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By Nomadic Matt | Published January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year from Christchurch, New Zealand! I hope everyone had a great celebration! My friends and I went into town, saw some fireworks, and had a few drinks. It was a low key and relaxing new year’s celebration, but one I definitely wanted after 3 years of Full Moon Parties. But, to me, New Year’s isn’t anything special- it’s like a fancy night out. I’ll take Australia Day, Bastille Day, or the Fourth of July over it any day. But nonetheless, it’s hard to believe that it’s a new decade let alone a new year. The 2000s were an interesting decade. I only wonder what is in store for the next one.

2010 is a big year for me. I’ll be traveling to Australia, Fiji, Bali, Thailand, spending over a month on the Greek islands, heading back to Italy after 3 years, living in New York City, driving across the United States, and then heading down to Central America and the Caribbean. It’s going to be a busy travel year but that excites me. I tend to revisit a lot of the destinations I go to so it will be good to visit new places, even if it’s just to new parts of countries I’ve already been to.

Moreover, 2010 will also see a lot of changes for this website. I’m going in a semi-new direction with the content. For 2010, you readers can expect:

More videos. I plan to produce a lot more videos. I recently and reluctantly switched to a Mac since iMovie makes video editing really easy and, with limited time on the road, I need something simple. I am also getting an animated introduction done for my videos, which should be done by the end of the month. While I’ll have one or two videos in January, I plan to start producing three or four starting in February.

Bigger photos
. I’ll be putting bigger photos in my posts from now on. I want to make the stories more visual so you can really get a feel for these destinations. No more small justified photos but instead large photos that go the width of the post.

More culture and history articles. I’ll still continue writing about where I’ve been as well as general travel tips and advice. However, I’ll be adding stories and posts on the history and culture of the places I visit to give a more rounded picture of what they are like. I won’t be turning into National Geographic but I’ll be highlighting more than just what to see and do in a place.

More Contests. I’m going to start giving away more travel prizes (starting with one next week!). Travel has been good to me and I want it to be good to you too. I want others to experience how great travel can be so I’ll be giving away a major travel related prize every few months. I’ll be kicking it off with a bang on Monday. You’re jaw will drop when you see what I am giving away!

Overall, not too much is going to change. I plan on bringing in more visuals to complete the experience on the website. Stories, tips, and advice are great but reading about a place only gives you a small picture of it but adding photos and video can complete the picture. In reality, what this really means for you is that you’ll be seeing a bit more content published on the website. I’ll be publishing content, whether it is the weekly photo, a video, or articles, about four or five times a week.

Last year was a big year for me and my website and I gained a lot of momentum that I plan to carry through into this year.

Happy New Year!

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Your new initiatives sound amazing and exciting. The more I plan my trip the more I’ll refer to your tips. The year is looking up. :)

Hey Matt
Happy new year to you too :)
That sounds great! I am looking forward to the year to come and see what you are up to.
Good luck

You may be a reluctant convert to a Mac now, but I’m willing to bet in 3 months you’d never consider going back. I switched 3 years ago and you couldn’t pay me to go back to a PC. Glad you’re moving into video & larger format photos. I find both have really improved my readership. If you need any tips about Mac or iMovie, etc., just email me. Happy New Year, Matt, and safe travels in 2010 – sounds like we may even cross paths at some point.


I am sure I’m going to have plenty of them so I’ll keep that in mind! I’m still figuring out how to “be a mac”


I’m excited to see the changes in your blog for 2010, as well as reading about your travels. I plan on being in Thailand, but not until later in the year.

Happy New Year Matt! I like the sound of the changes you’re planning! Cheers!


Glad you pick up the trend of a more visual approach to travel blogging.

Not that words are less important but a more media orientated presence is the future, especially the video part.

Good luck, looking forward to it.


You the growth of broadband and smart phones, media is the only way to go if you want to grow


Talking about smart phones, or especially the iphone (I know you have one, as I do) please make sure they are visible – too often I grind my teeth when I just see a missing plugin image in a blog.

ps. To get some inspiration, check out the videos of The Longest way. They are one of my (travel) favorites.


Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be back in New Zealand! And to ring in the new year in Christchurch ta boot! Love reading about your NZ travels; it brings back such sweet memories..


Happy new year ..look forward to readg more abt yr travels

Happy New Year to you too!

I’m looking forward to follow a new blog year of yours as your posts are readable, informative, interesting and relevant – keep up the good work!

Hey Matt. New reader here, just found your blog today. Would you mind sharing who you are using to make the video intro?



My friend’s husband is a video animator.


:) You’re define nomadic!

On several occasions, ever since I’ve started following your blog, I can’t help (mentally/unknowingly) putting Matt after, every time I come across the word ‘nomadic’.

Happy 2010!


Hey Matt!

And happy new year right back at ya! Will send you an email soon, I’ve been sick and without internet for a while.. But should be up and running soon ;)

Ahhh, can’t wait to live “with” you through travelling, and I’m excited that you’re going to Bali! It’s an island of my heart, been there twice and will keep coming back..

Anyways, talk soon and take care!


Happy New Year Matt!

2010 sounds exciting! Can’t wait for the contest ;-)


Happy New Year, Matt! Wishing you all the best with your travels and websites in 2010. Don’t forget to look me up if you’re ever passing through DC again.

You’re spending a month in the Greek islands?! Did you know this is my DREAM DESTINATION?! Me = jealous.


Come join!


I’m so happy you are loving your Mac! I don’t remember computer life before my MacBook Pro anymore…to me, it makes all other computers not even worth it :) Also, I’ve really enjoyed reading about your NZ travels! I will be there for the next New Year!

would be great to see more real-life photos – how people look in the streets, everyday scenes etc. compared to plain panorama pictures, landmarks or beach+sea+sunset pictures :)
i remember this one guy who just had a cam attaches to his helmet, driving though different countries on a motorbike – was somewhere on youtube, found that quite entertaining and more real than the typical travel photos who look like some inflight-commercials in most cases.


Don’t worry- I’m not going in flight magazine! I too find that very “unreal.”

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to being able to learn more about the history and culture of the places you’ll be visiting, in your non-National Geographic way.


I certainly hope you get to visit Melbourne when you’re in Australia! So many international travellers miss it.


Looks like a another great year for you Matt! I’m with you on keeping it simple, and Mac is definitely the way to go. Hope to run into you one day during our travels!


Great goals to pursue for 2010. I will be looking for those videos and larger pictures that you incorporate. I will also make a few documentary attempts this year.
Happy late New Years!


Multi media is the next step


hey, new here but looks like i found you at the right time. i’m always down for a good contest! i’ll be around. happy 2010


Been following your travels for some time now.Enjoy 2010 and may you get it all done!Awesome.

It all sounds like it’ll be getting better & better. I’m a fan of lots of photos & videos. I’ll probably move to a mac myself eventually for the same reasons as you – everyone who’s into video seems to swear by it. However, at the moment my pennies are going into a better quality hd video camera & an i-phone. Can’t do everything all at once!

Hi Matt, Been trying to reach you to be interviewed on a nationally syndicated radio show, “Rudy Maxa’s World with Christopher Elliott”, on Sat. Jan 16, 2010. I sent basic info to your email address’. We can do an international call to bring you in by cell phone! Check email and let me know! Ana

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