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How Am I Doing? Help Me Make This Place Better!

Hi all, Just a short post today. Every six months I like to survey the community to get a sense of what’s working and what’s not. After all, I work for you and, as the site has grown from being just a personal blog, checking in lets me prioritize improvements and understand what you like […]

13 Amazing Things to Do in India

India is a vibrant country where you can have unique experiences. After almost 20 trips to India, Wandering Earl can’t get enough and returns over and over again for more. In this post, he shares 13 of my favorite things to do in India after 18 visits there, both as a traveler and a tour guide.

How These 5 People Found the Path to Their Dream Trip

Last year, I announced a case study program, in which I would work with a cross-section of readers and help them plan and execute their trips. Step-by-step, I walked them through all the stages of travel planning and helped them to create a roadmap toward their dream. Nearly a year later, here are their results.