How to Travel Anywhere For Free

By Nomadic Matt | Published October 21st, 2013

the guide to travel hacking by nomadic mattImagine being able to fly anywhere in the world as often as you want — for free. Imagine staying in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives for free. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t never paying flights and accommodation allow you to travel more?

Well, it’s possible — and I know because I do it all the time.

What’s kept me traveling for so many years is not great riches, but lots of frequent flier miles and hotel points.

Every year I collect hundreds of thousands of miles that keep me in first class flights and W hotel suites……without ever stepping foot on an airplane or in a hotel.

Hello! My name is Matt and I’m a travel hacker.

What’s a travel hacker?

A travel hacker is a person who uses loyalty rewards systems to gain hundreds of thousands of miles per year without traveling.

That number of points is enough to take you and your family anywhere in the world multiple times a year.

This year alone I have already collected over 400,000 frequent flier and hotel points (it’s been a slow year). That’s enough to keep even this nomad traveling for years.

The biggest reason people say they can’t travel more is money. They don’t have enough of it, they say. Well, I don’t either so I remove money from the equation by using the system to collect points to travel for free.

Because when travel is free, the world is truly your oyster.

I know travel hacking can be a confusing topic – all those reward programs, redemptions, flight alliances, credit card bonuses, and offers. There’s a lot of moving parts.

My friend Dave is trying to travel to South Korea with his girlfriend and was recently complaining about the cost of airline tickets.

“Why don’t you travel hack?” I said.

“That stuff is too complicated.” he said. “And I don’t want to ruin my credit.”

“It’s not, and it won’t,” I said. I quickly laid it out for him how, with minimal effort, he and his girlfriend could earn enough points to get to South Korea in six months.

I want to help you like I helped my friend so you can travel cheaper and more often.

I will remove the biggest roadblock to your travels.

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking

the guide to travel hacking by nomadic mattToday I’m releasing my newest book, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking, so that you can be like Dave and countless others who have the ability to go anywhere without spending added money.

This book will unlock the secrets to using the system to gain free flights or accommodation using your everyday spending.

The more points you have, the more free travel you can enjoy.

By not doing what is in this book, you are saying no to free money.

Why would you do that? I’ve been a travel hacker for many years and by devoting a couple of hours a week to it, I’ve accumulated a plethora of points without leaving my couch.

How this book will help you become a travel ninja:

  • Learn how loyalty programs work – Get the ins and outs of hotel and airline loyalty programs and how to use them.
  • Obtain detailed information on using credit cards – Learn how to navigate the complex world of credit card sign up bonuses, minimum spending requirements, annual fees and much more. (All without ever denting your credit score).
  • Earn points without cards – There is more to travel hacking than signing up for lots of credit cards. Get a list of all the ways and places to earn points without signing up for credit cards!
  • Fake minimum spending requirements – Can’t meet the minimum spending requirements for those credit card bonuses? Don’t worry! There are a few (legitimate and legal) ways to fake it!
  • Break down mileage and mattress runs – Get extra miles to pad your account and increase your elite status by taking of advantage of unpublicized, extremely low fare deals. I’ll tell you where to find those fares.
  • Find promotions and other resources – Get a complete list of resources on where to find deals. Let others do the work so you don’t have to.
  • Redeem points for the most value – Learn how to make the most of all those points you just earned.
  • And a ton more – this book is jam-packed with information!

By investing a couple of hours per week in this, you’ll be able to collect enough points to travel as often as you want.

And you don’t need to be a frequent traveler either – you can use the tips in this book even if you only travel once or twice a year.


Bonus Offers!

This book also includes interviews with some of the world’s biggest travel hackers:

brian kelly the points guyBrian Kelly, author of The Points Guy, and considered one of the foremost experts on this subject, sits down in this audio (and video) interview and talks about finding, using, and maximizing credit cards. He regularly appears on television discussing the subject.


Daraius Dubash, author of Million Miles SecretDaraius Dubash, author of Million Miles Secret, explains how to get started with travel hacking and the importance of setting goals in a written interview. Daraius’s advice has also been featured on CNN, Flyer Talk, New Media Expo, and more.


Summer Hull from Mommy PointsSummer Hull, author of Mommy Points, is a regularly cited expert on using travel hacking for families (she was recently featured on the Travel Channel). In an exclusive interview, Summer talks about how to use travel hacking for travel when you have a family.


