Solo vs Group Travel

By Nomadic Matt | Published May 27th, 2008

Group Travel with your friendsBoth solo travel and group travel have advantages and disadvantages. In considering both, you need to decide what choice best fits your preferences and style of travel.
For example, would you prefer the freedom of making all decisions yourself and going where your whim takes you? Or would you rather let others decide once in a while?

Independent travel brings a lot of flexibility – you can do what you want, when you want. However, in group travel, you need to be aware of the needs of others, too. You might all have different interests, travel budgets and expectations. Traveling with people who feel like partying all night and sleeping until noon while you prefer to rise early and explore the city obviously won’t work.
To avoid disappointments and make sure you are all on the same page, discuss with everyone before leaving what you want out of the trip.

In a group, conflicts and arguments over what to see and do, when to move on, and where to go might occur. However, at the same time, you always have company and won’t feel lonely. You get to share great experiences and moments of awe with people you love, not with a brief acquaintance who will head off somewhere else the next day. (Although don’t forget, people you meet on the road can also turn into excellent travel companions – even friends for life.)

How your trip ends up depends a lot on your mind-set. With a positive and outgoing attitude when traveling solo, you will easily make new friends and improve your foreign language skills through talking with locals. People also tend to approach single travelers more often. When you travel solo, locals might even invite you to stay in their homes – especially in regions where there are fewer tourists. This probably won’t happen if you go with a group.

When you travel with friends, there’s a risk that you won’t break out of your group and make a real effort to get to know your surroundings. As a single traveler, you will experience things differently and learn a great deal about yourself along the way.

Group Travel with your friends

For some, solo travel means boredom. But traveling alone doesn’t necessarily mean you will feel lonely. You can stay at hostels to meet other travelers, or join a homestay program to meet locals and learn about their culture. On the road, you will encounter so many new people and places, boredom will be the least of your worries.

Apart from the fun aspect of traveling with friends, many people choose group travel because it gives them a greater sense of security. You know you have trustworthy people around you in case you need help with something or want to share ideas. Before booking your trip, ask yourself, “Would I feel comfortable making all decisions by myself?”, “Can I strike up conversations with strangers?”, “Enjoy my own company for hours, days, weeks in row?”, “Move from one point to another by reading maps and asking for directions?”, “Trust my gut feeling if a situation doesn’t seem right?”

If you feel comfortable traveling on your own, I would say go for it. Otherwise, travel with friends the first time before taking that four-month solo trip overseas.

Travel is an individual thing, but, whatever route you choose, the most important thing is that you get out there and travel!

Erica Johansson is a freelance writer and photographer from Sweden. For up-to-date travel news, tips and information, visit her travel blog at Travel Blissful.

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I used to prefer to travel alone as it opens up new opportunities to meet people as you push yourself more. Now that I`m married I do most travel with my wife which is also fun as if you can still talk to each other after a month of backpacking then you`re meant to be together!

Erica Johansson

So far I’ve travelled in large groups, small groups, with only one friend and also solo. Even though it can be really fun to travel with a group of friends, I have to admit I prefer solo travel or taking a trip with just a good friend – especially if it’s for a longer time period. It’s simply easier and it definitely won’t get boring ’cause you’ll meet so many new people along the way.


Very informative post. And I agree with you on solo vs group traveling… have done both kinds.

Looking forward to more.


Good post! I think I have done every scenario of travel from solo to a group of 100 peace proponents from around the world who traveled all over USSR in 1988.

I found it all good and all different , from solo to group, to couple travel to family travel. One can not really go wrong, huh? You are right though, it is good to get some experience before going solo, especially if you are a woman.

I have to admit my favorite is very slow travel as a family! ;) We are doing that now on our open ended trip around the world. It has been bliss and now I wonder if we will add one more style….permanent travelers. ;)

Thanks Nomadic Matt for a great site and Erica for a great post!!

Debo Hobo

I think if I were travel international I would travel with a group, but when within the states I prefer solo.

Great post:)

Nomadic Matt

Wow! looks like the consensus is towards generally traveling solo…at least most of the time.

Many see the word “solo” and conjure the scene of traveling the duration of the trip alone. So untrue! The beauty of traveling solo however is that if you want to be alone, you can! If for once in your life you long for the liberating freedom to do as you please, when you please, you can! If you need some interaction at any point, there’s plenty of friendly locals or fellow travelers to strike up conversations, share meals, an end of day drink, discuss tips for things to see, etc., you can! It’s all about flexibility really and it’s all about YOU. Which makes for a nice change, doesn’t it?

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