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The Myth Travel Is Expensive: How 5 Days in Stockholm Cost Me $100 Dollars

When I came to Stockholm in July, I found myself spending around 100 dollars a day. That’s a lot of money, even for Stockholm. Eating out and going out frequently jacked up my living costs enormously. I was spending a lot more than I wanted. While I preach about budget travel, I am often not the best budget traveler. After all, this is my everyday life and when I want sushi, I want to eat sushi! So I tend to […]

Why Cynics Like Bob Will Always Be Haters and How You Can Prove Them Wrong

Remember last month when I wrote about Jessica and how she’ll never get to Ireland? No? Read about her here and then come back. I’ll wait. Ok, now that you’re back, I’d like you to meet someone similar to her – let’s call him “Bob.” They’re different people, but they’re two sides of the same coin. Whereas Jessica won’t travel because she is held back by the travel industry’s marketing, Bob is our resident travel naysayer and held back by […]

Why Jessica is Never Going to Ireland With Her Boyfriend But You Can Realize Your Dreams to Go Anywhere

“Your job sounds like the most exciting job in the world,” the cute blond girl — let’s call her Jessica — said to me. Jessica had just overheard a conversation with some friends I hadn’t seen in years and they were peppering me with questions about my job and lifestyle. People I meet usually do, and I’ve gotten used it. “He has the best job,” replied my friend. “So, can you get me to Ireland cheap? I really want to […]

Why It’s Never the Perfect Time to Travel

With 2012 just beginning, many will be thinking of vacations and trips around the world. They’ll be pondering exotic locations and amazing adventures. And then abandoning those dreams as rapidly as they were thought up. Something will come up and plans will be put off until tomorrow as you wait for “the right time.” But, here is a secret: it will never be the right time to travel. You will always have some reason to stay at home. You always […]

Learning to Speak a Language from Day One

This is a guest post from Benny Lewis of Fluent in 3 Months. This new year, many travelers may have made a resolution to learn a foreign language. However, experience has told me that if your New Year’s resolution is to “speak Spanish/French/Japanese,” you’re probably bound for failure. But fear not! After learning and becoming fluent in many languages, despite only speaking English until age 21, I’ve developed a few tips that will make it easier achieve your goals with […]

Do You Ever Lie When You Travel?

Walking into a new hostel, hotel, city, or getting on a tour without anyone knowing you, can be liberating. There’s no baggage or preconceived notions that follow you. There’s just you and who you are at the moment right now. Everyone there is a blank slate. In fact, you can fill in that slate with whatever story you want and be whoever you want. An astronaut, a pilot, a fireman, a princess. Most people just choose to be themselves though. […]

18 Lessons from 5 Years Around the World

Five years is a long time to be on the road. Five years spent living out of your backpack, with no permanent home or address. I never thought I was going to travel this long. It was only gong to be a year, maybe 18 months tops, and then I’d go back home, find a “real” job, settle into life, and by now, I’d be married, have a house, 2.5 children, and be complaining about my retirement fund to my […]

That Time I Lost My Passport

I’m a man of routine. Whenever I fly, I put my boarding pass in my passport, and then put both of those in the magazine pocket in front of my seat. I flip through the bad in-flight magazine. I put it back. I tune out to my music. Grab my passport and exit the plane. Except this time, I missed a step. Stepping out of the restricted area at the airport, I suddenly had an awful realization. “Oh shit!” I […]

How to Overcome Your Fears

Fear. It’s what keeps us from living our lives and achieving our dreams. And it is the most common reason why people don’t travel. Whenever I talk to people about long-term travel, they tell me they wish they could do what I do. They tell me all their travel dreams then they come up with common excuses as to why they can’t realize them: They fear not being able to afford the trip. They fear they have too many responsibilities […]