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help me improve the siteAfter weeks of hyperactive travel, I’m resting in Salzburg, Austria. It’s a beautiful city with some beautiful mountains as a backdrop. My plan is to simply relax while I am here and recover. I’ll do a bit of sightseeing but after a whirlwind 3 weeks between Mexico, Germany, and far too many beers at Oktoberfest, I really just want to do a lot of nothing. I haven’t felt like I’ve had anytime to myself lately and sometimes you just need a bit of alone time to decompress. Moreover, I’m very behind on my writing as well as making improvements to this site.

And so it’s time to sit down, relax, sleep, and do some work. I have dozens of articles floating in my head that I want to write and put out there.

And just like I did last year, as I sit down and work on improving this website, I would love your feedback on the site and the content. I want to make sure that you are getting the budget tips you want and would love to know what brings you back to this site, what you like, don’t like, etc.

I created a short survey that you can fill out. It’s 5 questions long and will take about 1 minute to do. Click the link below to fill it out:

Or, you can simply leave a comment below giving me feedback on the site. Tell me what I can do to help you travel better and make this site more useful for you.

  1. Love the website Matt. You have been an inspiration. We are a few years older (OK well, several) but we too are “out there” doing it. We come from a different angle. My wife and I took early retirement to see the world, one country at a time, one year at a time. We feel we learn more and can get more in depth instead of rushing by so many wonderful things.

    It is all fun and the best thing is being out there!

  2. In all honesty Matt I’m not sure what you could do to improve the site. I love it the way it is. The ultimate travel hacking guide from a few weeks back was genius so as long as you keep producing such indepth and useful stuff like that I think you’re on the right path. Don’t fix what ain’t broken as they say.

  3. Lauren

    When I found your site (via lifehacker — your travel hacker article), I thought, “FINALLY.” It was exactly what I was looking for, and gave me hope that my own ideas about budget travel were not crazy. So thank you. I would like to see more nitty gritty specifics in your budget travel tips. It would be helpful to see the numbers from your own experiences. I’m still a little hazy about avoiding bank fees abroad (you’ve told us what banks you use, but reading the fine print of the different accounts is making my head spin). I really do like the philosophical posts (can you travel too long?, overcoming your fears…, people who have influenced me most). I really appreciate your work. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Hi Matt, This is my first visit here. What a great website and blog! I recently started travel blog and linked your site to mine. I can see that I have a lot to learn. Hope you have a nice time in Austria. bigskymo

  5. Amber

    What they say… your site is phenomenal. I’ve never been so consistent and curious as to what was being posted next. Your personal touch and down-to-earth style are what keep all of us coming back. You’ll have those who fear your success and popularity among travelers and those who want to be. Don’t worry about them. Your site attracts the type for which your purpose searches; don’t ever compromise that. And thank you.

  6. I have been reading your site for a while now and think it is one of the best out there. Just like Lauren above I loved the travel hacking article. It was the kind of in-depth article I like to find. I have been curious about travel hacking for a few months now but have always been skeptical of signing up for the website. So free information like yours is appreciated. As someone who also living in hostels and catching buses to city after city I would appreciate information on sample itineraries, maybe top five lists of must see’s and do’s from your favorite places. Also more information on how you manage to fund yourself and how you got you blog to be noticed and how you got it to support this fabulous lifestyle. I can only hope that one day my meager blog could somehow enable me to never step back into a cubicle! On a side note I saw in a video you posted that you plan on leaving the road in a year or so… Why? Thanks for all you do!

  7. Whatever you do, just keep it honest, authentic and true to you…I too enjoy the philosophical posts, and the more in depth writing with topics as stated in Alexandra’s review above. Thanks for your blog and posts, it is encouraging to know that it is possible to do it differently than how I am doing it.

  8. I primarily see you in my Facebook feed and click through when intrigued. So I’m not sure about site elements, but I did your survey re: content selection.

    Speaking of which, there was a glitch in the survey – on two of the questions I was unable to rank one item without deselecting the previous item.

    And speaking of glitches, as I was filling in this comment form, after I entered my web site and hit tab I was suddenly taken to the email subscription form on the upper right of the page. I reproduced it a 2nd time – some sort of issue with tab priority order I guess….

  9. molly

    i think you better take it easy rather than stress it in your trip, travelling is about to enjoy the life…maybe i suggested u to draw sth and post more interesting pictures in this website rather than just writing would be more fun, even if u are not the genius for drawing,…..maybe it can attracted more people attention, or you can set one topic to each place you find is interesting in the city, like you might see lots of pretty face and u wanna gathers those picture in an album for sharing, that might hit our audience attention, hope u all luck in your trip, and enjoy ur life…then…God bless u!!!

  10. Chris Haughey

    Sweeeet, I was just hoking through your old posts during the week and seen the survey from last year. Now I get to be part of the feedback team! Love the site mate, I spend many hours in the office trying not to get caught by my boss looking at your latest posts!
    You should come to Ireland tho, 24 hours in Dublin just isn’t enough!

  11. Pete

    Apologies if you already have one (I couldn’t find it), but I’d like to see a simple “Archive” page. I’m sure you’ve seen them, it’s just a simple page which lists all post titles, grouped by month. That way we can quickly browse the titles of all the posts you’ve ever done and ready any which catch out eye.

    • NomadicMatt

      My archives are categorized by topic but I’m redoing it for better access and I’ll take your tip under consideration.

  12. Rachel

    Hi Matt!

    I love your website, it has been great in helping my plan my own trip and satisfy thirst for knowledge. I would LOVE to see a travel guide for Sri Lanka, as it is on my list for next year.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!


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