Save Money On The Road

How to Save Money on the Road

If you want to travel cheaper, longer, and better, you need to make your money last on the road. Every dollar adds up and even if you are only traveling for two weeks, it’s better to spend money on the activities and meals you want instead of giving it to banks or wasting it on unnecessary expenses. These articles will tell you how to stretch your dollar on the road, make money, live well, and avoid costly mistakes!

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Reader Story: How Angela Travels the World as an Au Pair

Ever wanted to work and travel around the world? In this reader story, Angéla shares how she went from never traveling to living abroad and working in 7 different countries. By working as an au pair, Angéla has found a way to both travel and earn money anywhere in the world.

How to Find Work Overseas: 15 Ways to Earn Money When You Travel

You don't have to have a lot of money to travel because you can work while you are on the road! Find work abroad is a lot easier than you think. In this post, I share 15 ways you can earn money when you travel so you can keep exploring the world!

Extreme Budget Traveling (Less Than $10 a Day) with Tomislav from Croatia

A financial crisis led to community member and author Tomislav Perko losing everything. But through Couchsurfing, he gained a love for travel. In this interview, he shares how becoming broke was one of the best things to happen to him as well as the challenges and rewards of traveling on a small budget.

How to Travel Across the United States on $50 a Day

America may not be the greatest budget travel destination, but traveling here on the cheap is certainly possible! With some creativity and patience, it is relatively easy to travel the US on $50 per day – or less!

How to Move Abroad and Save Money

Tim Leffel is a budget travel expert. He is a whiz when it comes to finding cheap destinations and maximizing their value. For anyone thinking of moving abroad to save money, Tim can tell you where to go and how much you will need to live a life of luxury – for cheap!

14 Ways to Safely Hitchhike Across the United States

Over the years, hitchhiking has developed a bad reputation, mostly thanks to the media. It is actually a rather safe way to explore – including in America! If you've always dreamed of hitchhiking but are unsure of how to do it, where to begin, and how to stay safe, these tips will get you started!

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