 3 heady days, before flying onto Koh Samui to be married by Buddhist monks in March 2011. We returned 9 months later for our honeymoon in December 2011. We just returned from our third trip last month Feb 2013…The affinity I feel for the spirit of Thailand is beyond my humble limits of explanation, you must experience it…….I like my street food “pet pet” Thai style… aroi mak mak!

  54. Jim

    Hi Matt,

    My wife (who is Thai) and I have been mulling the idea of retiring or at least working less in Chiang Mai, Thailand. What do you think of it for a married couple who don’t party much but love to travel living there? I love hiking and biking and diving. I don’t speak Thai yet but I am trying to learn. We will be there next month for a scouting mission, do you have any suggestions that might help us choose that area? I would choose Bangkok but I like a slightly smaller footprint to my city and even 10 degrees cooler is a lot of difference. I am going in May to really expose myself to the heat and humidity and see if I can take it.

  55. Slow But Vertical

    I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. I travel to Thailand almost every year. While there is certainly some truth to the negative comments made here, they pale in comparison to the overall decency, helpfulness, and general kindness of the general public. Yes, the food is spectacular and the scenery is awesome. Yes, there are bargains everywhere. But for me, the Thai people are the attraction. They are what brings me back. They are what make the long plane trip worth-while. And they never disappoint!

  56. Kan

    I’m greatly appreciated that you are interested in Thailand because there are still many foreigners confused about Thai society in term of sexual aspect which they tend to only think negatively towards sex tourism in Thailand rather than beautiful culture smiling people, delicious food and so on . However, as I saw your forum, you are one of the few people who has profound understanding of Thai society.
    Thank you for making my country looks good.

  57. nirvana

    I agree with you, Hobbers. I’m Thai. When I was young. Thailand is plenty of dense forests and natural resources and most of people do agriculture. Very few investments and tourists came to Thailand. The beautiful environment have been changed to pollution rapidly in everywhere, because of the following of development fashion in globalization without vision. Humble and moderate people changed to aggressive, boastful, and prodigal because of copying aliens’ behaviors from global multimedia and brain washing by advertising without consideration. High population, flooding of labors from neighborhoods, tourists and investments, how can Thailand;s natural resources last long to support these demands.

  58. Great article. I have been living in Thailand for over a decade, and I have to agree with you on all your points. Thailand tends to grow on you. I came here over a decade ago for the first time, and ended up living here permanently.
    Of course there are problems here like in every other country in the world. There is no actual paradise on this planet which I am familiar with. It is all a matter of balance. Do the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones, and for me they do that in Thailand.

  59. I’ve been in Thailand for awhile now, and I’m really dying to know this: how do you eat Thai food when it’s so loaded with MSG? I get massive headaches when I eat MSG and my heart races. So even though I’m in Thailand I don’t bother with the Thai food… I just enjoy the local fruits like durian.

      • ?Julin

        They normally put MSG in the food unless they say so or you tell them not too. Including Som Tum.

        • Yes, MSG is extremely common throughout Southeast Asia and is used like salt in cooking. If you have sensitivities this can make it difficult to eat out in places like Malaysia or the Philippines where food is often prepared before hand and set out. Even the roving som tom (green papaya salad) carts use MSG!

          • Andrew

            To request no MSG – “mai sai pon choo rot”
            Honestly, the worst MSG experience I’ve had here was in the pizza sauce at the second most popular western commercial pizza joint. Was awake and shaking for days. urgh.

  60. Tom

    It has been interesting reading all of these comments. Thanks to all who have commented. I have a question for anyone with first hand experience in Thailand. My question is, do any of you know about the market for teaching English in Thailand, especially grammar and writing? Speaking is one thing, but reading comprehension and ability to write based on comprehension is another. I have a bachelor’s degree in English but instead have chosen (for the past 26 years) to work in HR (human resources, as we say in the U.S.). I will say that the degree has served me well, but I’m beginning to consider the so-called retirement years ]as I remember my original ambition to be a teacher so many years ago. I’m an older white guy (49) but not interested in sex and superficial relationships with “pretty” Thai people. I’m a Christian, realizing that I would be a minority in Thailand, and maybe even lonely in that and other ways, but that’s okay. I don’t judge others; I love and I serve. Others can relate to that even outside of Christianity. By the way, I’m a single parent (and a man). I have a 13 year old son who is growing up fast and who is extremely bright (please pardon the fatherly bias, but I speak the truth). Bless you. Sincerely, Tom (in Michigan, USA).

