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Now Available in a Bookstore (or Kindle) Near You: My Guide to Budget Travel

Today is the day. Available at a bookstore (or online retailer) near you is my new book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day ($10-15 USD depending on the retailer). After over a year in the making, it’s finally here — and I’m emotional about it. But it’s a good kind of emotional. I’m very excited to finally introduce this book to the world: this 272 page, 60,000+ word treatise is the culmination of all my years of […]

My Upcoming Book Tour: Coming to a City Near You

Two weeks from now, my book on traveling the world finally hits book stores. How crazy is that! I still can’t believe it sometimes. Today, I’m announcing a nationwide book tour starting next month! I’ve never done a book tour and I’m sure this will be a crazy good learning experience (plus it gives me an excuse to take a road trip across the country again). But most importantly, it gives me a chance to meet you. After all, this […]

Book Updates and My Annual Christmas Sale

The year is almost over, which means it’s time for my annual ebook updates and holiday sale. Every year I update and expand my books in order ensure the content stays fresh, relevant, and awesome. Since many of these books were published years ago, I went big this year and made some massive changes to all my ebooks. I added a lot of content to them, features, and additional bonuses. If you’ve been on the fence for awhile, now would […]

Now Available for iPad or Your Kindle!

As you all know, I have written a few books to help you in your travels. They range from blogging to teaching to saving your money on travels. Today, I’m making a big announcement regarding my books: Not only did I go through and update all of them but they are now available for your Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone or iPad, or any other e-reader you bought. So now you can read them off your computer and take them with […]

Travel the World on $50! (Save Over $700!)

How much does it take to travel the world? How much do you need for Australia? What’s the price of a hostel in Prague? Is a tour worth the money? How much is an overnight bus? The most common questions I get relate to money. People want to know the nuts and bolts of travel. Traveling the world isn’t as expensive as you would believe. It can be done cheaply. I believe you can travel the world on $50 USD […]

Living off Your Website Reboot

Last year, I released my book on how to successfully make money from your website so you can break out of the cubicle and fund your travels or just have more time to do what it is you like. Since then, I’ve experimented with a lot of different methods and techniques, learned new things, plus the nature of the internet has changed. I decided it was time to update and greatly expand the book to be more current, more in […]