Bungy Jumping the Nevis

New Zealand is known for its adventure activities. People come from around the world to white water raft, hike, glacier trek, sky dive, and bungy jump. And one of the best places to do a bungy is in Queenstown, New Zealand. Queenstown is home to a lot of bungy operators, the most famous of which is AJ Hackett Bungy. AJ Hackett is the creator of bungy jumping and his company runs the biggest bungy in the region- the 134 meter high Nevis Bungy Jump.

Now I am really afraid of heights so I didn’t do it. The thought of doing it made me sick. But luckily I went with some braver people than I and they allowed me to film their jumps. Take a look:

If you aren’t looking to jump, you can go as an observer for $50 NZD. If $250 NZD is too expensive for you or the Nevis is too high for you, there are 2 smaller bungy jumps available. One of which also dunks you into a river.

If you want to be braver than me and do this jump like my friend, check out my New Zealand guide to start planning your trip today.

  1. Kine

    I’ve always said that I’d go bungyjumping instead of skydiving… I’ve changed my story, and won’t do neither I think! Just too pleased with life, and WHAT IF something was to happen. I’m a wuss! 😉 Great video though 😉

  2. Loved the video Matt (though I’m staying firmly planted on the ground too). Your video footage has gotten a lot better, by the way. You’re doing a fab job!

  3. Bungy is jumping is scarier than skydiving simply because with bungy you can really see the ground before you go. All in all, skydiving is more fun, though.

  4. Subir

    I did this in 2000. Twice. Back to back. Each experience was completely different and equally thrilling, scary, exciting and euphoric. Even the drive up on a small bus up a steep hillside driven by a metalhead in his 20s was an adventure 😉 Highly recommended.

  5. Aargh – was there in 2000, my g/f jumped and I was adamant not to do it. But hey weighed me and harnessed me up just in case… But I still didn’t jump. G/f got a free jump on the Kawarau, so was dragged up onto that, hey it was only 42 meters, easy, I think we were standing up there on the platform for tenminutes before said g/f got bored and dragged me off… worse 2 seconds of my life! Never to be repeated. But at least I done it….I know for sure not to do it again. As for the skydiving -I gave it a miss. Hat goes off to you Matt, pretty awesome up on the Nevis.

  6. Nice video, Matt. Watching it makes me want to go back and jump again.

    I’ve yet to skydive, but I’m a firm believer that bungy jumping is far more difficult than doing a tandem skydive. On the bungy platform, it’s YOU that makes the decision to jump. I’d say it’s one of the harder things a person will ever have to do in their life.

    Your friend had the right idea. You can’t think too much about it – especially at the edge. 3, 2, 1, jump – no looking back!

  7. Cool vid Matt :-) I’m surprised at the price though, it seems a lot, I thought it would be cheaper. I especially didn’t think observers had to pay either.

  8. Almost couldn’t sit still when I watched this video. I so want to bungy jump! I recognize this Nevis spot. My cousin had her first bungy jump experience here when travelling in New Zealand about a year ago.

  9. Marty

    I did the Nevis in 2008, what a thrill. A most exhilarating experience. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I have always said I wouldn’t skydive but have resolved that issue in my life and will give it a go at some point :)

  10. Vera

    I bungy jumped in NZ exactly one year ago today. Still one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences ever (I did it twice in a row and went backwards the second time). Am yet to do a skydive but, after the bungy, I reckon it’ll be easier! :)

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