My 14 Favorite Travel Blogs of 2013

By Nomadic Matt | Published December 13th, 2013

As I brought up a few weeks ago, I don’t read many travel blogs anymore, since there’s often too much sponsored content and I find them bland. A lot of people asked what blogs I do enjoy reading. There’s a bunch I read on a regular basis—sites that inspire me to travel better and satiate my wanderlust. The last time I pointed you in the direction of some good blogs was in 2012, so I’m long overdue for a suggested reading list.

What better time than now!

So cutting right to the chase, below are blogs that I’ve found to be funny, witty, deep, useful, and beautifully written:

Roads and Kingdoms
roads and kingdoms blog screenshot
Founded by two foreign correspondents from Time, this website is currently my favorite for narrative travel. It features in-depth articles from foreign correspondents about culture and life around the world and recently won a Society of American Travel Writers award for best travel journalism website. The writers here are smart, longtime journalists who tell beautiful stories. It helps that the website is very well designed too.

The Points Guy
the points guy blog screenshot
Brian Kelly is the whiz of all things travel hacking. I’m always blown away by his knowledge of arcane frequent flier rules. He manages an incredible website detailing any changes to frequent flier programs, credit card redemptions, deals, and more. It’s updated multiple times a day and is a great resource for keeping up-to-date on the latest information dealing with travel loyalty programs.

Legal Nomads
legal nomads blog screenshot
A perennial favorite of mine, Jodi writes some of the best stories around. Over the years, she’s shifted her focus from what she’s doing to talking about the importance food and culture—she even wrote a book about it. If you want to read stories about people, culture, and delicious local food, this is your website.

Uncornered Market
uncornered market blog screenshot
One of my must-reads for a long time running, this blog has great insights and long, deep stories about where they visit and who they meet. They give you a great sense of local culture. I always say that if there’s ever a contest for best blog, I would tell you to vote for me first, but then I would go vote for Dan and Audrey.

The Everywhereist
The Everywhereist blog screenshot
Witty, smart, and funny, Geraldine DeRuiter writes this wonderful blog about traveling the world. She blogs about everything (mostly her travels with her husband) with a smart, funny, and sometimes snarky twist. If you want to laugh and smile, read what Geraldine has to say. She was named one of Time’s Best Blogs in 2011. It was a well-deserved award.

The Great Affair
the great affair blog screenshot
Candace creates beautiful watercolor paintings during her travels and then shares the stories behind the pictures. I discovered her website this year and am happy I did. She’s already making waves in the travel-writing world. She also recently wrote an article about travel in India as a woman for this website.

Fearful Adventurer
fearful adventurer blog screenshot
Australia-based Torre DeRoche runs this blog, and her name may be familiar to many of you, since I interviewed her about her book earlier this year. I love her deep thoughts on travel and the personal nature of her blog. You really get a sense of the ups and downs of travel through her writing. It’s comforting to read about someone working through the same nervous fears you are.

Fluent in 3 Months
fluent in three months blog screenshot
Looking to learn a language? Benny’s your guy. He’s got the tricks and tips for learning a language quickly, which is very helpful when you travel. His website is hugely successful, and he runs an amusing language YouTube channel. He’s currently learning Japanese while living in Spain.

Nerd Fitness
nerd fitness blog screenshot
I’ll admit, this blog has nothing to do with travel, but if you’re looking to get in shape, this website will help you out. There’s a lot of advice here on healthy living, including how to stay in shape on the road. (And as someone who’s trying to get in shape right now, Steve’s advice has been incredibly helpful!)

The Cranky Flier
The cranky flier blog screenshot
As an airline geek, I follow this blog because Brett keeps up to date with the changes in the aviation industry. This blog doesn’t focus on points/miles but on changes in services, new planes, mergers, and all that other industry stuff we aviation geeks love. If you’re an airplane/airline geek too, read Brett’s blog—you won’t regret it.

Four other good blogs worth reading are: What’s Dave Doing?, Never Ending Footsteps, Wandering Earl, and Globetotter Girls.

So there you have it: a few more websites to fill your blog reader, learn from, get tips from, and inspire you to travel more.

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At least half are already favorites, but now I have a nice new crop to add to that. Clearly you have good taste. :-)


Great minds think alike!

I love 5 of them too specially Roads and Kingdoms. You should also check out Classe Touriste. Pretty amazing blog but they don’t update often. But when they do, it’s always great stuff.

