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The Secrets to Teaching Overseas
From Practicing Teachers

Land Your Dream Job in Your Dream Country

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Looking to get a teaching job overseas but not sure where to start?

Worried it might be hard to get a job?

Well, it's easier than you think... even if you have never taught a day in your life.

While getting a teaching job might seem like a time consuming and stressful process, it's actually very easy once you know just a few tips and tricks (tips and tricks I learned from teaching throughout Asia).

This 166 page book will eliminate your stress, fear, confusion and anxiety about finding a job. It will save you weeks of online research and give you the most accurate and updated information from real teachers so land your dream job. I'll show you step-by-step exactly what to do, so that you can travel abroad and land a job in this confusing and competitive field. You'll also learn from practicing teachers, and they'll share the secrets that they've learned from time in the field.

Deciding to teach English overseas can be exhilarating but most people feel overwhelmed. I know. I was once looking for a job myself. I'm Nomadic Matt, and you probably have seen my popular travel blog at When I started teaching English 5 years ago, I was exactly where you are now. I had these same concerns and questions. I know firsthand how stressful and confusing the process can seem.

Like you, I didn't really know where to begin. I was lost and spent days searching the Internet, trying to find up-to-date, honest, and accurate information. I rarely found any, which only added to my stress.

It was only through trial and error and talking to other teachers that I found the information I was looking for. As I began blogging and talking about my own years being a teacher, readers kept asking me questions about how they could find a job, where they could find resources, and what they needed to do.

And as I began writing down everything that I knew, it grew into a book, and then a big book, and now it's a complete 166 page book packed full of everything that you need to know. I wrote this book for beginners and those dreaming of living and teaching overseas as a one stop shop to save time, energy, and frustration so that you can learn how simple the process really is and be teaching sooner. If that describes what you are looking for, you're in the right place.

This book is so useful that it will eliminate your stress, fear, confusion and anxiety about finding a job. It will save you weeks of online research and give you the most accurate and updated information from real teachers so land your dream job.

There is so much information on the Internet about teaching overseas and most of it is a ploy from schools just trying to recruit you to sign up for one of their TEFL courses. Thus, a lot of those sources cannot be trusted. This book is not like that. Matt's book provided me with so much practical information and answered many of my questions. It was a great investment.

Bara Katz

Deciding to teach English overseas
can be exhilarating yet
most people feel overwhelmed.

There is a lot to consider:

And we'll discuss each of these points, and I'll share everything that I know about how to You don't need to be stressed about finding the perfect resource. I'm here. I've been in your shoes. Let me help you, and make your life easier.

Here's how this book can help you get started Teaching English - right now.

Save You Time & Energy

I've spent dozens of hours writing about my experience, dissecting TEFL degrees, interviewing teachers, and compiling up to date country information and job resources so you can spend your time getting a job instead of wasting days searching google.

Erase Your Fears

A lot of people feel daunted by the process of getting a teaching job. I'll break down the entire process into simple and easy to understand parts. After reading this book, you'll see that getting a job is easier than it seem - and you'll have the skills to get one!

Understand the Hiring Process

I break down the hiring process, telling you how to find a reputable company., what to look for in a contract, how to apply for a job, where to find jobs on the internet, and everything in between. When it comes time to interview for a position, you'll be fully prepared.

Understand Teaching Degrees

This book helps you understand the most misunderstood aspect of teaching: teaching certificates. I compare compare and contrasts the major teaching programs and tell you when you need them and when they are a waste of time. Plus, you'll learn the best place to get a degree fast and affordably.

Comprehensive Country Info

You'll get information you won't find anywhere else online for the top 15 teaching locations in the world including working conditions, salaries, benefits, cost of living, and visa information,. This section provides all the information you need to make an informed decision on where to work.

Comprehensive Resource List

I've compiled the best online websites and job boards that don't charge fees for applying. You won't have to worry if these companies are legit because I've already vetted them. With these resources, you'll start your job search on the right footing.

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Included in this book are 12 first hand accounts of what it's like to teach English overseas. This is not something you will find anywhere else on the Internet. I interviewed teachers from Asia, Europe, Central and South America and asked them to describe their life as a teacher, the hiring and visa process, and offer advice for new teachers. These interviews will give you a personal and first hand account of what it's like to be an actual teacher – the ups, the downs, and the amazing good time each teacher had.


carrie kellenberger

Included in this book is an interview with Carrie Kellenberger from the Reach to Teach, a premier job placement firm. In our exclusive interview, Carrie gives advice on how to present yourself at interviews, what to include on your resume, deal contracts, what schools look for in new teachers, and how to find the best jobs out there. This interview will give you the real low down on the hiring process. Carrie was an English teacher in Taiwan for years before starting this company and has placed teachers throughout Asia and Europe.

