How to Get Cheap Accommodation

How to Get Cheap Accommodation

Accommodation is one of your biggest daily expenses when you travel and lowering that can lead to huge savings. To a lot of people, it’s either expensive hotels or cheap hostel dorms. But there’s many other options available to travelers – whether you are a solo traveler, couple, or family. These articles will help choose the right accommodation for you, find the best deals, avoid being scammed, break out of the hotel/hostel mold, and list my favorite places to stay around the world.

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How to Find a Cheap Hotel Rooms: Hotel Booking Sites To Use And Avoid

As much as I love staying in hostels, there is something nice about the luxuriousness of a hotel. They are clean and quiet and feature comfy beds, strong showers, and lots of soap I can take for later. The downside is they are expensive. Wondering how to find the best deals? I've got you covered.

How to Crush it on Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a great way to save money (it’s free!) and it offers a peek into local life. However, many travelers make bad first impressions that cause them to miss out on being hosted. If you want to stand out from the crowd and stay with amazing hosts, follow these 7 steps - my tried-and-true Couchsurfing advice.

How I Earn 1 Million Frequent Flier Miles Each Year

Free travel is my favorite kind of travel! This post shows you how to take money out of the travel equation and frequent flier programs to get free flights and hotel rooms. The 8 strategies listed here will get you out of your house faster, cheaper, and in comfort. - without having to travel more.

How to Find the Perfect Apartment on Sites Like Airbnb

Renting an apartment is a great way to balance the privacy of a hotel with the cost of a hostel. You get immersed in a local environment and have access to a host who can answer all your questions. If you're on the fence about using the sharing economy, give this article a read.

How to Use the Sharing Economy to Travel on a Budget

The internet has radically changed the way we travel. One of the most beneficial developments from that is the sharing economy. By taking advantage of these new services, any traveler can save money and deepen their experience with convenience and ease.

6 Ways to Avoid Staying in a Bad Hostel

Not all hostels are made equally. After having stayed in hundreds of hostels over the years, I've come to understand the difference between a good hostel and a great one. Most importantly, I know how to avoid those hostels which probably should be avoided. Follow these guidelines to find the best hostels and get the most out of your stay!

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