The Business of Travel Blogging

Notice: This is a bit of inside baseball about travel blogging, so if you aren’t interested in that sort of thing, head over here and read something travel related! Okay, if you’re still here, you’re probably interested in blogging. It’s not a subject I broach often, as this is not a blog about blogging, but […]

9 Summer Reads to Satiate Your Wanderlust

At the start of the New Year, I vowed to read one book a week, and I’m proud to say I’m accomplishing that goal. I even started a book club to keep me focused (I mean, you can’t recommend books if you don’t read them, right?). Thanks to my grandmother, I’ve always been addicted to […]

BIG NEWS: New Budget Travel Guides and Book Updates!

Back in September, I announced the release of a series of travel guides, beginning with five cities around the world. They were handy resources for travelers that got to the point, included off the beaten path destinations, and directed people to more local restaurants and bars. But like all first editions, there was room for […]

Updates From the Book Tour!

As the sun rises in Asheville, North Carolina, it is day 12 of my cross-country tour to promote my new book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. This is my seventh stop and I’m having an amazing time driving around the U.S., meeting other travelers, spreading the gospel of budget travel, and […]

How to Travel on $50 A Day: The Book Tour

Most people think it seems too good to be true that you can travel across the world on less than it costs to live at home. They believe that cheap travel is a pipe dream. But, as readers of the blog, you know that not to be true, and, in the coming months, I’m going […]