Scott MacKenzie from Hack My TripScott MacKenzie from Hack My Trip, an expert in redemptions and manufacturing spending, contributed his knowledge to this book and explains just how to to redeem all those great points you’ve earned in the book!


When you purchase this book, you’ll also be signed up for regular updates for deals and promotions so you can keep earning vast amounts of points. I find the deals, you save money! (Opt out any time you want!)


This book is $37 and available as an instant download.

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180 Day No-Risk Refund Policy
If you don’t earn enough miles for at least one free flight by following the advice in this book in the first six months, I’ll refund your money. That’s a 180 day guarantee.

Travel hacking may seem complicated, it may seem perplexing, and it may seem too good to be true, but it’s not. This system may change and it may not last forever, but while it exists, saying no to it and avoiding earning even one point is saying no to free travel. It’s turning down that family vacation or first class honeymoon you’ve always wanted.

This book will get you there and teach you how to keep getting anywhere.

A lot of people say they don’t have the money for travel. With the tricks you’ll learn in this book, you’ll never need to say that again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book only for Americans?
If you’re American, you’ll get the most out of the book but residents of Canada and the UK will also find the information in the book relevant. As much as I wish this book could apply worldwide, in my research I did not find anything relatable to residents of other countries. There just isn’t that much travel hacking that can be done outside the listed countries. I wish there was.

I’m already an avid travel hacker. I read Flyertalk daily. Is this book for me?
Simply put: no. If you’ve been travel hacking for a long time, this book won’t be for you.

How will I get this book?
You’ll be e-mailed a download link and you’ll be able to open the file on your computer, Kindle, Nook, iPad, or phone.

I don’t fly a lot. Should I buy this book?
Whether you fly once or ten times per year, this book will help you get free flights and hotel rooms. There are no restrictions. Use the advice in this book as much or as little as possible.

The book is expensive. I don’t want to spend $37!
This book is full of information and bonuses that make it worth the price. You’ll be traveling for free for years to come. Spending $37 is a lot better than spending $2,000 to fly your family to Disney World for a week.

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Michael Mendoza

Will you be offering this book in hardback or paperback at any time?


Not at the moment.


Hi Matt unfortunately so much of your info especially on hacking is US based. How about something a bit more world wide that appeals and is useful for everybody. We Australians are big travellers so I’d love something a little more related to us if possible


Kerry, I would love to give you advice…..but it doesn’t exist. There isn’t much applicable to Australians. I try to make as much as possible applicable to non-Americans but there are just certain things that I can’t fix and this is one of them.

Is this book slanted towards Americans? IE: American credit cards and therefore American loyalty programs that can’t be accessed by other nationalities (I’m Canadian).


Most of his tips are in regards to these things. He’s American after all. lol


The strategies and tactics can be applied to Canadians as well as the redemption stuff. I’ve included a small section for Canadians on where to find deals, resources, and more. (Same for those in the UK).

But the sections on what credit cards to get as well as faking minimum spend are American only.

Brecht Vandelanotte

Does the ook also apply to Europe? I’m Belgian…


This book wouldn’t be applicable to you. Travel Hacking just doesn’t exist that much in mainland Europe due to tighter banking restrictions.

I think you need to say it on the top of the page.
Coz i’m from Russia and it’s definetily will work differently down here.


How about you have another book only for Canadian? Perhaps, it would be cheaper even.

How is this book different than Frequent Flyer Master by Chris Guillebeau?

The products’ descriptions are incredibly similar. Thanks!


His book is a few years old, mine goes into far more detail especially related to faking minimum spending, redemption and new credit card strategies, I have different bonuses, and I wrote this! :)

I just bought your book and I am excited to crack it open. You should put this on e-junkie affiliate program. I would love to promote it.

Wilson Loo

Will this book work for those like me who live in Asia, specifically in Singapore?

I know that many travel hacks and frequent flyer tips are American-centric (e.g. credit card-linked miles bonuses). Is there anything for us non-Americans in Asia?

Rainier Cantre

If there is a way to bump Wilson’s question I will. I’m also from Asia (the Philippines) and I’m curious if this will work for us.


Same goes for Mexico! I’m a dual citizen who has been considering moving to the States, so this will factor into whether or not I move this next year.