    • Natalie

      It is very common to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Thailand. I have many friends from the UK who have done. Also, HOng Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia are great places.
      If you have an English degree, you may not have to do a TEFL course, but if you do, CELTA is the best one. Google and see. Apply for jobs and see what happens!
      Just don’t try and bring your religion into this, most people would agree that religion should be kept to yourself. Buddhism is the most widely followed religion, with Islam being the 2nd.
      Go with an open mind and an open heart and you will have a wonderful time.
      your son would love it there too, I am sure. There are international schools of course.
      Good luck!

  61. After reading your article,i want to go thailand right now.I live in VietNam,very near Thailand but i don’t have chance to go there.I wish oneday i could go to Thailand ^^

  62. Matt, you’ve sold me.

    Frankly, I’ve been trying to make it to Thailand for years now. I thought that living and teaching in Taiwan would give me a chance to travel Asia. Hasn’t quite worked out that way. The one time I got close, my girlfriend’s astrologer said she couldn’t go because Thailand has “too many ghost this year.” What do you think of that? Seen any ghosts lately?

    But I do respect what you’ve said about Thai food. I’ve tried “Chinese” and even “Taiwanese” food elsewhere, and it’s nothing like what I can get here. It’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to. Beaches and jungles come in a distant second I suppose.

      • Chuckle egwuatu

        Yooo Matt my bridal from a white mama.i is moving to Thailand very soon . Love all them info I read here,some good , some soud angry and I think they must be republicans. I like freedom my brodda,yes freedom to eat my fried chicken in a beach in thailand.yes bridal tell me were I can learn some of them Thai boxing?

  63. “I’ve lived in Bangkok twice and if I stay away for more than a year, I feel as if a piece of me is missing. ”

    Ah! so like me…. I only stayed for 4 days in Bangkok this April …it was my first trip to Thailand…I don’t know what in Thailand make me always thinking about this country….is it friendly people ? beautiful women ? ….

    Planning to go in November again for 10-12 days….. and also looking for a way to get settled in thailand as a freelancer.

  64. Bandhit

    I live in Yala, southern part of Thailand, welcome and everyone can contact me if you like to come and visit Yala or Hatyai. I am a lecturer at Yala Rajabhat University. My age is 58.
    This is just to do a favor for those who are from abroad because I used to study abroad,too. Don’t hesitate to contact me via email or (+66)0814793573 call me Jack.

  65. Thai

    please don’t go Thailand only for woman for girls we have many others beautiful thing to see to enjoy Thailand also have nice culture to learn. i don’t like to see Farang come to Thailand just for girls for party or drink take drugs it’s sad. sorry for my english I am Thai : )

  66. sean

    I’ve visited a lot of Europe, the USA 3 times, Domincan Republic & lived in Turkey for a year. I’ve been back a week from my first visit to Thailand.
    WOW. What a place. Love it. Not saying that Thailand is perfect, but it’s pretty damn good. From my experience, the Thais are fantastic.
    Going back as soon as possible.

  67. Rachel

    Hi guys I’m after some advice. My fiancé has applied for a job transfer to Thailand. . I am 28 years old and will not be able to work as my partner will be working out there. We don’t have any children as yet but plan to have a family in the near future. I am worried about What to do in my free time as i am so use to working full time back here in the uk . I’ am feeling a bit apprehensive but excited at the same time. Is there anyone in the same situation as me.

  68. Robert C

    I went to Bangkok in feb 2013 for 1 month
    Loved it meet a girl who I have been keeping in
    Contact with plan on retiring there I recommend
    It to any one will be back Febuary 2014

  69. I agree with the vast majority of your post, especially the amazing food. But I find the next point pretty strange –

    “Let’s be real – Thais are pretty good looking. There’s a reason so many people come here and marry Thais. They are pretty damn hot. It’s nice coming to a country where everyone is good looking. The women here are just stunning with beautiful skin and exotic looks. All of my friends have dated Thai girls.”

