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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Matt this is an excellent review. I have spent time in every one of these hoods, growing up in NJ. I’d add: Sunnyside, Queens. We did a house sit there last week. Freaking fabulous, and walking distance to rocking Astoria.

  2. Mary

    Hi Matt. Thank you as always for superb content. One small frustration ?. The chat pop up on th cruise site made it impossible to actually negotiate the information that might have been there. Could they tone it down a little – or a lot even ?. Kind regards. Mary

  3. Boraxo

    This is a great summary of the neighborhoods but pretty useless to those looking to use points to avoid really expensive hotel prices. There are a ton of points options but few listed here. Also there is no Club Quarters on earth that would rate as a luxury property.

  4. Jakob Rejser

    Hi Matt. Thanks for an inspiring article about NYC. Despite my 43 years of age I’ve never experienced the city. How can that be? Never the less New York just moved a few positions up on my bucket list. Hope to go before I turn 50 🙂

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