Ten Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is one of the most remote countries in the world and, ironically, one of the most popular places to visit, especially among backpackers and budget travelers. Because of its distance from the US, not many Americans tend to visit Australia. The flights are long and expensive, and when you only have a few weeks […]

Coral Bay: My Beach Paradise

We all have our own version of The Beach: that spot in the world where all is perfect and all is paradise. I found my version of the beach back in 2007. It’s a small town in Western Australia called Coral Bay. It’s a one-road town with one bar, one supermarket, three restaurants, and three […]

Conquering My Fear of Heights

I hate heights. SERIOUSLY hate heights, which is ironic considering how often I fly. Any bump in the air and I grab onto the seat like Paris Hilton grabs onto bags of cocaine. I won’t even go near ledges or cliffs. And if someone does manage to get me up to an observation tower, it […]

Interestingly Weird Facts About Australia

I’m currently in Australia. The land down under is a place of extremes, with lush tropical jungles on one coast and barren desert on another. There are deadly spiders and snakes but also cute koalas and kangaroos. You’ll find some of the most beautiful coral in the world here but also deadly jellyfish and sharks. […]

My Favorite Australian Hostels

Building on my post about my favorite New Zealand hostels, it’s time to talk about my favorite hostels in Australia. I’ll continue doing this throughout the year, and at the end of the year, will have a “Best Hostels of 2010” edition. Base St. Kilda (Melbourne) I’ve said in the past that Base is like […]

How to Get Around Oz Cheaply

With Australia being over seven million square kilometers, it takes a long time to get around the country. Considering the large distances, it’s no wonder few people end up traveling the whole country—there’s just too much ground to cover on a short trip. These large distances can lead to high transportation costs, and it can […]