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See Something Different and Visit the Stone Carving Hermit of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a place that attracts visitors with its surf, beaches, hiking, volcanos, and delicious food. You’ll never be short of something to do. But if you’re looking for something different and personable, travel north to Esteli and search out Alberto Guiterrez, the town’s stone-carving hermit. He’s not easy to get to but he’s worth the trek. I got lucky. A friend of mine connected me with a local named Rodney McDonald, who runs a great program teaching communities about […]

Why Pretentious Travelers Fill Me With Hate (And What I Do About Them)

Nothing irks me more than people disparaging people’s travel choices. I don’t get why people do it. The whole “traveler vs. tourist” argument, talking about what makes someone a “real traveler”, and making fun of people’s routes. People waste so much energy trying to lift themselves up above others. Isn’t travel supposed to make you open-minded? I do this for me. This is all my journey. I’m not in a race for the most countries visited, street stalls eaten at, […]

How to Pick (and Pack) a Great Backpack

Picking the right backpack is an important part of planning your trip. Too big, and you’ll have too much extra weight. Too small, and you’ll never fit anything in. Pick the wrong material, and when it rains, your stuff will be soaked. Plus, there are so many options and brands out there – it can all be very confusing. We all need to find our Goldilocks backpack. I spent well over an hour picking out my first pack – and […]

Five Ways to Find a Cheap Flight

The cost of airfare is rising. It has been for a number of years. As planes fly fuller and airlines cut routes, they have less incentive to offer cheap fares. I remember when it used to be about $500-600 for a roundtrip ticket to Europe. Now, a fare that low is considered a deal with the norm around $900 (especially if you’re going to a major city)! This week’s video features five tips on how to find a cheap flight: […]

6 Ways to Avoid Staying in a Bad Hostel

What makes a good hostel? How do you avoid the bad ones? After staying in hundreds of hostels since I first started traveling the world, I’ve become quite adept at figuring out very quickly if the hostel owners know what they are doing or just randomly woke up one day and said “Let’s open a hostel. It sounds like fun.” While hostels are all about the people, management can do a few things to make their hostel a lot less […]

Over a Dozen Facts That Will Make You Want to Travel More

Earlier today, a community member sent me a link to this video. It’s put together by Buzzfeed, and while I wouldn’t normal link to them, I thought this travel video was filled with good information that only reinforces the fact that travel makes you awesome. Between the facts and images, I was hooked and wanted to re-share this video with you here. There’s not much more to say so here it is. Enjoy! My own experience has shown me that […]

How to Stay Fit and Healthy on the Road

I’m not a healthy guy. Ok, I am a very healthy guy when I am home in my apartment with my juicer, kitchen, and nearby Whole Foods. On the road, it’s another story. Even with the high expectations and goals I set for myself a few years ago, I’ve failed at maintaining a healthier lifestyle on the road. While I make more health conscious decisions, I still go out too much, never sleep, and stuff my face with pizza because […]

How to Get the Perfect Travel Credit Card

This week’s travel video is on travel related credit cards. It’s a subject I’ve brought up a lot on this blog but since I haven’t in awhile, I thought reposting this video from Youtube would be helpful for many of you. Here is a basic primer on the subject: (Want more travel videos? I now update my YouTube channel each week with a new video. Subscribe here and get free videos!) I’ve also written in depth about the subject here […]

What’s It Like Taking a Night Train in Europe?

Earlier this week, I talked about European train passes and whether or not they were worth the money. As part of the continuing train series, in this week’s video, I highlight my night train from Madrid to Paris, a long twelve hour ride on an old Renfe (Spanish) train. (Quick note to Renfe: upgrade your trains!) Here’s the journey: (Want more travel videos? I now update my YouTube channel each week with a new video. Subscribe here and get free […]

The Top Things to See and Do in Madrid

My first time in Madrid was a failure. I got sick and only ended up making it out for half a day before retreating back into bed, cursing a cold that kept me from experiencing one of Europe’s great cities. On my train trip through Europe last month, I entered Madrid tired from an overnight train but in wonderful health, and I set out to right a wrong. Madrid would be explored, dissected, drank, and eaten through. A couple of […]