Unusual Place of the Month: The Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant in TaipeiLocated in Taipei, Taiwan, this restaurant’s theme is, well, the toilet.

This toilet restaurant, properly called ‘Modern Toilet,’ was opened by a former ice cream vendor who used to serve ice cream from a toilet bowl-shaped scooper. He got the idea for Modern Toilet after watching a Japanese cartoon that had a similar theme. Customers sit on toilet bowl-shaped stools, and eat their food out of dishes resembling male urinals, toilet bowls or bathtubs. They drink out of mini toilet bowls, and toilet paper is used in place of napkins. Even the food itself is designed to look like what comes out after you eat a meal. Some of the most popular meals are the curry dishes. The chocolate ice cream is another popular dish.

The toilet restaurant is very popular for its novelty, especially among young people. It is also a popular family destination. Moreover, many of the expats and foreigners come here to see this interesting place and have a laugh. The food is actually very good. The place has even expanded to a few other locations around Taiwan.

There are now twelve toilet restaurants in Taiwan with the “flag toilet” being in Taipei. I can only imagine some of the jokes that get told here. Word is these will be popping up in other parts of Asia soon.

  1. Theresa

    I’m just not sure I could do it. Just thinking about it makes me loose my appetite, especially the part about the food designed to look like like post-digestion food. Ewww.

  2. Erica Johansson

    Surely interesting (have never heard of anything likely before), but I would not want to eat there!

  3. Um, not sure if I want to be reminded while I eat of what will become of my food.

    Although, it might be a great diet plan… quick someone call Jenny Craig! They can start shaping all their food like poo… imagine the success rate!

  4. NomadicMatt

    @quickroute: ha! excellent!

    @christine: are you saying that chocolate swirl doesn’t look appetizing? :)

    @chirs: the real toilet is the one you are sitting on lol!

  5. Karie

    Wow, just when you think you’ve seen it all!!!

    …and we thought that places like Ed Debevic’s (where they are purposely rude to you) were novel ideas.

  6. bill clewell

    where can i purchase the bathroom theme taiwan restaurant dishes ? tried everything — want them for a gift … thanx … bill

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