    Thai women are probably the ugliest, most flatchested surfboard-like profiled females ive ever seen. I don’t think I ever found even one single good looking Thai women. Id say form all the countries in South East Asia – the Thai are the least attractive.

    The reason so many people come there and marry Thai are because they don’t have options back home and because their sexual value goes up since the country is so cheap and their money talks more. Though their skin and hair are definitely gorgeous and smooth – their facial and body structures are absolutely and *scentifically objectively* non-attractive compared to the rest of Asia, and especially compared to Europe, America (including latin) or the Middle East,

    • Kat

      Ok you have your standard of beauty. However,the way you put it, made me wonder if you have some type of hate or jealous of Thai people. In my opinion, Thailand has some of the most attractive people among Asians. And I have seen all kinds of Asians in my life.

  70. I’ve never felt the whole draw to Thailand but, earlier on this year, I decided that it was time to check out what had so many people going back for more… To be honest I didn’t find much to my liking it’s just not the place for me. That said, the way you talk about it describes my feelings exactly for south Africa – a place I feel more at home than ‘home’ and where I intend to move in a year or so. I’m glad you’ve found your ‘happy’ place – so few people do but it’s a great feeling when you do! Enjoy :-)

  71. M.Mohsin

    Hi guys,
    I am really going crazy when you are talking about Thai. I cannot forget Bangkok nights. I have been twice in Thai i would like to see once again the nice city of bangkok.
    My first stay was 15 days in Bangkok second stay was 20 days in Chang Rai ( Doi Tung) a nice place for resting. the people who are tered from populated places they can rest in Doi Tung. I wll go to Thai there will stay in Bangkok, Chang Mai and Doi Tung and many other places. you can find good hotels and your favourite food with cheaper price.

  72. laura

    If anyone is planning on visiting Thailand in March 2014, please LMK. I don’t know anyone there but have traveled extensively throughout Europe and Africa, so I think I’ll be OK. Nomadic Matt, I will be in Boston in Oct on biz. If you’re still there, I’d love to buy you lunch and pick your brain. Thanks!

  73. Mark Jupiter FL

    I’m heading to Bangkok Nov 21 thru Jan 15 . Never been to Asia . It just happened to be on my Bucket List . Just going to enjoy the country, people and culture. No particular schedule . Any suggestions ?

  74. Asma

    Hey…could’nt agree on each word more,loved it. We’ve travelled to Thailand,twice,once for our honeymoon ten years ago,and then in 2011, to introduce it to our son. Now,he wants to go again,so hopefully our New Years eve wud be there. I can also fill up pages about this charming country,but i think it is the amazing mix pointed out accurately by Matt,that makes it top of our list,and of course the sweet people.Can anyone tell me how New Years is for families ?

  75. Hi Matt, just arrived in Thailand, starting slow moving travel around South East Asia and after one week of being here I can already agree with more than half of your points :)
    Thanks for the tips of places in the south. I will bookmark them, as now am in Chiang Mai and definitely would like to visit the islands of Thailand. Cheers!

  76. Same thoughts on Thailand. Thailand is probably our most liked place because it has given us such a wonderful time during our honeymoon and will definitely go there again and again.

    • Kimberly

      What did you guys do? Did you stay on a resort for a bit and then travel? We love exploring/animals/nature and beach….thoughts???

  77. AH! I love your descriptions. I can’t wait to go. SE Asia is going to be my next “big trip.” Is Thailand your favorite in the region? Which country/city/towns do you suggest to check out first?

  78. Kristen

    I normally don’t comment on random sites I come across, but I can’t help but want to clarify something. My husband and I have lived in a small town in northern Thailand for 3 months, and I must say that most of what you describe in this post is about Bangkok/cities. If every time you said “Thailand” you switched it to “Bangkok,” I could agree with what you’ve written. With the population of Bangkok being over 8 million, and the next largest city having only 262,000…and the population of Thailand as a whole being almost 67 million… I would have to say the majority of Thailand is not like what you’re describing. The small towns and villages (and even the smaller cities) are not international. Most traditional Thai food doesn’t have much variety nor does it taste amazing to our western palates. Pork, rice, and noodles. Hardship. Hard work. Friendly, yes. Transportation is not convenient. And Those beautiful women you are describing- I won’t even go into the whole reason we are here involves fighting sex trafficking…Most of the women on the streets of Bangkok are actually Lao or Issan and were either forced to come and work there or see no other option. Most have little to no education and no ID.

