Change is Coming

By Nomadic Matt | Published May 4th, 2010

the winds of changeThey say the only constant is change and here at Nomadic Matt it’s time to change again.  Over the next two months, I’ll be making a few changes to the website. You’ll be noticing these things:

New Travel Guides Section

I’ve been diligently putting together a travel guides section for this website. In an effort to expand my site and become an even bigger source of budget travel information, I’m creating country and city guides for all the major travel destinations in the world. My goal is to have about 100 countries up by the end of June. In each section, you’ll find information on things to see, costs, budget saving tips, and other general information. My goal is to update and expand these four times a year so the information is always current and detailed. So far I have information on the following destinations (and cities in them): Australia, United States, France, Germany, Greece, Thailand, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Cambodia, Italy, and The Netherlands.

I’ve included all the major and some not so major destinations for each of these countries. You can get a lot of information from the travel guides section so be sure to check them out and if you have something to add or update, send me an email. I open to user changes if it keeps the information current because the worst thing you can have is outdated travel information.

A Mailing List
There’s a lot I want to say and share that can’t fit into a blog. Whether it’s personal updates, travel tips, travel links, new websites, or other information, not everything fits into a blog post. So far those little blurbs and announcements, I am finally started a mailing list. It’s something I should have done ages ago. I’ll send it out twice a month (I won’t clutter your inbox!) with news, updates, and other things of interest I find. You can use the form below to sign up. I strongly encourage you to do so! It would make me one happier blogger!


Travel Books Page
In a an effort to better organize my site, I’ve created a books page for all the ebooks I’ve written and ones written by other people but are just as good and helpful.

The Meembo Toolbar
If you haven’t check out the site in awhile, you’ll find a new toolbar on the bottom of every page. This toolbar will make it easier to like and share pages on Twitter, Stumble, Digg, e-mail, and Facebook.
There’s a problem integrating it into the site but it will be back.

Out with the Old: Photos and Ask Me!
I’ve got rid of the photo and ask me section of my site. They were just too much to keep up with. You can still email any questions and if I can, I’ll answer them.

A New Look
Last October, I redesigned this website. After about 6 months of use, there needs to be some upgrades made to the site. I’ll be completely changing the home page, page width, and sidebars of the site. I also plan to clean up the code to make the site run quicker and smoother. I’m still looking for a WordPress designer though and if you know anybody, please email me through my contact page.

These changes are meant to make the site have complete travel information, make it easier to share pages, navigate the site, and have a better reader experience. I’ve already started with a few of these but my goal is to get them all done before the end of June.

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Good luck! Good to see more changes…that means you’re being dynamic! :)

That’s the fun part about websites – just when your done fixing it up you think of a million more things to do. It’s unending but pretty cool when you get a whole new look. – Good luck! – beth

Far out, mate – Do you ever take a break?! haha

Wow, lots on the go. Can’t wait to see the results

The travel guide idea is a great one – and super ambitious! I’d love to have something like that on my site but it’s just too much to handle at this stage. I’ll just make sure I send a lot of readers your way instead! :-)


I hired an assistant to help me with the building of the guide section. It’s too much to handle for one person.

Sounds good, I’ll be definately checking out some of the travel guides


that’s great to hear!

Bryan @

Hey Matt – Nice changes you have planned. I brought this up on Travel Writers Exchange but just wanted to get your take on the Meebo toolbar…Do you feel that readers subconsciously not going see the toolbar considering that it basically sits above the web-browser status bar which no one really looks at? I didn’t even notice you had the bar a few days ago until I saw this post and then noticed it. Thoughts?


I want to try it out more but it conflicts with coding on my site so it’s off until I get it redcoded. But I think it has promise.

Josh | The Wander Project

Travel Guides for 100 countries updated four times annually? WOW! Good Luck!


I plan to hire some people to help out during these periods!

Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff!

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