I’m all for traveling around the world, but I want to make sure the place I live in is the best one for a travel lifestyle.


Unfortunately, most of this book won’t be applicable if you’re from Asia.

Looks very interesting. A few questions I would like to ask however…

1. Does this eBook provide enough useful information for the value for those with “terrible” credit?

2. Is all the information contained within freely available elsewhere on the internet? If so, have you organized this information in a way that still makes it worth the value on convenience alone?

Sorry to be critical but I have yet to find a system that works well for me with no credit card use and is worth the effort. I find it generally best to just purchase the cheapest tickets at the time of booking, collect points/miles when I can, and not get caught up in wasting the time on something that never has the desired outcome.

Do you have any “samples” of this book that can be viewed somewhere? Like a free excerpt or something? I am sure it is a wonderful eBook and loaded with value but it is hard to know for sure without putting the $49 at risk first. To me, that is a ton of money as I am always traveling and living on an almost non-existent budget…$49 goes a long way for me.


Thanks for the questions! There’s no risk because you get a 180 day refund. You’re going to spend $49 but you’re going to save thousands year over year.

1. There are cards available for you but you’ll get more benefit out of the ways to earn points without using cards. Brian and I discuss the issue in our interview.

2. Some of this information is online if you want to spend hours searching for it. Maybe even days. A lot of this info is not found online. Travel hackers don’t put the good stuff openly online.

3. At this time, there is no sample chapter to read.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


I might give it a guernsey Matt but being in Australia, I’ll probably also take you up on the 180 day refund!


Very cool resource Matt! You can’t beat traveling for free, that’s for sure. I’ve been doing some small time travel hacking myself but look forward to learning more of your tips.

Matt: Awesome! I have been doing this for over 18 years and the strategies change every year, so it is a good idea to write this book with the latest information! I use miles and points to create extraordinary experiences for myself and my family, calling it “value luxury”. For your readers: I recommend Matt as a source for this great information!


There’s a typo on the cover.


I know. It’s being fixed now.

Hi Matt, you may like to mention that this is probably really only helpful to a certain demographic. For instance, the UK (and probably most of Europe) doesn’t offer the same programmes on credit cards as are frequently offered in the US and Canada. Those of us in the UK with UK cards therefore don’t have access to these same opportunities. If I’m wrong and you know of a card in the UK that can do this, please let me know. Cheers.

Hazel Lau

I agree with Krista, I LOVE all this travel hacking stuffs but most of the information I found are applicable to America credit cards. I’m a Malaysian in Singapore and I really wish we have similar information like this.


This is great to make credit card points work for you! I’ll have to take more advantage of this.

One way to get free airline tickets for future travel is to give up your seat on an overbooked flight. At the gate prior to boarding, the airlines will ask for volunteers who have flexible travel plans and they will issue a voucher.

Sometimes you might only have to fly out a few hours later or the next day, but the airline will take care of hotel, food, and transportation if an overnight stay is required for helping them out.

It’s all by chance luck though and it’s best when you travel with carry on only. The odds of this happening are good during holidays and peek travel times. Usually, you just pay for tax on the flight.

As a bonus, you’re next flight could get rerouted to a city that has a long layover that you always wanted to visit. Negotiate with the ticket agent to see what they can do for you since you’d be doing them a favor.

I’d love to learn more about how to travel hack with credit card points though.

Is the book mainly about flights, or do you also cover hotels? I will be traveling throughout the US next year and am curious to try it out :)


I go into details on hotels too!

Hi Matt, how would using your book compare to using a site like I had been thinking of joining it, but not sure if which is the better investment. implies I need to stay on the site to keep getting benefits, while your book is a one-time purchase.

Love the idea of travel hacking, but I’m not a fan of credit cards. Credit card companies are the biggest predators out there: the way they make money is to entice people into spending on their cards, then hitting the people who get into trouble with huge interest rates and penalty fees when they can’t meet minimum payments due to various misfortunes…in other words, by fleecing people most in need.

No need for credit cards in this day and age when you can use debit cards instead.


Banks are just as bad when it comes to predatory lending. With credit cards, you get added fraud protection, security, refunds, and more. Plus, you get all the bonuses and reward programs you don’t get with debit cards. Debit cards can’t get you around the world this way.

