The Perhentian Islands Travel Guide

Visiting the beaches of the perhentian islands, Malaysia
The Malay word, Perhentian, is roughly translated as “stopping point”, which is an appropriate meaning considering that most travelers come here and end up staying awhile. The Perhentians Islands in Malaysia are composed of two islands, Perhentian Kecil (small) and Perhentian Besar (big). Both are hugely popular with snorkelers and divers, as the reefs and crystalline waters surrounding them are host to a wide variety of coral, sea-turtles, small sharks, and reef-fish. But mostly, people come to these beautiful and rustic islands to relax, enjoy the beach, and slow down.

Typical Costs

Hostel prices – There aren’t any hostels on the islands, just upscale beach houses. Rooms start around 30 MYR, but 75 MYR is more average. Check out renting from a local as well for a good budget option.

Budget hotel prices – There are a few hotels on the islands with prices between 100-285 MYR per night for a double room.

Average cost of food – Eating is extremely affordable – meals are typically around 8 MYR, but can go up to 27 MYR in the more expensive tourist restaurants.

Transportation costs – There are no roads on the islands, but there are many walking routes. For slightly longer distances, water taxis are the main form of transport, costing around 15 MYR for most journeys.

Money Saving Tips

Shop around – Diving is hugely popular here, so shop around for a dive center that is inexpensive, safety conscious, and takes in the dive sites that you want to see.

Bring your own alcohol – There is very little alcohol on the islands, and what there is is expensive.

Top Things to See and Do in the Perhentian Islands

Go scuba diving – The Perhentian islands offer excellent diving, and draw divers from far and wide. In addition to coral and fish, the Perhentians are home to sea turtles and many species of shark. Visibility is often in the 65 foot range, and no wet suit is required.

Go snorkeling – All resorts rent out snorkeling gear and arrange snorkeling tours around the islands. You can get some cheaper equipment from some local restaurants. Popular snorkeling spots on Besar include Teluk Pauh (to the left of the beach in front of the PI Resort), Shark Point, and Tanjung Basi. For turtles, best place is the middle of the beach in front of Perhentian Island Resort, where the sandy bottom is covered with algae.

Go jungle trekking – These tropical islands are crisscrossed by small paths that connect one beach to another, but be prepared to sweat and swat off bugs. There is a good chance to see big monitor lizards and large spiders between Long Beach and Coral Bay. If you are lucky, you might also spot a monkey or two.

Lounge on the beach – The most popular beach on the islands is Long Beach, which is highly regarded as the center of activities during the day and is dotted with hammocks and umbrellas.

Catch a sunset – Coral Bay is a great spot to catch the sun setting. There are also a couple of small and private beaches next to D’Lagoon that you can go to if you’d prefer to take in the sight away from the (relatively small) crowds.

Watch turtles – The islands are home to a significant turtle nesting population. Head to Turtle Beach at night to catch a glimpse of them laying their eggs and of the baby turtles making their way to the sea.

Join a fire party – Head to Bubu Long Beach resort at night for an evening of hula and fire dancing on the beach. There are no clubs in the Perhentians; everyone just sits on the beach, drinking, hanging out, and watching the locals perform.

Volunteer – Why watch the turtles all week when you can help conserve their home for years to come? The nesting areas are frequently in danger due to oil spills and unfavorable conditions. There are a few sites and organizations that will help you get involved

Go sea-kayaking – The waters around the islands provide some excellent opportunities for sea kayaking. Many of the resorts rent out equipment or you can sign up for a tour. It gives you a good chance to get to some of the places on the island where you can’t easily walk to.

Eat out in Kecil – It can be a little crowded in Kecil than Besar, but prices are cheaper. Senja is a great seaside restaurant over Coral Bay, which offers dishes of local flavor at around 11 MYR. Maya, Mama’s Café, and Amelia Café are three other great spots to check out.

Get in Your beach time – While it may be tempting to fill every hour with a great dive or snorkeling session, don’t forget to take some time to just lay in the sun with a good book and relax. On Perhentian Kecil, Long Beach is the more popular and vibrant beach, while Coral Beach has a more laid-back atmosphere. On Besar, Teluk Dalam is quieter, and Love Beach has more social activity.