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I’m constantly changing and improving this site. My goal is to always make this site a better travel resource. I’ve been building a travel guides section to help make that happen. Now, I’ve decided to change my layout so readers can find older articles better. With the new guide section, I need my theme to do a little bit more than it can do right now. So over the next month or so, my site will be changing.

But I also realized I don’t know enough about you, my reader. I don’t know what you want, how you travel, where your from, what articles you like, or why you come here. So to better help me understand you and how I can help you travel better, I created a little survey. The survey is 18 questions and won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. It’s mostly multiple choice. I’d really appreciate it if you took it. Click the link to do so:

This survey will help me tweak my site in the upcoming change. I run this site to share my love of travel and to help people travel better, cheaper, and longer. Knowing what you want will help me do that better. This survey is really important to me and would make me REALLY happy if you took it. It’s only 5 minutes!!!


  1. Imho the overall color scheme is quite fad for a travel site – white/black/gray reminds me more of some lawyer or funeral page. Should blend in with the colors you already use in your header. The main navigation is with 11 links quite long, some flyout menu that breaks down each topic into subcategories could be an improvement as well ( has lots of examples)

    • NomadicMatt

      I agree. in fact, I am in the process of working with a developer to redesign the site. I’m totally with you on a color change!

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