My First Trip Series: On The Road

Editor’s Note: People always wonder about my first trip around the world. They look in the archives and can never find it. It’s because I hid it. All the posts from my first trip are locked away for numerous reasons. However, I am going to be periodically highlighting posts from that first trip around the world. And with me about to head home for a few months, there’s no better way to talk about the end of one leg than by talking about the first entry from the first leg!

July 24th, 2006

The time has finally come for me to leave Boston. After a year and a half of waiting, planning, waiting, it is finally time to go. It hasn’t really hit me yet that I really am doing this. Right now, I’m just anxious to get on the road and begin. I’m sure somewhere crossing the US in my car and overlooking some vista, I’ll realize that I am actually doing this and just grin ear to ear. I am very excited to see the world. I’ve never really traveled much and I am really looking forward to breaking free from life and exploring the world. I’m nervous but it’s overshadowed by excitement. As it stands now, I won’t be coming back until October 2007. It will be over a year that I am away- a thought that excites me and saddens my parents. That’s a long time to be away but I look forward to really being out there and seeing so many new and different things. For the first time, I feel totally free. I have nothing to hold me back from doing anything now. No degrees to finish, no bills to pay, no leases to stay to, no job to hold me down. I always liked things planned out, always like knowing what’s the next step but for once, there is no next step…and I love it! The future is a mystery. Now, I’ll never really know where the day may take me. I’ve set many goals for myself on this trip…Start doing yoga again, give up gambling (evil), do push ups daily, meditate, and take more photos. I hope I achieve them. American life is so structured that it feels strange to not know what I am doing. I think though I will get used to it. I wonder what adjusting back will be like but, for now, today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I’m gonna finally try to live those dreams in my head.

I’m going to miss you all while I’m away but if you’re ever planning a vacation, look me up! Maybe we will be able to meet somewhere. I’m excited to see so many of those long lost friends when I drive cross country and to already have a few visitors while I’m overseas. I’m going to update this blog the best I can while I travel and try to stay on top of my e-mails. The internet makes it easy to stay in touch and I hope many of you read this, comment, and stay in touch! Don’t be strangers.

…because come tomorrow….

Tomorrow I’ll be gone.

  1. Ah, great idea! I was a bit curious what you were thinking when you first started out several years ago (especially helpful for someone like me who is just about to start out). I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  2. Good idea to highlight updates from your first trip! I’m sure this will be helpful for other people who’s planning similar trips. Will be fun to read the rest of the posts.

  3. This will be a good series to follow. I love to hear about the beginning. That what I normally do whenever I visit someone’s blog. I go to their archives and check out how it’s all started. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Its awesome to see how far you have come since that initial post. It gives hope to the rest of us who are just starting out!

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