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It can be hard to know where to start when planning your dream trip. What’s the first step? What’s the second? Third? Fourth? Travel can seem like a daunting subject with so much information available and, the longer you go away, the more things you seem to have to think about. I want to make planning your next gap year, family vacation, round the world, or backpacking trip simple and easy.

With over 1,400 articles on this website, finding what you need might seem hard but on this page, you’ll find a curated list of the best articles on this site related to planning a trip – whether it’s a two week vacation to Italy, or a year-long trip around the world. The tips are broken down into categories so you can find the information you need fast and effectively. Click the images to find a list of related blog posts.

  • articles to get inspired to travel
  • tips on how to save for travel
  • gear and tech when journeying abroad
  • advice on getting cheap airfare
  • finding cheap accommodation when traveling
  • how to handle life on the road
  • advice on saving money while traveling
  • traveling as a couple on the road
  • solo female travel advice
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