Nomadic Matt's Guide to IcelandNomadic Matt's Guide to Iceland

Nomadic Matt’s Guide to Iceland



Last updated: January 2020
Details: 197 pages of expert budget travel advice

Made with love by travelers for travelers!

Get off the beaten path and away from the crowds (and prices) that swarm the southern region so you can meet locals, eat delicious food, sit in free hot springs ten times better than the Blue Lagoon, find secret waterfalls, and hike trails where you can be alone with the natural beauty of Iceland under the gaze of the Northern Lights.

I’ve visited every region of Iceland. It’s a magical land I’ve fallen deeply in love with. My Icelandic friends have taken me to places not found in other guidebooks or websites. I’ve put everything I know about the country into this book so you can see more, spend less, and get to really experience the magic that is Iceland.

Updated for 2020, this budget travel guide features:

  • Unique, hidden, beautiful, inexpensive, and overlooked sights so you can get the most out of your trip.
  • Money-saving tips and advice on how to avoid tourist traps so can get an authentic Icelandic experience on a budget.
  • An in-depth transportation section so you can travel cheap, meet others, and get off the beaten track.
  • My suggested itineraries – whether you go for a weekend, four days, one week, two weeks, or one month.
  • My list of unique, budget-friendly places to stay so you can enjoy fun, clean, and friendly accommodations.
  • My robust curated list of restaurant and cafes that won’t break your budget so you can eat better, more authentically, and for less!
  • My curated list of bars, clubs, and lounges so you can party with locals!
  • And much, much more!

This guide is meant for travelers looking to see the local side of Iceland as you get off the tourist trail, save money, and get tips and tricks not found in mass-market guidebooks.

How This Book Will Help You

  • Discover interesting facts about Iceland so you get a better understandng of the local culture. Did you know 80% of the population believes in elves? Well, you do now! And you’ll know a lot more when you’ve finished this book.
  • Get the lowdown on all regions of Iceland – where to go and what to see, where to stay, eat, and shop – so you know which area best suits your interests!
  • Get ALL the essential tips that make guidebooks important: information on transportation, tipping, visas, public holidays, embassies, currencies, emergency numbers, business hours, weather, and much, much more so you know the rules of Iceland and how best to get around!
  • Get a list of the best books, movies, and music related to Iceland so you can get excited about your trip.
  • This guide will show you how to avoid the crowds so you can enjoy the majestic beauty of nature without people getting in your way as they try to take another selfie. I’ll show places few tourists ever venture.