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Why Being Broke is the Best Time to Travel

There might be a lot of things holding you back from traveling: you’re don’t have a lot of money, are working a job you hate, or have tons of loans. Yet that is the perfect circumstance to start looking beyond your immediate area and start figuring out how to travel the world!

Searching for the Perfect Dram on Islay

Islay, Scotland is known for having world-class whiskeys. I recently went there with my good friend Sean and we did tastings at seven of the eight distilleries on the Scottish island. I was captivated by Islay’s beauty and their delicious and peaty whiskeys (I even made my own!).

Cyber Monday Sale: Save Money on Everything!

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! All of my books and guides on sale! There are books about how to work and travel abroad, a blogging course, and digital guidebooks. The products offered here are up to 50% off!