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Ten Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is one of the most remote countries in the world, and ironically it is also one of the most popular places to visit, especially among backpackers and budget travelers. Because of its location and distance from really anything, not many Americans tend to visit Australia. The flights are long and expensive and when you only have a few weeks of travel, wasting a few days of flying probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of travelers. Nevertheless, here are […]

My Beach Paradise

We all have our own version of The Beach: that spot in the world where all is perfect and all is paradise. I found my version of the beach back in 2007. It’s a small town in Western Australia called Coral Bay. It’s a one-road town with one bar, one supermarket, three restaurants, and three hotels. This is a small town. In this town, there’s not much to do. And that’s why I love it. Coral Bay is my paradise. […]

Interestingly Weird Facts About Australia

I’m currently in Australia and the land down under is a land of extremes with lush tropical jungles on one coast and barren desert on another. There are deadly spiders and snakes but also cute koalas and kangaroos. You’ll find some of the most beautiful coral in the world here but also deadly jellyfish and sharks. It’s an interesting country. Just how interesting? Well, here are some fun facts I dug up on Australia before I went: One third of […]

My Favorite Australian Hostels

Continuing on my post about my favorite New Zealand hostels, it’s time to talk about my favorite hostels in Australia. I’ll continue doing this throughout the year and, at the end of the year, will have a “Best Hostels of 2010” edition. Base St. Kilda (Melbourne) I’ve said in the past that Base is like the McDonalds of hostels. You get full but you’re not really satisfied. Yet McDonalds (Base) out did themselves with their Melbourne hostel. It is my […]

How to Get Around OZ Cheaply

With Australia being over 7 million square kilometers, it takes a long time to get around the country. With such large distances to cover, it’s no wonder that few people end up traveling the whole country- there’s just too much ground to cover on a short trip here. These large distances can lead to large transportation costs and it can often be hard to travel around the country cheaply. Here’s a look at how to travel around Australia and which […]

The Cost of Traveling Australia

Everyone always has sticker shock when they get to Australia. They see how much things cost and their jaw drops. Heck, even Australians get sticker shock and they live there. Travelers go through their budget quickly because no one ever expects the country to cost as much as it does. When I first traveled to Australia a few years ago, I grossly underestimated how much I needed. It cost me double what I thought because of a strong Australian dollar […]

Sailing the Whitsundays

Located off Airlie Beach on Australia’s east coast, the Whitsunday Islands are a popular destination for travelers. Every backpacker who travels up the east coast takes a cruise through the Whitsunday islands. It is one of those “must see” activities. The tours typically last three days and two nights. However, since you leave mid-day the first day and return the morning of the third, it’s more like two days, two nights. I went with a company called OzSail. Heading out […]

The Real OZ Experience

It was the third time the bus broke down. Somewhere right outside a small mining community in Western Australia, our bus had enough and it wanted us to know. So with an explosion and plume of smoke, the bus came to a crashing halt. It was the end of a long journey that began back in Perth. During our first stop, on the outskirts of Perth, our problems began. The bus wouldn’t start. Our driver tried again, looked under the […]