Family and Senior Travel

Family and Senior Travel

Family travel can be challenging as it often requires more planning (and more money) than solo travel – but that hardly makes it impossible (even if you have lots of kids). Many families travel long-term – and well – on very little money. Senior travel also presents a unique set of challenges – from comfort to money to health. As a younger single guy, there’s a lot of advice in both areas I can’t help with. I simply don’t have the experience to give solid advice! So I brought in experts who can! In this section, you’ll find numerous interviews and guest posts that illustrate a) we are never too old to explore, learn, and travel and b) that you can take your family on that dream vacation or round-the-world adventure without breaking the bank!

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Embracing Change: Health Scares, Retirement, and Travel

After almost losing her husband to kidney failure, Donella decided it was time to make her travel dreams a priority. She and her husband retired and sold all of their possessions, embracing a new life of travel. In this interview, she shares her travel tips and insights for older travelers.

How this Boomer Canadian Couple Traveled the World for a Year

Esther is an elementary school principal from Canada. She and her husband recently packed their bags for a year-long, round-the-world sabbatical. They are traveling the world on a budget, and in this interview, they share their tips and advice for other older travelers, proving that you're never too old to embrace a life of travel!

How Amanda Educates Her Kids From the Road

In this reader interview, Amanda shares her ultimate tips and tricks for long-term family travel. Amanda shows that it’s possible to not only educate your children on the road, but to do so on a budget. If you've ever considered taking your family on a round-the-world adventure, this expert advice is a must read!

How this Family of 4 Traveled the World for $130 a Day

If you're thinking about traveling with family, this post by Cliff Hsia shares how he traveled around the world for 10 months on a budget with his family of four. He breaks down how he saved money, how he spent money, the amount he budgeted, and why traveling with his young children was tough yet rewarding.

How Jim Didn’t Let a New Disability Change His Travels

In this post, Jim Kirkland, a 64-year-old US Army veteran, explains how he travels with mobility issues due to an unusual autoimmune disease called Inclusion Body Myositis. