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Why Travel Boycotts are a Bad Idea

Recently, Mississippi and North Carolina both passed anti-LGBT laws, and many tourists, bloggers, and celebrities promptly said, “Well, as a sign of protest, I won’t go there because I don’t want to support a state whose laws I disagree with!” This reminded me of when people refused to go to Burma because of the junta, […]

How Jim Didn’t Let a New Disability Change His Travels

In this post, Jim Kirkland, a 64-year-old US Army veteran, explains how he travels with mobility issues due to an unusual autoimmune disease called Inclusion Body Myositis. Here are his tips and advice for how he travels and resources you can use if traveling as a veteran and/or in a wheelchair.

How to Become a Master Writer (and Photographer)

In this post, I announce the release of my new course: How to Be a Travel Writer. For it, I’ve partnered with David Farley, author of An Irreverent Curiosity and a professor of travel writing at Columbia and New York University. I’ve also opened up enrollment to my other course: How to Master Travel Photography.

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