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Outstanding Ottawa

I never thought much about Ottawa. I knew it was the capital of Canada and that they had some sports teams, but other than that it wasn’t ever on my radar. When I thought of places I wanted to visit in Canada, destinations like Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Montreal, Quebec City, and the Maritime Provinces all came to mind, but Ottawa was always at the end of my list, if it even made the list. When I had a chance to […]

Interesting Facts About Canada

Since I’m in Canada this week, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at America’s northern neighbor. There’s a bit of sibling rivalry between these two countries. Canadians love to talk about how unlike America they are, and Americans love to point out how much Canada is like us and tease how it’s really our 51st state. But, really, we love each other. The countries share a huge border, do a lot of economic trade, and share […]