Travel Tips for Couples

Traveling as a couple is a lot different than traveling solo. As a solo traveler, I can’t relate as I’ve never traveled with my partner (I don’t have one!). So I enlisted the help of my traveling couple friends to provide advice on how to deal with traveling with a partner because the couple that can travel together, stays together.

Travel Advice From Traveling Couples

Traveling with a significant other can sometimes seem daunting. See what tips some seasoned traveling couples have to share about life on the road.

Traveling as a Couple: An Interview with Wandering Why

Advice and information on traveling as a married couple from a couple who has been doing it for 18 months.

The Joy of Traveling as a Couple

Ant and Elise tell their success stories about deciding to travel as a couple. Hear what they think about life on the road together.

The Importance of Personal Time

The importance of having personal time when you travel as a couple.

Dividing Up Travel Responsibilities

How to separate the responsibilities when traveling as a couple to make planning go a lot smoother.

Keeping The Relationship Spark Alive

Advice on how to keep the spark in a relationship alive while traveling around the world 24/7 with your partner.

Coping with Fights on the Road

Traveling in a couple? Guest blogger, Anthony, writes about his experiences traveling with his other half and how he copes with the inevitable fights.

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