Great list! I haven’t read many of these, so I definitely need to check them out! They all look like great reads.

Thanks for sharing your recommendations! I’ve been looking for some more travel blogs to add to my feed.

Great list, subscribed!

Great list, thanks Matt! Wait- I only see 10, and you said 14? Did I miss something? =)

oops, I see the last 4 at the bottom- sorry!

Those are extra 😉

Very interesting pick. Will go through them, see what they’re all about :)

Great list! Heard of a couple but now have a bunch new ones to read for the new year! Thanks !

There are some of my favorite too here, good choice Matt! :)

Brilliant, can’t wait to check some of these out! & some I’ve already been reading of course :) x

Cristi C.

Thanks for sharing this list. It’s a great inspiration.

Can’t believe my blog isn’t there! No, just messing!

Interesting to see what you are reading. I happen to follow 4 of those listed. Thanks for highlighted the others, I’ll check’em out.

Thanks Matt. The great Affair.. I found it very interesting

You pick well, sir (IMHO).

I was introduced to both Roads & Kindgoms and Nerd Fitness by Legal Nomads, so I’d recommend everyone follow her on the Twitter as well as on her blog – she’s good with the linkery.

Candace and Torre are absolutely fearless, no matter how they might protest (for example, in their blog name in the latter case). Love their sense of adventure and “their let’s just see what happens” approach to everything.

I’d also recommend the mighty Shannon: Who sounds like an Irish superhero when I put it like that. (She isn’t.)

Nice list, and a few I haven’t heart of, will have to check them out.

‘Fluent In 3 Months’ is definitely in on my favs list. Check out these delightfully unconventional favs of mine also:
Droll free-lance photographer doing the Euro trips
Rebel/bad-boy adventurer
Cute Canadian chick, some good food pics
Wild/hippy Slovakian chick, lots of good shots of her in bikinis

Thanks Marc! As for me, I really enjoy Fearful Adventurer. Her writing is so entertaining and her book has become one of my all time favorites.

Fluent in 3 months! Benny is my favourite :-) Such and inspiration, I’m finally picking up my French again because of him.


He’ll be happy to know that.

Definitely the sites that I am looking up to all the time, included yours, Matt. Love these sites!

What a great list – Legal Nomads, Fearful Traveler, Uncornered Market and the Everywhereist had all been on my radar but I was thrilled to learn about Roads and Kingdoms (and the idea of “narrative travel” in general.) So maybe travel blogging doesn’t just have to be about how to save money, and there is a way to blend storytelling with travel advice. How exciting!

Matt, seems like comments aren’t moderated and you don’t have a captcha or anything else to prevent spam – do you use a backend plug in or have some sort of anti-spam fairy?


I have a plug-in and when it misses stuff, I delete!

You have some of my favourite blogs up there as well. I don’t read as many travel bogs as I used to, partly because running my own blog takes up time, as well as traveling, socialising etc… not much time to read through everyones blogs anymore. Been reading nomadicmatt for a long time already, one of the first I read :)

Very interesting pick Indeed Matt. As an avid business traveler This list will certainly come handy. Happy to share with my lady who has her own travel ambitions..

i’d recommend liking The Points Guy FB page so you get fresh feeds of their updates. Facebook has lost a lot of it’s novelty but I think it’s still good for content curation. if only there could be more good content and less of the trash

Thanks for the recommendations. I discovered Benny a few days ago and totally glued. Now I’m picking up my Spanish and making plans to visit Valencia. Lots of blogs to check out, as well as rediscover The Everywhereist again. But I’m new to Nomadic Matt as well so I will have a lot of catching up to do here.

Looks like I’ve got a bunch of new sites to add to my daily visits. As someone just starting a lifestyle/travel blog, this list is quite helpful. Thanks for putting it together Matt.


You’re welcome!

This is awesome list man. I am looking for interesting and unique travel blogs :)

Some of these I follow already and some are new, and I can’t wait to start following! Thanks man, and safe travels!

Great list! I’m a newbie to travel blogging and so this list gives me some great inspiration to continue. I know I’ve got a very long way to go and it helps to read of other peoples journeys to keep me motivated.

Yes, many crappy bland blogs, including mine. Gotta improve it. These 14 are really inspiring. Thank you.

This is fantastic! Thanks Matt


Thanks for this. Some of these are new to me and all are inspirational for me as a writer.

