My Favorite Travel Blogs of 2010

blogging from the airportEveryday, more and more people are starting travel blogs. It’s hard to keep up with them all. I wish I could because I love reading people’s travel stories. They keep me excited about life on the road. But there’s too many blogs to read. Yet I do have some favorites and I wanted to bring your attention to some great travel sites that are worth reading:

(Note: I picked blogs that weren’t already popular and well known as I wanted to give some of the smaller blogs credit. Don’t be offended if you aren’t on the list. I read a lot more than just these but I can’t list 1000 blogs. However, feel free to add yours in the comment section)

Adventurous Kate – Kate is a fellow Bostonian with a sharp wit and great sense of humor. Her blog is quite funny. She’s currently exploring all that Southeast Asia has to offer and offers good insight on what it’s like being a solo female traveling the area.

Uncornered Market – Honestly, I think this is the best travel blog out there. I only wish I could write and take photos like Dan and Audrey do.  If you only read one site on the net (besides mine!), read theirs.

Candice Does the World – Candice has a great blog about life in Canada. She is gearing up to escape the cold weather and go teach English in Asia. Or, so she keeps saying!

Travel Yourself – Cailin O’Neil’s site contains inspiring travel videos I only wish I had the video skills to produce.

Two Backpackers– Jason and Aracely are back in the States after a year-long trip through Central and South America. They recently got married and now their site has great reflections on travel, blogging, and doing both at the same time.

Backpacking Matt– Matt gives good backpacking tips and writes some great off beat stories of his journeys around the world. He’s as nomadic as I am.

Twenty Something Travel – Stephanie is a twenty something traveler who embarked on her round the world trip a few months ago. She’s currently in Australia.

Foxnomad– Anil is a fellow Massachusettsite and his site has good tips for those who want to “travel hack” and for those who will go to any length to get good travel deals.

working overseas on your blogThe Brooklyn Nomad – Andrew is a local New Yorker and his blog focuses on travel tips for New York. He also includes information on other travel destinations.

Art of Backpacking – This website is about…you guessed it…backpacking and it is an excellent resource for things to do and how to live cheaply.

The Jungle Princess – Recently back from Costa Rica, Abby is the Queen of Las Vegas. She got me into Kim Kardashian’s birthday party. She’s as awesome in real life as she is on her blog.

Johnny Vagabond– Wes’ writing is funny, witty, and clever.  One thing I love about his blog is that he lists his expenses. Knowing how much places cost is an important part of travel and Wes lays it all out.

The Road Forks
– This blog combines two of my favorite things: food and travel. The site offers a great look at the culinary cuisine of places around the world.  This site is vegetarian heavy and offers great food tips if you are a non-meat eater.

Fluent in 3 Months – Benny, the Irish Polyglot, is a master at learning languages. He knows 7 languages fluently and travels every three months. He is proof that anyone can learn a language. He’s currently back in Europe before preparing to go to The Philippines.

Bacon is Magic – First, I love bacon, so any other person who loves it enough to have it in her domain name is cool in my book. But the blog is also a great resource for getting by on shoestring budget in South America and learning how to make great local food.

A Wandering Sole – Laura is my resident female travel expert. She spent time going around the world by herself visiting the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

As We Travel – Sofia and Nathan offer great travel tips, good advice, and funny stories for the road for young travelers. They are currently traveling Southeast Asia again.

The Cranky Flier
– Brett is the guru on airlines. He knows everything about them and is an industry expert. If you ever want to keep with the airline industry, read this blog.

My Several Worlds – Carrie Kellenberger writes primarily about Asian travel destinations. We met when I moved to Taiwan. She’s a former English teacher who is an expert on travel in Taiwan and has some great images on her site. (She is also the woman editing most of  my articles now, which is why since the summer you’ve seen less grammar mistakes!)

Legal Nomads – Jodi’s site may not be that small but I love that she is proving even lawyers can have fun and the political/cultural aspect of her site. She skips the normal topics and instead focuses more on the culture of a place.

Canvas of Light – Dan’s website is a photo site disguised as a travel blog. I met Dan when we were both in Thailand during the riots in April. His photography is stunning and looking at his site is a good way to spend a few hours.