    The places your readers will visit will measure up to what you’re describing, so you’ll never have someone say, “Hey, it’s not what you said!” I’m just here to say, you can’t sum up a whole country based on the places tourists visit. Yes I’ve visited Bangkok, and I will tell you, there’s a whole new Thailand you don’t know about.

  79. Pimjai

    Thank you so much that you are show the world about Thailand and Thai people in real. I am Thai girl live in Australia and married with Kiwi husband. I heard a lot about bad things such as girl bar in Bangkok Pattaya or Phuket and most of people that visied there they think like that but they have missed a lot of beautiful place, people, culture, art, food around country. So many fun thing to experience if u go to other area.
    Thai people is similar to people in other country we do have good and bad people lives together but if you would like to have good experience find more information in google ( also this website is a good source) do not go to just to watch girl show do things with her pussy that not a good place to go.
    And one thing- the most of Thai girls they didn’t want to date with man for money, if u found someone like that I warn you stay away from them.

  80. Kimberly

    What is the best honeymoon option when going to Thailand? We want one week of chilling/relaxing easy stuff and then one week of exploring. We have 14 days. We don’t want to spend 4 of them traveling by bus or plan if possible unless it’s really easy and not stressful? Love the blog!

  81. Tom

    Just been there, your observations seem to be fairly indicative of the overall consensus on Thailand, and is one of the reasons I went for a holiday, yet this wasn’t the country I experienced. Let me now illustrate why I disagree:

    1. The food – overall agree, it is good, although I thought it would be better. A typical Thai restaurant in my home town of Sydney has better cuisine than I found in Thailand, overall though, I thought food was the strongest point.

    2. The warm weather – certainly beats cold, but humid all the time and during the middle of the day simply too hot – could feel my brain slowly frying.

    3. The friendly locals – only ever got the feeling they were after my money, bar a small minority, certainly have nothing against them, but again reality didn’t live up to hype.

    4. It’s perfect for travel – Agree, Bangkok is in a prime position, but that airport is not somewhere I’d like to spend a lot of time.

    5. The picture postcard tropical islands – sorry but found the beaches way overrated, certainly they were good (apart from those that had rubbish floating in them!) but seriously how many tropical countries have beaches as good if not better, without there being a united nations of tourists everywhere.

    6. The lush jungles – can’t comment, didn’t really see any as the Thai’s were always pushing me to visit places with lots of restaurants, tourists and resorts.

    7. The international environment – you mean the hordes of tourists? Sorry I didn’t go to Thailand to hear Russian spoken in every hotel and restaurant – fail.

    8. Thailand is convenient – What you describe is fairly typical of SE Asia, certainly not unique to Thailand.

    9. The beautiful people – The women on TV are stunning, but a typical Thai girl doesn’t look like this. I will admit that overall I found the women very attractive, and they found my wallet equally attractive, and that’s all it ever seemed to be about.

    10. Bangkok – Agree on this one, ended up liking Bangkok even though I didn’t expect to.

    11. It’s cheap – bit of a generalisation here, it CAN be cheap, but you have to know where to go, in’s and out’s etc, for a first timer like myself it’s quite easy to end up paying western prices in Thailand for thing’s of lesser quality.

    • DBeth

      My question is, what did you like best in Thailand and where we’re your favorite places? I will be in Thailand in about a month for three weeks and it would be helpful to know what you enjoyed ince your opinions differ from most of the others.

  82. I am curious to find out what blog platform you have been utilizing?
    I’m having some small security issues with my latest blog and I would like to find
    something more risk-free. Do you have any

  83. If you had 4 days to relax and be with locals (less touristy) on a island in Thailand that was affordable and stunning (safe-I am a girl traveling alone), where would you go? and where would you stay? and you were by yourself.

    • Gihan

      Hi Curtney,
      If you like to party. I think the best place would be Pattaya. It’s really safe & the hotels are also really nice. There are islands arround that area which you can travel.

      I also used to go to Thailand just for 5-6 days.
      I have been traveling to Thailand for the last four years & find it’s a nice place to be.