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Look at these results - from people just like you, who have used my techniques to land teaching jobs all over the world.

"If you really want to understand the truth about teaching English overseas and save yourself hours in the process, buy How to Teach English Overseas. The real life teacher experiences are invaluable and having so many of them in one place is a real bonus."


"Matt's book made me feel totally equipped to find a job abroad that would fit what I was looking for. I really appreciated the variety of locations he covered and how he dives into the pros and cons of each, in addition to providing resources for actually finding jobs in those areas. Matt made teaching English overseas no longer feel like a complicated process."


"My favorite part of the book is the crapload of information about teaching in different countries. It's damned near impossible to find all this stuff rounded up in one location. There's nobody trying to sell you a job, it's all honest, raw information. Matt's no novice either, he's taught in both Taiwan and Thailand, so he knows what he's talking about."


Here is the actual table of contents:






And what separates this book from every other book or website out there the on the ground information about the application process, job types, current teacher salaries, job conditions, cost of living, and visa processes for the most popular teaching destinations in the world.

This in depth section will give you all the information you need to know about a country to help you decide on where to find a job:

Argentina Germany Poland Belgium Guatemala Russia China	Italy	Spain Dubai	Japan	Taiwan Ecuador	Korea	Thailand France	Mexico	Ukraine

Plus: Lifetime updates

And you'll get lifetime updates for free. Each year, I spend a couple weeks combing the internet for new information, and updating this book with all of the latest and greatest. I keep everything current, so that you have the most accurate information for all of your decisions, including choosing where to teach. How awesome is that?

This is the exact book that I wish I had when I was teaching English overseas.

Why am I so passionate about this?

One of the greatest things I did was teach English while overseas. That experience allowed me learn about new cultures, new languages, make international friends, and break out of my routine. Most importantly teaching showed me that if I can get up and move to a new culture and survive, I could do anything I put my mind to. Purchasing this 166 page book will put everything in perspective and give you the tools you need to travel the world and work overseas by doing something you do everyday: speak English.

All of the information you need to land a teaching job is in this book, so reading it will save you both time and money. Even if you are not sure where you want to teach, the country specific information and interviews will help you choose the location that is best for you. Additionally, this book will show you how to avoid scams and pitfalls, which insures that teaching abroad will be a safe and fun experience.


I purchased your book "How to Teach English Overseas" initially because of all the reviews I read. The book was EXTREMELY informative in guiding my decision to proceed in that field. I'd like to work, travel, and write similar to what you do everyday! I am in the process of getting my bachelor degree in English, I only have a year left and after reading your book it motivated me even more to complete my studies so that I have the edge I need when looking for work overseas. The book had all the useful information I needed to make an informed decision and answered many questions I had.

Leah Scott


Get started teaching english overseas for only


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Nomadic Matt's Famous Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied with this book, email me within 30 days of purchasing this book and I will refund your money. No questions asked. Why? Because I am that confident you will find this information as valuable. I've done my homework, and know that it is the most valuable resource on the market. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

I purchased the Teaching English book because I wanted to teach abroad. I read it while I was doing my TEFL and searching for jobs. I followed the suggestion to use I-to-I for my first job. I plan on going overseas to teach again and referencing the book more.

Nicole V.

I wanted to explore options for ways to travel and live abroad. I purchased the Teaching English book, and loved the country breakdowns. I followed your advice and took a TEFL course through i-to-i, and have my 120 hour certificate. To gain experience I contacted a refugee organization locally to volunteer to teach immigrants English for a few months before looking for something overseas.


I've thought about teaching English in a Latin American country. I purchased the Teaching English book because I liked that there were interviews with people who have actually taught in these places.


I purchased the Teaching English book because of the free updates and details about multiple countries. II want to teach overseas and I found this book to be very informative. A great first step to the process of teaching abroad.

Kim S.

I wanted to learn about teaching English overseas, and to make a choice about where to teach. I purchased the Teaching English book because it was about what I wanted to know, and I've found Nomadic Matt to be a valuable resource in the past.

Franki K.

I purchased the Teaching English book because I wanted to learn from current teachers working abroad and I was also interested in the resources to aid in the job hunt. I followed some of the advice and because I'm currently an educator, I found my job at Singapore American School through

Peggy L.

I purchased the Teaching English book to learn more about working abroad options, the country studies and specificity in job searching was very appealing. I followed some of the advice and I’m working as an au pair currently, but have ideas of teaching in the future.

Paula B.

I purchased the Teaching English book because I wanted to update myself on TESOL opportunities and I really enjoy reading about this topic. I have a TESOL certificate I earned about 15 - 20 years ago and I think about trying to do this again.

Michael B.

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