On Our Own Path – Kyle and Bessie are a traveling couple who are currently in Thailand. I like couple blogs because I’m always intrigued by the dynamic of being together 24/7/365. They say if you can travel together, you can be together and after two years of traveling together, these two have proved that saying to be true.

  1. Bacon is Magic and Adventurous Kate were two of my favorite discoveries of 2010, too! I would list Akila and Patrick, as The Road Forks, remains one of my favorite travel blogs out there, but I read them long before this past year! And finally met them in person, too!

  2. Andrew

    Thanks Matt for including my site on this great list of blogs. You have been too kind since I started my blog nearly 2 years ago and was glad we finally got to do some traveling together this year in Canada. Here’s to even more travel and writing about it in 2011.

  3. Matt: Whew! I’m glad we made the list.

    Seriously though, thanks for the exceptionally kind words. Your endorsement means a lot to us. Am glad we got a chance to connect and meet in person not once, but twice this year. Yet no Taco Bell. Next time, for sure.

    • NomadicMatt

      You keep teasing me with Taco Bell. You need to deliver on that promise soon!

      Thanks for saying my endorsement means a lot to you. THOSE are kind words! :)

  4. Matt, thanks so much for including me on this list! There are some truly awesome bloggers featured here. I’m glad we got to meet this year…and I still can’t believe all of us went to Skanktuary that one night.

    Cheers to a 2011 filled with epic adventures!

  5. Hi Matt — great site; I will subscribe to and forward many of these links! I used to maintain the RTW family travel blog Away Together, but I just mothballed it to start a new one that combines my passions for running with travel. If any of your followers are avid runners who want to contribute posts about destination-oriented running around the globe, please check out my site! It’s The Runner’s Trip: Run Long, Travel Far, Discover More,

  6. Great list, Matt! I already read many of these awesome blogs, but some are new to me, so I’ll have to check them out. I love that you picked smaller blogs. Hopefully my blog, Maiden Voyage, will make it on the list next year!

  7. Great list!

    For those who are interested in food – I am eating one meal for every country in the world. My daughter and picky husband are also along for the ride :)

  8. Thanks for including us on the list! We feel honored to be on a list with so many other bloggers that we follow.

    I thought surely that we’d see you in Thailand at some point, but alas, we’ve had to enjoy mojito buckets and spicy street food without you. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to do more of it to make up for your absence :)

  9. I haven’t been following a lot of the new sites that started in the past few years. There’s so much to wade through lately. Thanks for the recommendations—it’s a starting point!

  10. Great list Matt. I’m following several of these and now I have a few more to check out. Thanks.

    If anyone is looking for an travel blog that gives you an escape to the Caribbean check us out. We post Caribbean webcams, Island cocktails, famous beach bars and anything else that has to do the sun and sand.


  11. Excellent. I’ve actually stumbled across a few of these recently while checking out other blogs for ideas on what to do with mine. Now I’ve got a handful more to snoop through!

  12. I may be a nut, but I love end of year lists / end of year review articles. They make it so easy to relive some of the great moments from the year and catch up on things that I might have missed. Your post has several of both for me. Thanks.

  13. Great list of travel blogs – I have a whole bunch of new blogs to follow now and a whole bunch of places to add to my travel wish list! Thanks!

  14. No offense to anyone here, but it would be useful to post links to blogs where people don’t always write about how much they party, how cool they are because they travel, or how many places they’ve been. Personally, one of my favorite blogs is

  15. Nice list Matt, always nice to have the RSS topped up with some new gems.

    Good to see the As We Travel guys on there, i’ve become a big fan of theirs this year.

  16. mm.. i hope you don’t mind, but actually i disagree with you. first of all, why is Adventurous Kate the top of the list? I mean her blog is ok, but I don’t think it’s the best travel blog of 2010. Eventually, I would have picked My Several Worlds, which is better, I guess

  17. I started my travel blog about a year ago to detail my travels old and new. I would greatly appreciate any of the many travel writing pros on this site to take a look and send me any comments/suggestions. Thank you!

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