      I suggest you to travel during March – May.
      I used to tavel during this time & I have a friend in Thailand (BKK) & she is a very nice lady. She has been arranging our tour every year & travel to Pattaya with us to spend her holiday as well.

      This time we are planning to travel in March & hope you’ll have a nice time mate.
      Just ping me if you need further details.

  84. Gihan

    I have been to Thailan four times. I do not agree with all the positive comments given. However since I have been to Thailand several times, this is defanitly a place which one should visit.
    Even though I have been to BKK, I have spent only one day their during each of my visit & reso for the week was spent at Pattaya.
    You should travel with bunch of fun loving guys to have the max. This is just my view.

    1. The food – I would say the taste depends on what you used to have back in your country. I’m being a Sri Lankan I like spicy food & I dont find Thai food to be very spicy. However for a western guy will definetly find thai food to be spicy. Therefore it’s always recomend that you ask your food they way you like.

    There was a comment where one person has compare the quality or the taste with a Thai resturent back at his country. In Sri Lanka we have lot of Chineese resturents with great food. However real chineese food is bit different to what we have back in my country. I have been to China & the food is ok but not what I used to like back in SL. Like wise the taste & likeness depends on what you have been experencing.

    2. The warm weather – Most of the Aisan countries has this similar weather. So I do not find any thing new here.

    3. The friendly locals – Most of the Asian are are friendly. We Sri Lankans do treat visiters very well. It’s a part of our culture. However you can not expect the same from everyone. That is why you find comments from both the ends.

    4. It’s perfect for travel – It’s really great to travel to Thailand. Specially to Pattaya, but that’s if you are a party person. It’s a happening place & you find all sorts of different things to do in Pattaya/ BKK.

    5. The lush jungles – I havent being to any Thai Jungle. Hence can not comment. But there are countries where you can find beautifull jungles. One good example is “Singha Raja Forest” in Sri Lanka. This is one of the best rain forests in the world. You also can find beautiful jungles in Vietnam as well.

    6. Thailand is convenient – I totally agree with this.

    7. The beautiful people – If you are only refering to the looks, in average Thai women are pretty. However again it depends on what you are expecting.

    8. It’s cheap – This is again subjective. In India, you find good food for better prx. Whether it’s cheep or not will depend on your income level. If you are earning in USD or GBP, it’s cheep. But in genaral, it’s a destination which most of people can travel for a good deal.

  85. Ruthie Leader

    I grew up in rural Thailand as a farang child in the 60s. Back then Chiangmai was a dusty sleepy town. Never really adapted to life in the UK fully. I still feel more at home sitting cross-legged on the floor with my Thai friends here and eating somtam and sticky rice with my fingers. Guess I am still a child of the village but have learnt to live in between. It’s weird with so many tourists going there now. This site really ‘gets’ Thailand. When you fall in love with it, it’s deep and forever. The country weaves its own spell.

  86. Jeff

    I am a small town guy and would like to go to Thailand I can only spend about 10 days this trip and would like to visit smaller places the beach and the mountains anyone have any suggestions. ?? I am not a big city guy at all

  87. Wesley

    I been in Thailand now for almost more than a year and i really understand your feelings.
    Thailand is amazing and i woudn’t think about leaving the country.

  88. Pandaseungska

    I’m glad to know that you like my country-Thailand. :)
    Are you still in Thailand? I think Chiangmai,The north of thailand is a good place too.There’re a lot of interesting places,Such as Chaingmai zoo,Hot spring Sankampaeng(my best place when i feel tired of work) and kind people~ ^^

    Anyway,i am Thai,who found your blog accidentally while searching information to do homework at school and interested in your blog. ><

  89. Minty

    I glad you’re loving Thailand. We love foreign and alway want you to travel there. Now I’m exchange student in U.S. I love it here! I studied in Minnesota. For me, It was the state of winter. It was so different here but still I love the snow and the cold temperature. I love that you have the AWESOME cheeses and foods. I gain a lot of pounds here. So Far so good :)

  90. I think that Thailand it is a best place to relax…Why relax? Because I’ve been travel in many countries in the world. I like a charm of Asia, I like a luxury of Emirates, I like a quality of Europe, but I like Thailand because only at this place I feel myself free and safety!

    I’m plan to stay more than half of year in Thailand, but maybe a full year!