Hiking the Tongariro Crossing

The Tongariro Crossing is considered the best one day hike in New Zealand. It is a 19.4km hike that takes you through the area where they filmed Mordor in Lord of the Rings. It’s a mostly easy walk, though there are a few places where the ascent and descent is pretty steep. Moreover, if you have the time to fit them in, you can hike Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom) or Mount Tongariro. I had a beautiful day when I went. Take a look:

Tips for Hiking the Tongariro Crossing

  • Buses take you from town around 6:30am and begin to come back from Tongariro at 3 p.m. and cost $50 NZD.
  • Take lots of water. There aren’t places to get water until nearer the end and there’s no shade from the sun. You’ll use a lot of water on the trek.
  • Take an umbrella. There’s no cover until the end of the trail and the weather changes frequently.
  • Plan your time accordingly. Buses stop running at 4:30pm and if you plan to hike up to Mount Ngauruhoe or Mount Tongariro, you’ll need to quicken your pace.
  • Walk quickly to Mount Ngauruhoe. This is the first third of the trek with nothing really to see. Getting there quickly gives you more time to see the craters and take the side trails.
  • You don’t need hiking shoes to do this walk. I did it in sneakers (running shoes) and was fine. However, flips flops are probably a bad idea given the steep climbs and loose rocks.
  1. Great video Matt! Reminds me of my hike up Mt. Teide – looks like quite the experience!
    Maybe add some Google Earth animations in another similar video? It works out really cool when you show your progress up a hike, and is nice to blend scenes together – see what I mean here.
    Anyway your video editing skills are improving each time! Kudos!

  2. Hey Matt, I really like the videos you’ve been adding. Really interesting stuff and a new unique approach – video travel guides. Great idea!

  3. Nice video Matt. I’m heading back to the North Island again next month. Hopefully the weather cooperates this time so I can give the crossing a go!

  4. Lovely video, Matt. I love nature, wilderness and hiking thus NZ is on the top of my wish list! The real issue is how far it is from Europe… :-(

  5. Wow – amazing weather when you did the trek! When I did it many years ago the winds were so incredibly strong at the top some of the girls crawled along a portion for fear of being blown over the edge and it was freezing compared to the temperatures at the base – definitely need to pack in layers!! Love the vids.

  6. Awesome! I loved the emerald lakes! What temperature do you think it was up there? I remember that it was quite cold when we were up at Teide, but of course that was in January, so it was winter.

    The best thing with videos is that it feels like we’re with you :-)

  7. Kieran

    I would highly reccommend the crossing. Done it twice now, once in summer and another time in winter with the snow on top.

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