Vancouver Island

vancouver island, canadaVancouver Island has become increasingly popular as a local getaway in recent years. It’s known as the retirement hotspot for Canadians, but thanks to a University and summer cottagers, it also has a young edge in many spots. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches, hiking trails, many lakes, rivers, mountains and scenic farmland. It’s a beautiful place to escape in the summer.

Typical Costs

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Interesting Facts About Canada
  • Hostel Prices: Hostels start at $19 USD. Prices are more expensive during the summer high season.
  • Budget Hotel Prices: Some budget hotels that rates as low as $40 USD although they aren’t in the central part of the island. For a more central location, expect to pay around $65 USD and up. Family-run Bed and Breakfasts are very common on Vancouver Island, and really contribute to the intimate, cozy feel of island life.
  • Average Cost of Food: Food is reasonable here as long as you cook for yourself. If you are going to cook your own food, expect to pay between $50 to 60 USD per week. Most restaurants will cost around $15-20 USD per meal. Since it’s an island, a lot of food is imported from the mainland and groceries tend to be expensive.
  • Transportation Costs: Transportation around the island is very easy. All the towns are walkable and you can take buses for $2-3 USD anywhere you need to go. If you are going into the mountains or spending a few days here, it might be best to rent a car or bike.

Top Things to Do

  • Visit the “goats on the roof” experience – For a fun experience, visit this small market in Coombs that has actual goats living on the roof. It’s definitely unique and different. Don’t feel too bad for them as the roof has plenty of grass and room for them to roam around.
  • Visit Cathedral Grove - This forest is on the southwest part of the island. It’s part of Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park and has some of the oldest cedar trees in the world. (Many are over 1,000 years old!) It’s a great place to hike and all the birds will appeal to bird and nature lovers.
  • Hike the Rainforest -You can spend a few days hiking all the trails on the island. The natural beauty is one of the main reasons to come here and if you don’t do some hiking, you’re missing out.
  • Beacon Hill Park – This nice park offers a bit of history as well. Aside from being a wonderful place for a picnic, it also houses a tree planted by Winston Churchill.
  • Visit a winery – Vancouver Island has twenty different wineries. They may not be the best wineries in the world but the wine is more than drinkable. If you’re here in September, you can attend the annual wine festival.
  • Visit the U’Mista Cultural Center in Alert Bay – For a unique experience, learn about the potlatch ceremonies of the Kwakwaka’wakw people. They have been living on this island for thousands of years and it offers a interesting look at life on the island before white settlers.
  • Whale Watching – The inside passage and the area around Vancouver is one of the most active areas for whales in the world. You’ll be able to see a variety of species of whales.
  • Ghost Tours – Looking to peer into the spooky side of the island? Take one of the many ghost tours around here and learn about what still lives here from the afterlife.
  • Whale Watching – From boating, to fishing, to kayaking, to canoeing, there are a lot of water activities here. You can do many on your own or go on a guided trip and get the added benefit of someone who can explain what everything is to you.
  • Butchart Gardens – Aside from the traditional, peaceful pathways and bench areas you would expect to see, this garden is host to a spectacular flower exhibit. Occasionally there are concerts and firework displays within the garden as well.
  • Victoria Butterfly Gardens – This is an indoor tropical rainforest filled with butterflies. All of the butterflies are flying out in the open among the flora and fauna.
  • Abkhazi Garden – Spanning just over an acre, this garden created by the Russian prince and princess Abkhazi features Japanese Maples, native Garry oaks, and hundreds of rhododendrons. Try to check it out while the flowers are blooming.
  • Day Trip to the Smaller Islands – Vancouver Island is the only one with a major international name, but the Gulf Island strip around Vancouver actually consists of hundreds of small islands and inlets, many of which make for a pleasant day trip. Consider renting a boat or arranging a tour to Gabriola, Saltspring, or Thetis, three of the most popular islands. Here, you can hike, spend time exploring the bays and beaches, or visit local artisans and eateries.

Budget Tips

  • Gas up on the mainland - If you’re coming from Vancouver by car, make sure you gas up before boarding the ferry. Gas prices are always higher on the island, as are most grocery prices.
  • Take the ferry as a walk-on passenger - Ferry prices for vehicles are astronomical, depending on the vehicle length and number of occupants. If you’re just making a short trip, and staying in one destination on the island (like Victoria or Nanaimo), then consider ditching the vehicle on traveling as a walk-on passenger. Walk-on fares are only $15, and traveling this way also saves you up to an hour waiting in line for the ferry.
  • Explore the Island by Bike - British Columbia was made for mountain biking, and Vancouver Island is no exception. There are tons of bike paths, both inside the cities and in the provincial park areas. Pack a picnic lunch, lots of water, and make a day of it.

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