My Fear of Heights

By Nomadic Matt | Published November 1st, 2010

I hate heights. SERIOUSLY hate heights, which is ironic considering how often I fly. Any bump in the air and I grab onto the seat like Paris Hilton grabs onto bags of cocaine. I won’t even go near ledges or cliffs. And if someone does manage to get me up to an observation tower, it takes me about ten minutes to walk towards the glass. I’m that scared. All of which makes this latest travel video all the more interesting and fun. I was recently in Cairns, Australia with some friends and we went over to the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump. Well, watch me do a canyon swing with Aj Hackett, the inventor of Bungy Jumping, and Brett Claxton, the head of Queensland’s backpacking association. You can also watch me scream like a girl.

Note: Sorry about the bad video, this was taken on my point and click camera. Since I had no intention of doing this, I didn’t have my HD Video camera with me at the time.

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With AJ himself? Nice. Maybe the Nevis jump in Queenstown will help you conquer it once and for all…


I will never, ever, ever, ever, do the Nevis. I went and checked it out and just filmed a friend doing it!

Oh wow that reminds me of the time at did that same thing at Astro-World (no longer here in Houston). O bet that was fund, I can still remember the sensation of the time I did it.

It looked like it was real close to the decks… You weren’t scared of hitting it???

Haha, loved it Matt :)
I am still looking forward to my first ever Bungee jump some day 😛


Hopefully you will handle it better than me!

Oh, that was great…and it did look like fun. I might be able to handle that, though I have trouble just walking around the upper floors of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (because it’s so open).


Wow…I know some little girls that don’t even scream like that. LOL! I’m pretty terrified of heights too, so I’m not sure if I’d want to do a canyon swing. Maybe I’d try it once just to say I did, but I’m fairly certain I’d be totally weak in the knees afterward. Happy travels!

I’ve done jumps at two of AJ’s properties–how cool that you actually got to swing with him!

hahaha! Cute Matt! Does look scary though. Congrats on going outside the comfort zone that is really tough to do! Someday you should try to hike Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. SCARY but your feet remain planted on the ground. :)

I like seeing you on video :)


I will probably never do it again.

AGREED.- sky diving – drunk;now, in China – I scream too, Argentina showed me; usually with orgasms, but hell … falling is some weird, like death, is near. experience ,,, please, everyone … do it !

That looks like it was absolutely amazzzzing fun. Even if you are scared of heights, you have got to admit that is really cool.

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