Thanks for the recommendations Matt! The only one I knew was Benny’s Fluent in 3 months. He is such an inspiration – I’ve been trying to learn French for years, but the blog really pushes me to try harder.


Nice list, but talking about sponsored content, The Points Guy is a credit card churning machine. Referral link after referral link. If you can get past all that, his content is good. But honestly there are far better blogs without all the clutter his blog has.


I recently discovered Informative and funny travelogue about a British writer travelling the world with her son.


I like her a lot too!

Excellent favorites! Wish my blog would be like the selected ones!
My congratulations on your selections

Very inspiring. Thank you, Matt.


Very inspiring list, except for TPG. If there ever was a commercial feeling blog, this one is it. You can get the same info re points/miles through other blogs without having tons of cc links pushed down your throat.

Awesome list! I will have to check them out! I love finding new travel buddies to stalk! :)


Great list. The Everywhereist is one of my favorites.

Your site, Benny’s (of Fluent in 3 Months), & Steve’s (of NerdFitness) have long been some of my favorites for your different niches. I’ve always grouped them together in my head but I’m not sure the reason why – if it’s your writing styles, that you all three fall into a similar demographic, or some other factor. I’ve always wondered, are the three of you buddies in internet or real life?


All three of us very close friends in real life so maybe there’s a reason you grouped them all together!

This is a very interesting choice of travel blogs, especially because I haven’t even come across about half of them before. Makes one realize how many fellow travellers with good websites are actually out there these days. Anyway, thanks for putting this interesting list together and giving us new inspiration for good reads… : )

Great list! I’d never heard of some of these blogs, and I’m keen to start reading them. The Cranky Flier in particular sounds right up my street!

Nice list. I knew for and for Nerd Fitness site (from another story, not related to travel) but for other sites and blogs I’ve never heard, I guess that I need to visit this site more often for good travel tips and related blogs. I barely can keep with a time spent on Nomadic Samuels list, so much stuff to see :)


There are a lot of options for sure!

I completely agree with your picks. I’ve been doing research for a long time now, looking for blogs that aren’t all about selling tour companies with no story to tell — and most of the ones I love are on this list. Lately I’ve also been reading a lot of (she’s a great writer) and (he tells great stories about the quirky people he meets on his travels). Great job in putting this list together – there’s some here I’ve not heard of, so I’ll get busy reading!

Great selection of blogs. I never heard of the first blog (Roads and Kingdoms) but I love it. It’s a really nice discovery and I added it to my ‘read’ list.

Thanks for sharing this list. It’s always inspiring to read which blogs other travel blogger are following.




Fantastic tips Matt – thanks for giving us a few more great blogs to read through!

Thank you for posting a blog like “Roads and Kingdoms” truly a inspiration for myself and my blogging. R&K seems to fill that void between generic travel information and sensational news – giving a more up close personal connection to culture and life. As always you site is a great resource.

Great article, just wish I had the time to follow most of the good blogs out there :)

Great list here! Had a look at a view and will keep up to date with them!

It’s a little funny that we are all reading all your useful and helpful posts, yet you still have time to read up! 😀

I really enjoyed legal nomads and will look into trying fluent in three months.

I ever read Legal Nomads & Uncornered Market
Great list of favorite travel blogs Matt!

Fantastic record in this article! Received a glance at a check out and will maintain updated using them!

Great list Matt,it is really hard to get away from the sponsored ones which I don’t like.I always look for close-up and personal.I tend to get depressed for ones that are overly professional as it makes my crummy pix look so bad ha ha! Anyway I will definitely bookmark some of yours.Cheers mate

Good job you guys are doing.. Thanks for sharing valuable info.

Great list of the best travel blogs. I always like to visit many of them for knowing some interesting and new things about travel and travel places. Moztravel is one of the best travel blog which love to read.

Some fantastic blogs on the list, I would like to know how you manage time to read so many blogs.

I am from Belize and I always read your blogs for travel ideas and inspiration.

Thanks for compiling this list.

I definitely need to check them out! They all look like great reads.

Great tips :) will check them!


Here’s an addition to the blog lists everyone is sharing here. I hope this helps to specially those who love to travel

Good list, will definitely check them out!

Awesome post. It was not only an interesting article but it offered me great tips to use in my blog! Thanks a lot!

They are my favorites too now specially:… pretty interesting articles there.

I love this list. Already follow most of these ..

I love nature and our National Parks so I definitely find a good source for motivation !

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