I never pay an interest rate since I don’t spend more than I can afford.

By using debit cards, you’re not only losing out on all these points but a ton of purchase and fraud protection. Using credit cards properly is a boon.



I only have/use debit cards. Will this work for me?

Thanks, Scott


How come you use debit cards? If you’re American, switch to credit cards. You’ll get way more fraud protection, security, purchase insurance, and free points!



I use a debit card because I had a BK a couple of years ago and I travel around the world with little to no postal contact.

I guess that’s a no with debit cards. I do enjoy your e-mails and your book about traveling on $50 a day.



Makes sense. I only asked because some people “hate credit card companies” so have a philosophical aversion to them (though banks are just as bad!).


I bought the book this week. I consider my self at an early advanced level in the travel hacking game, and i started learning just over a year ago. The following are my personal opinions:

- This is an excellent guide for newbies. I wish this was around a year ago, I would’ve saved a lot of time learning the craft!
- 37$ is a great price for the time it’ll save you gathering the info on your own.
- Uptodate on travel hacking (up to my knowledge).
- The charts at the end are nicely put comparing some of the major hotels/airlines.

- Every single detail in this book is available for free online. So if you are reeading blogs more than likely you already know this info. this is not for advanced players.
- the book needs some more editing: for example on page 17 a paragraph was repeated twice, etc..

If I was a newbie I would definetly buy this, but right now I feel that I could have saved my self 37$.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Adam for the review. This definitely helps.

I might still get it, given the 180 day refund. If I learn something new or if I have everything in one place to refer back to (given my horrible memory), it’s worth it.

Lastly, it is very annoying when books are not edited correctly. This happens far too often in self-published e-books.



This book is definitely geared for the non-flyertalk set. If you’ve been doing this for a year, you probably won’t learn that much new stuff.

I’m glad you did think it was a good book for those who aren’t hackers already! I’m glad you found the content great!

For page 17, I know! We uploaded a new version last night! That was a design glitch we fixed (the beauty of ebooks is you can fix them right away!)



I have to agree with Adam, book is good for newbies, but not for people who read travle blogs. It’s just basics on 58 pages with Appendices.

Hi Matt, great meeting you with Sarah and Emily at TBEX!
Is this guide ok for Canadians or more American credit card oriented?

Hi Matt!

Is the 180 day refund offer good for folks that are already travelhacking?

I’ve been following you and TPG and Flyertalk and Chris Guillibeau for about a month now, and am close to my first 100K miles. Yay! I suspect your book may have some new tips for me – especially around redemption, which I haven’t done yet. I’m most happy to support you and keep the book if there’s new info for me. What say you?


If you’re deep into the travel hacking world and a FlyerTalk addict, then this book is probably not for you. You’ll know a lot of what is in the book already.


I completely agree with Matt- I’ve been doing travel hacking as an on again off again hobby for a few months, and I knew almost everything in the book. For me personally, I don’t see it worth the $37, but again agree with Matt – if you’re completely new to travel hacking, it’s a great comprehensive guide.


Sorry meant to say I completely agree with Adam!

Sarah A.

I just bought your book! I’m so excited to read it. Keep up the great travel tip advice!

I’ve been following you and TPG and Flyertalk and Chris Guillibeau for about a month now, and am close to my first 100K miles. Yay!


Hi Matt,

Congrats on publishing the book! I’ve been a big fan of your blog for awhile, and I’m happy to hear the book is out.

I wanted to ask about the strategies for earning points without credit cards. I’m still a student, and I’ve applied for a few rewards credit cards but always get turned down for not having enough income.

I’ve been reading travel hacking blogs on and off for awhile and have looked at a few other guides to hacking. I’ve seen promises of being able to earn points without credit cards on several other sites, but it always turns out to be only very small amounts of points (like on e-miles or e-rewards). Are there enough non-credit card strategies in the book to actually earn enough for free tickets (or any strategies on how people with low incomes can get approved for rewards cards)?



I made it a point to include a lot of information on how to gain points without credit cards as I knew that would be a topic a lot of people want to know about.


