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I Didn’t Like Curacao (But I Didn’t Hate it Either)

The oil refinery I saw on the way to my apartment rental in Curacao became a harbinger of things to come. The Caribbean conjures up images of white sand beaches, palm trees, coral reefs, and tropical drinks. This summer I planned to travel much of the Caribbean (spoiler alert: I didn’t) and at the top of my list of places to visit was Curacao, located in the Dutch Antilles, a part of Holland, and famous for its casino, nightlife, and […]

24 Amazing Places to Eat and Drink in New York City

New York City is a microcosm of the world, where you stumble upon four different ethnic food shops right next to each other and people speaking a dozen other languages all on the same street. I love living here. I feel like I can often escape back to other areas of the world without ever leaving the city. I’ve been living in New York since January and the more I’m here, the more I fall in love with New York. […]

Bermuda: The Impossible Budget Destination

Is it possible to travel Bermuda cheaply? It’s a good question, one that deserves an answer. When I was 12, my father took my sister and me to Bermuda to surprise my mom, who was there on a cruise with my grandmother. We spent four days sweltering in the heat, swimming at the beach, and eating at Henry the 8th’s (where my dad swears I told a girl she had nice hooters. I still don’t believe him). Lately, Bermuda has […]

12 Things to Do in Vegas that Don’t Involve a Casino

A lot of people tell me they hate Las Vegas or never want to go. “I don’t gamble, I don’t want to get drunk, it’s overpriced,” etc., etc. The excuses are numerous because Vegas is always portrayed through the glitz and glamour of its famous strip, yet there is so much more to Vegas than just this stretch of hotels, casinos and restaurants — and letting this one aspect of the city keep you away is a mistake. Every time […]

How to Vote in the U.S. Election While Overseas

Now that the conventions are over, the candidates have been nominated, and the United States presidential election is just months away, it’s important that all Americans — at home and abroad — cast their ballots. Elections are important events and if you do not vote, you don’t have a say. I hate when people who don’t vote complain about politics. If you aren’t going to participate, you don’t get to complain. And I want people to participate. People don’t often […]

The Best Restaurants I’ve Eaten at in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is heaven for foodies — which should be no surprise considering all the money that flows into it. People want fantastic meals when they are on vacation, celebrating a casino win, celebrating their Vegas wedding, or dropping millions at the blackjack table. Celebrities and whales (the Vegas name for high rollers) want top-of-the-line celebrity chefs to cook their food.  Every trip to Vegas I discover even more new and amazing restaurants – from hole-in-the-wall diners to first-class sushi […]

Giving Thanks Today

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and American families everywhere are coming together to celebrate family, life, and all the good that happened over the past year. Thanksgiving was established as a holiday in 1863 during the American Civil War. It was supposed to bring the country together when Americans were the most divided they had ever been. Thanksgiving was seen as a way to unite the divided country, remember our pioneering spirit, and heal the wounds of war. […]

Interesting Facts About the United States

I’m unexpectedly back in the United States for two weeks. After four and a half months in Europe, I needed a bit of a break from traveling to start writing my book. Hostels just aren’t the right environment for writing and with an airline credit I needed to use, I figured my parent’s house was a good place to go. Despite all my time overseas, I really do like the United States. It’s got a very interesting history. Some interesting […]

The Casinos of the Las Vegas Strip

Last Updated: August 2013 I like to gamble. A lot. It’s my one major vice. To avoid losing my shirt, house, and everything in between, I’ve always avoided Las Vegas, because it seems like an adult playground that I’d enjoy too much. However, last year, I finally bit the bullet and went because the Blogworld conference was held there. I figured lots of meetings and networking events would keep me from gambling. It didn’t, but that’s another story. However, while […]

Why Do I Hate L.A.?

Los Angeles. There’s just something about it I hate. I hate the traffic and the lack of public transportation. I hate the vanity and how everyone is “so Hollywood.” I hate the pollution. I hate the lack of neighborhoods. L.A. just rubs me the wrong way. But I haven’t spent much time in the city. My opinion has only been formed by a few short visits. I wonder then if I really hate L.A. or do I just think I […]