Unusual Place of the Month: Roswell UFO Museum

Roswell Aliens and UFO museumThe truth is out there, and little gray aliens have visited the planet. Well, at least according to those at the Roswell UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico.

Supposedly, on July 3, 1947, ranch owner Mac Brazel discovered a crashed flying saucer, along with several alien bodies. The military, at first, said it was a flying saucer, then later called it a weather balloon and swore everyone to secrecy. Many books have been written and TV documentaries have been filmed about it. Any potential evidence was removed and put in Area 51, the CIA basement, or some other super-secret place where they also keep Indiana Jones’ Ark of the Covenant.

Roswell AliensOpen to visitors in 1992, the museum’s mission is to educate the general public about all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Its exhibits include information on Roswell, crop circles, sightings, Area 51, government cover-ups, and alien abductions. Visitors are simply encouraged to ask questions.

The highlight of the museum is a fake alien corpse from the 1994 Showtime movie “Roswell: The UFO Coverup.” The museum also has a new exhibit – a replica of the Mayan sarcophagus lid found in Palenque, Mexico, that supposedly shows a man blasting off in a spaceship.

Clearly, there is a lot of this weird stuff here, and if you are a sci-fi or alien enthusiast, this place is for you. Even if you are a skeptic, you should check it out anyways. It’s always good to know what the other side thinks.

Roswell Aliens in the museumAs visitors began going to Roswell en mass, the town decided to come up with an annual anniversary to celebrate the crash. Since 1996, the annual Roswell UFO Festival draws people from all walks of life to the town. Here, activities range from carnivals to trade shows, from alien costume contests to UFO lectures, and everything in between. Famous UFO researchers attend to present up-to-date information on aliens and UFOs.

There’s something for every interested person here – skeptic, curious, or true believer. At the very least, it gives you a chance to break up that long road trip through the desert and see a bit of quirky America. The entrance fee is only$2.

    • Travis

      Roswell is fairly close to Ruidoso, New Mexico. This is an extremely pretty mountain town with a great main street lined with quaint “mom and pop” stores, such as antiques, local art (including the iconic Kokopelli), and coffee shops. The Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort/Casino is also in Ruidoso, which would be on my short list of places to stay in the Summer. It’s situated on a very calm lake (man made or natural, don’t know, but it’s beautiful). There’s also quite a few cabins as you head up the mountain towards Ski Apache. While it’s certainly out of ski season, you may be able to find horseback tours if its not too hot.

      The UFO museum closes fairly early, so if you’re thinking to make a New Mexico trip out of it, I’d hit the museum early in the day, and then make the trip West to Ruidoso.

  1. How did I manage to miss the previous unusual places of the month? Great feature!…I’ve always wanted to go to Roswell but it’s never made sense to me to go there as a destination and I’ve never been “just passing through”

  2. NomadicMatt

    Sadly, folks, this place is not near anything. No real reason to go unless you are a devote believer and want to spend a week there. If you are, this place is perfect for you!

  3. This is indeed unusual..I have a cousin who is a staunch believer of all things alien..must pass on this link to her..she is getting married and may want to visit here for a honeymoon :)

  4. Brie

    Roswell is amazing and the museum is pretty cool, even if you don’t believe in extraterrestrials..totally cool place with really nice people!

  5. david

    well i dont relly now wa to say but i think that if u go there from were i live in wales in the uk that person must relly believe and my advise is dont waist ur time cose i think that if there are aliens out there there most probiley nothing at all like us look like us or even have hand or feet they could be anything but i beleve that there is something out there very interresting to find .

  6. Jason

    I am not impressed by the ufo museum in Roswell. It looks like a poor high school project.The great majority of the display is old newspaper articles. It is also run by a woman who inherited the museum from her daddy.I do not think she gives a wit about ufos per se. She is also a control freak and a poor manager. On numerous occasions I tried to hear a decent speaker at HER museum. Too many famous speakers were given too small rooms and ticket holders were asked to leave and/or the sound system was not operative so one could not understand a word of the lecture.When I challenged the owner of the museum about her disorganized speaker engagements at HER ufo festival she had her private police buddy escort me out of HER museum. She has caused much controversy in Roswell–to the point where many locals have circumvented her craziness by holding separate ufo conference places. In her typical fashion she has told speakers she will not hire them again if they speak at the alternative conference. Does the world need an anti-democratic despot in the ufo community?

  7. this has to be one of the freakiest events in US history.. everyone always wonders whether it was really true and there were so many rumors. i wonder if the U.S govt will ever come out with the truth… if they haven’t already told it… (insert evil laugh). You know its funny most people dont even consider all the little things to do in America.. everyone looks out to other culture. there really is an abundance of things to do in United States, its the 2nd most visited country in the world.

  8. I believe there is a reason there is such an inflow of ufo sightings around the globe. especially of the ufo light orb type. What exactly is going on? Is it some thing religious? something dark?

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