Solo Female Travel Advice

Traveling the world as a solo female? Worried something might happen? Nervous? Think your friends and family might be right? Fear not. Many, many, many women travel the world alone each year and end up fine. Below are posts from women of all ages that have traveled the world alone and their advice on how to do it safely.

Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Travel Alone

Advice on why fears about traveling of traveling solo are overblown and why you shouldn’t be afraid. Solo female traveler, Laura Walker, shares her thoughts on why it is safe to travel the world alone.

The Joy of Solo Travel

Stories from the road that happened because the author was traveling alone showing that you don’t need to be afraid to go on the road by yourself.

Breaking the Marriage Mold

How marriage, family, and kids isn’t for everyone and sometimes you just have to be selfish and do your own thing until everything else just feels right.

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Many safety precautions are common sense when it comes to traveling safely. Here are some tips from a solo traveler about staying safe in South America.

Travel Tips from Female Travelers

More safety tips and advice for female backpackers and travelers from other women who have spent years traveling around the world.

How to Deal with Harassment on the Road

How to deal with unwanted advances from men on the road.

Is it safe to travel India alone?

Should Women Travel to India? Is it safe? Writer Candace Rardon talks about women’s safety in India and gives 11 tips to use during your visit.

Why Girls Should Go to Southeast Asia

Why traveling Southeast Asia is easy to travel around and very safe for solo women travelers.