Seychelles Travel Guide

When I think of what heaven would look like, I think of the Seychelles. I mean, look at that picture above! It just doesn’t look real. But it is and that’s what makes me salivate every time I think of these beautiful islands located off the east coast of Africa. Unfortunately, isolation and a pristine environment come with a price, and a trip to the Seychelles will cost you mega amounts of money. This is not a budget destination whatsoever. Seychelles is a country that caters to honeymooners, celebrities, and high-end tourists. There are few ways to save money on the island (thank you Airbnb!) but, for the most part, you’re going to find this a place hard on your wallet. That being said, paradise is worth the price!

Typical Costs

Accommodation – On the main islands, you can find hotels for around 1,300 SCR but most hotels start at 2,500 SCR a night for a double. Most people come here as part of a package so accommodation tends to be included in your package. Both WiFi and free breakfast are common at most hotels. Airbnb is available on the island. For a private room, expect to pay at least 600 SCR per night. For an entire home or apartment, prices begin around 900 SCR but average 2,200 SCR per night. As this is an expensive tourist getaway and camping and Couchsurfing are not viable options.

Food – You can eat relatively cheaply here if you steer away from hotel restaurants. For a basic meal, expect to pay around 175 SCR. A nicer meal with table service will cost around 400 SCR. Fast food will cost around 120 SCR while a beer is usually around 45 SCR. If you are planning to cook your own meals, expect to spend at least 1,000 SCR per week on groceries. Most food has to be imported but you can find basic food stuffs like chicken, vegetables, fruits, and rice pretty cheaply.

Transportation – Bikes, the best way to get around the islands, cost between 140-420 SCR for a day rental. Car rentals are available for around 1,000 SCR per day but they are only available on the main islands of Mahé and Praslin. High-speed catamaran rides between Mahé and Praslin run around 900 SCR per person. A ferry schooner between Mahé and Praslin or La Digue will be about 265 SCR (but it takes 3x as long). Between Praslin and La Digue, a ferry schooner runs around 370 SCR. There are also small boat rides from Mahé to La Digue available.

Activities – Activities tend to cost 700 SCR or more depending on what you want to do. Diving, for example, will be around 800 SCR for a single-tank dive. Expect to pay top dollar for most activities here!

Suggested daily budget – 2000-400 SCR / $150-300 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in an Airbnb, eating out at the cheaper restaurants, limiting your drinking, dive activities,, cooking most of your meals, and using local transportation.)


Money Saving Tips

There isn’t really any great way to save money here. If you have come here as a package, everything will be included and that will be the best way to reduce costs.  Sadly, while Airbnb does help, destinations like this aren’t really meant for budget travelers.

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