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How to Visit Malta on a Budget

Many people don’t realize it, but Malta is one of the best budget destinations in Europe. Your money can go further here than in a lot of Europe. In this post, I give you the breakdown of what it costs to travel Malta, give you tips on how to save even more money during your visit, and list my favorite restaurants and bars too!

23 Reader Questions. 23 Attempted Answers.

You asked so I answered! In this big Q&A post, I answer your questions about finding your passion, how to travel without a lot of money, the best credit cards, my upcoming tour, homesickness, if it’s safe to travel to the United States, and much more!

Announcing My 2017 Group Tours!

The Nomadic Matt tours are back with tours to Amsterdam/Paris, Vienna/Prague, NYC, and Austin! On my tours, I take you to all my favorite sights, restaurants, bars, and off-the-beaten-track attractions. Here’s everything you need to know about what my tours offer – including how to book one!