Get Your Guide Review: Is It Actually Worth Using?

People exploring a narrow street in a colorful city in beautiful, sunny Italy
Posted: 6/1/2023 | June 1st, 2023

I love trip planning. Reading about a destination, learning its history, and discovering all the cool things to see and do (and eat) is one of the many things I like about traveling.

When I first started backpacking, planning a budget trip was a challenge because you could only really rely on out-of-date guide books or questionable online forums.

These days, however, it’s never been easier to fill out an itinerary. Researching activities, reading reviews and booking excursions can be done months in advance from the comfort of home or as a last-minute decision if you like to travel spontaneously.

One of the websites I use a lot when I travel is GetYourGuide.

GetYourGuide is a marketplace for tours, activities, and excursions. It has everything from skip-the-line museum tickets and walking tours to winery tours and adventure activities — and everything in-between. That includes major “must-see” sights as well as off-the-beaten-path activities too.

Here’s everything you need to know about GYG to help you plan your next trip, have fun, and save money!

What Kind of Activities Does GetYourGuide Offer?

GetYourGuide has a ton of activities in destinations all around the world, but they usually break down into a few different categories:

Tickets – GYG sells tickets to museums, galleries, theme parks, and everything in between. These are often skip-the-line tickets, which are super helpful if you’re visiting a busy attraction.

Public tours – This is what most activities are, including walking tours, guided hikes, whale watching excursions, vineyard trips, etc. You pay a fee and join a small group of fellow travelers.

Private tours – From private walking tours to private guided hikes, if you have a larger budget (or are traveling with a small group), you can find all kinds of guides here that offer more exclusive activities.

Day trips – If you’re staying in a large city, you’ll find countless day trips (and even multi-day trips) further afield. These can be to national parks, wineries, beaches, and more. They usually include transportation to and from your accommodation as well as a meal.

Transportation – Airport transfers, private drivers, and public transportation passes can all be found on GYG.

For most activities, GYG is promoting a local operator. They’re just the middleman helping facilitate your planning. However, they also have their own “Originals” experiences that are created in partnership with a local operator and are only available to book on GYG. Originals experiences include Turning the Lights on at the Vatican Museums, Wine Tasting in the Eiffel Tower, and an exclusive before-hours tour of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

My Experience Using Get Your Guide

My wine bottle on a table during a wine tour with GetYourGuide in Bologna, italy
I’ve used GetYourGuide in a few different destinations on my travels because they’re an easy place to find tours. I booked an awesome food tour in Bologna, another wine tour in Bologna (where the guy was just starting his company so I gave him some tips on how to succeed), and a day trip around the countryside in Slovenia.

Like most travel search engines, what’s great about GYG is that everything is in one place. This is especially important for experiences because most big cities have tons of tour operators. That means that if you’re searching just via Google, you’ll probably miss a lot.

So, I like that GYG puts everything in one place for me so I can bounce around and compare activities prices, durations, and more — all from one website/app.

I plan on using GYG on my upcoming trip to Japan as there are a ton of cool activities and tours available, from tea ceremonies in Kyoto to watching sumo training sessions in Tokyo to trying traditional Japanese archery in Hiroshima.

So, Is GYG Worth Using?

If you’re looking to simplify your travel planning and find cool activities for your next trip, GYG is a great place to start. You can not only find fun excursions and tours but you’ll be able to read reviews and compare prices to see if those activities meet your needs. It’s a simple, easy-to-use website and app that can really add depth to your travels.

And not only do they run their own unique tours and activities but they are a reseller for thousands of others. That means that you’re booking with local companies, ensuring most of the money you spend is staying in the community.


Whether you like to plan your trips in advance or stumble into new activities on the fly, GetYourGuide is a helpful website and app that can ensure you make the most of your time abroad. Foodies, history buffs, nightowls, backpackers, adrenaline junkies — GYG offers unique activities for every travel style and budget, allowing you to dive deeper into your destination, connect with local guides and other travelers, and have more unique experiences.

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