How to Travel on $50 A Day: The Book Tour

Most people think it seems too good to be true that you can travel across the world on less than it costs to live at home. They believe that cheap travel is a pipe dream. But, as readers of the blog, you know that not to be true, and, in the coming months, I’m going to set out to prove that even more! As you know, next month I launch the brand new awesome edition of my book, How to […]

How to Sail the British Virgin Islands for Free

The British Virgin Islands often foster images of intrepid sailors and adventurers living their own version of a Jimmy Buffett song – sailing the seas, relentlessly drinking rum, stopping at hidden beaches, and exploring deserted islands. Standing behind the wheel with the wind whipping at your hair as the sails of your boat take you from island to island sounds wonderful to many of us. But, after imagining that scenario, we think, “It would be great, but it’s unrealistic and […]

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: The New Edition (and Special Offer)

In 2013, I published my first book, How to Travel the World on $50 A Day. However, information constantly changes in travel – tips get dated and new ways to save always emerge, which is why with great excitement, I’d like to announce an even bigger and better second edition of the book is on its way to a bookstore (and Urban Outfitters) near you. I’ve updated and revised existing content and added over 100 new pages of tips, tricks, and […]

What Hitchhiking Alone as a Female in China Taught Me About Hospitality

On the second Wednesday of the month, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes a guest column featuring tips and advice on solo female travel. It’s an important topic I can’t cover so I brought in an expert to share her advice. This is her column this month. It was February in China and, with the town of Lijiang’s elevation in Yunnan province, still very much a cold winter wonderland. Standing outside waiting wasn’t how I wanted to spend […]

16 Delicious Restaurants in Hong Kong

Wandering the crowded streets of Hong Kong, one always finds street vendors serving delicious noodles, roasted ducks hanging in the windows of restaurants, fish tanks full of tonight’s dinner, and trendy restaurants next to decades old dim sum establishments. Smells of rice, fried chicken, and noodles fill the air as you move from restaurant to restaurant. Food is the grease that keeps the wheels of this city moving at a lightning fast pace. And, as my flight began its final […]

How to Spend Four Days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong. Its name inspires visions of a chaotic, jam-packed city with soaring skyscrapers, thick smog, endless noodle stands, big finance, and wild nights out. It’s one of my top five favorite cities in the world and I relish any chance to visit. The fast pace creates a sense of permanent change and the crowds, the multi-culturalism, and the food keeps me continuously coming back. Oh, the food! I could sit bent over a noodle bowl all day long! Hong […]

10 of the Best New Travel Apps of 2014

On the first Tuesday of each month, Dave Dean from Too Many Adapters gives us great tips and advice on travel tech and gear. This month’s column is on the best apps to help manage and save on your trip. There’s no shortage of travel apps cluttering up the Android and Apple marketplaces these days – and that’s a problem as most of them are terrible. Sorting out useless ones from those worth installing is not the most fun you’ll ever […]

6 Lessons Learned from 3 Months in China

China is a fascinating and rapidly changing country. Old customs and habits hang on as modern skyscrapers go up every second, the country becomes more of a global powerhouse, and people from around the world move there. Last year, my friend, Scott Young, best known as a learning hacker who learned MIT’s entire computer science program in one year, said to me “I’m going to travel the world for a year and learn languages.” I was thrilled with the idea! […]

How to Change the “I’m Too Poor to Travel” Mindset and Say Yes to Travel

“Your advice is great if you are middle-class, your parents are giving you money, or you’re from the West. Your website can never work for me. I’m too poor to travel. This advice is only for privileged people.” I encounter this line of thought frequently, and after two recently-published articles on Thrillist and Thought Catalog, I’ve heard it even more lately. Every travel naysayer believes their situation is special, that they can’t manage what someone else did for “x, y, […]

10 Common Fears That Stop You from Traveling Solo

On the second Wednesday of the month, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes a column featuring tips and advice on solo female travel. It’s not a topic I can cover and, since there’s a lot of female travelers out there, I felt it was important to bring in an expert. This is her column this month. If you had asked me five years ago if I would ever travel alone, I would have immediately said, “No way. That […]