El Salvador Travel Guide

Green hills and roads in El Salvador in Central AmericaSituated in Central America, El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in the region. Somewhat of a bypass on the tourist trail, many people miss out on immense expanses of natural beauty, forests, beaches, and even the opportunity to view some archaeological sites. El Salvador is the perfect place to experience the great outdoors without the crowds as you make your way around Central America.

Typical Costs

Accommodation You can get a room in a shared hostel dorm room for as little as $7 USD and a private room for about $20 USD. Nice hotels start around $30 USD. That will get you air conditioning, a very comfortable bed, and breakfast.

Food Simple meals cost just a few dollars, especially at the street stalls. For European food or fast food, up your budget to about $5 USD. Overall food is very cheap here.

Transportation City buses in San Salvador cost $0.35 USD, and this is much the same as the other cities. A taxi ride is usually around $5 USD. Country wide buses cost less than $10 USD per single journey. There is no train service in El Salvador.

Activities Diving is likely to be your most expensive outing if you choose to do it, which will be around $75 USD for two dives. Other than that most of the parks cost only a few dollars.

Money Saving Tips

Snack on fruit – Fruit in Central America costs just pennies. You can pick up a bag of mangos for around $0.50 USD. Eat healthy and save money.

Go camping While hostels are pretty cheap, you can camp at many of them for half the cost. Bring your gear, sleep under the stars, and save money.

Hitchhike Hitchhiking is a very popular method of getting around here. The buses can be late or sporadic and sometimes extremely full. Many people simply can’t afford the bus and you’ll find hitchhiking widespread and relatively safe. Just always make sure to use common sense.

Top Things to See and Do in El Salvador

Montecristo Cloud Forest Scaling an altitude of 7,000 feet, Montecristo Cloud Forest is the perfect location for an exploration. With a wide diversity of flora including ferns, orchids, mosses, and wildlife like spider monkeys and anteaters, there is plenty to enchant you here.

Los Planes de Renderos For some spectacular views of the city of San Salvador, go to Los Planes de Renderos. Stop by one of the ‘pupuserias,’ or small restaurants that make pupusas — a typical part of the Salvadorian menu — and then afterwards head to the Casa de la Cultura or Los Historiantes to view some traditional folk dances.

La Libertad A visit to La Libertad, a fantastic beach resort, could be just what the doctor ordered. Although not as widely known on the tourist trail, La Libertad provides a more authentic beach experience when compared to other more popular resorts. As well as that, it also boasts some of the best surf in Central America with surfers coming from all over the world to ride some serious waves!

Hike the volcanoes There are numerous volcanoes in El Salvador for you to explore. Take your pick from Ilamatepec, Tehutepec, Izalco, and Quetzaltepec, or even visit Cerro Verde National Park where you can see the volcanoes from viewpoints around the trails. Here you also have the chance to get up close and personal with a walk around the Cerro Verde crater. If you head south, go to Ruta de las Flores where there are a series of volcanoes.

Enjoy the culture Joya de Cerén is an UNESCO World Heritage Site that tells a story about the everyday lives of the Mayans. The site includes a Temezcal, or Sauna, and shows the agricultural tools which were used on a daily basis. In San Salvador itself, there is the Salvador del Mundo, the symbol of the city, the historic downtown area, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. If you’re eager for more to see, then there is also the National Palace, the National Theater, and the National Handicrafts market.

Go diving Diving enthusiasts and first time divers alike will find plenty of stunning sites in El Salvador. The warm waters of Los Cóbanos can host an exciting experience for divers as contains reefs, underwater rock formations and even shipwrecks. You can also go diving in crater lakes like Coatepeque and Ilopango which also offer nighttime diving tours!

Go fishing El Salvador has many resorts for fishing. Like the somewhat well-kept secret of El Salvador itself, fishing here is also underrated. In El Salvador blue waters you can find Tuna fish, Blue Marlin, and Mackerel, amongst others. Snappers, Blue Crevally, and Scibbled Filefish can also be found when bottom fishing.

Los Chorros Los Chorros offers a relaxing break. Composed of a series of natural pools that cascade from overhanging volcanic cliffs, and surrounded by ferns, flowers, and moss, this place offers a piece of paradise and is perfect for a day trip.

El Imposible Considered one of the last remaining natural areas of biodiversity, El Imposible National Park is home to more than 500 species of birds, as well as a dry, tropical forest. Currently under protection, El Imposible is a stunning area that is just waiting to be explored.

Puerta del Diablo Also known as the Devil’s Door, this lookout point is a rocky formation that formed as a result of heavy rain during the 1700s. If you’re an adventurous traveler, you can rappel down the cliff. The view through the ‘doorway’ is just spectacular.

La Gran Via Located in the city of San Salvador, this is a shopping center filled with restaurants, movie theaters, music, games, bars, live shows, and more. This is a nice place for an afternoon out, and it is a very popular place for nightlife activities.

Cihuatán Ruins The largest of ruins discovered in El Salvador, the Cihuatán is host to many artifacts and a lot of history. Cihuatan came about after the collapse of the Mayans around the year 900 C.E., and it quickly became a regional capital. There is an on-site museum open most of the week, and admission is a mere $3 USD.

Museum of Popular Art The slogan for this museum is ‘The Greatness of Miniature’. There is a huge showcase of miniature pottery here, as well as, native wood carvings, weaving, and jewelry. Admission is only $1 USD, and you can make something out of clay during your visit.

Enjoy the backpacker scene in El Tunco – One hour outside of San Salvador lies this backpacker’s paradise. Cheap hostels and food, a great party scene, and great surfing. What more can you ask for?

Wander through colonial Suchitoto  A small colonial town, Suchitoto is located on Lake Suchitlan. It’s a small, walkable town that caters to tourists with a great selection of hotels. Explore the nearby lake and hiking trails or just enjoy the atmosphere of the town.