The book i am sure is good but the price is a RIP OFF. Even the latest hard copy best selling books don’t sell for more than $15 or $20. This ebook should be worth about $4.99. Ebooks don’t sell for more than $4.99 and many are even free


I’m sorry you feel this way but you get a lot more than just a book. You get a lot of bonuses, interviews, and a sign-up to a newsletter with a lot of tips and deals to keep you informed of deals.


can you view book on multiple devices or is it married to the device you first download it to?


You can view on all the devices you put it on.


thanks! just bought it!!


Should probably include Epub or other ebook formats.

Kathy P

I just purchased the book with my credit card as a gift for my daughter. In the purchase section where name, address, and email address are requested, I filled in her information so that she would be the recipient. As soon as my credit card was processed, I received a notice that I could now download the book. I didn’t want to download it onto my computer, which is why I provided her email address as the recipient. Would you please correct this for me? Thank you.

Hi Matt,

Got to say, I really love the content on your blog. The idea of being a travel hacker sounds so enticing and your ideas are just so compelling. :) Thanks for the great tips!!

Hello Matt,

I am new to your blog. The title itself fetched my attention “Travel Anywhere For Free”.Now who would not want that I do. Now tell me how.

Thanks for offering the refund policy however, you sure its going to help me I have loads of book at home claiming to offer things but hardly any work.

“The biggest reason people say they can’t travel more is money.” – I have to say that this is my reason as well. This “travel hacking” is kind new to me, I might as well try this. Thanks for sharing!

I live in Canada and I am planning to go to Brazil for a couple of months next year. I’d never heard of travel hacking, but I am definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for the info.


I will be living in MExico for a year or two to work at this company, will your book help me out or any person that is from Mexico? Or I got bad luck right?


As a US citizen, you don’t have to be in the US to use the cards, just have a US billing address.

Did you change the price? It is listed as both $37 and $49.

Perfect timing! I have begun to really dive into this whole travel hacking ordeal. I started earlier in the year which allowed me to have over 100,000 miles at one time for the first time ever.

Just over the past week I got approved for 3 new credit cards. The best part is that I only need to spend $4K in 3 months to get 125,000 miles. Except that I don’t have to spend a single dime because of the legal and legit ways to reach spending limits, For example, my sister just bought a $600 camera using one of my cards and she will be paying me back. $2K can be used for Amazon payments to someone else. So I have $1.4K left to spend. I can send $1K to someone with paypal for only $29. I fly to Hawaii round trip for $35K miles. So for $29 + $10 per flight, get 3.5 round trip flights to Hawaii.


It’s a fun hobby to say the least. I can’t wait to dive into this book to learn even more!

Actually it’s $1K per month with Amazon at no cost so I only need to spend $400 in 3 months for NO FEE to get those 125,000 miles.

My groceries are way more than $133 per month. :)


As a newbie, your advice is welcoming and helps to get me past the overwhelming feelings I have when faced with my goals. But I’m a dog with a bone so I WILL succeed. As mentioned by another reply, living abroad doesn’t offer the same benefits for travel points and rewards, but there’s always a way!


Thanks to you I just started collecting frequent flyer miles. I can’t believe I never bothered to do it before. I’m a ninja now! >:)

I <3 this blog

Travel hacking is something we need to look into in our future. Somehow we haven’t bought any of your books yet but this one appeals.

Does any of the information and credit card companies cross borders and remain relevant for Canadians?

It looks something very exciting, but is it just for American people? Do Asians can get benefited from this anyhow ?

I would like to know about this in detail, before recommending it to anyone on my blog.

I live in Washington and I am planning to go to India for a couple of months next year. I’d never heard of travel hacking, but I am definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for the great info.

I love to travel around the world.
Since I always got into a problem during the travel I thinks why not to give a try for this book.
Hopefully can help me a lot =)


I won’t be able to travel a whole lot over the next couple of years, but after that would really like to take several trips. Would you recommend getting the book now (for the special Black Friday price) or are you planning to keep updating the book. In other words – would the advice you’re giving right now still be applicable a couple of years from now?


You can start now and build up the miles for when you want to travel! It’s really up to you.

I’ve been travel hacking for a couple years now.. I’m no expert at it but have managed to bank over 200,000 miles for our upcoming RTW. In the past we have used miles to visit many places. It’s great you are bringing light to it! It isn’t too hard and you can visit some places you couldn’t have afforded to fly to otherwise!


Is here a way to see the table of contents prior to purchasing the ebook?