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How You Can Experience 1920s Paris Today

If there is one era I’d want to visit more than any other, it’s Paris in the 1920s. I’m in love with that decade. The literature, jazz, optimism, style, and atmosphere — I love it all. Midnight in Paris is my favorite Paris movie, and I often wish I could make that real life. However, […]

The Best Way to Travel Around Southern Africa

Planning a trip to southern Africa? Wondering how to make it happen? Find out the best (and cheapest!) way to explore the continent on a budget! The writers from The World Pursuit are here to share budget tips for how to get around Southern Africa with a few different transportation options.

What Lies Ahead: Upcoming Blogs, Projects, and More!

Hey travel lover! I know it’s been super quiet on the blog and social media over the past month and there’s good reason for that! Today, I wanted to give a little update on the going on behind the scenes and what to expect in the coming months! First, fret not, there are a ton […]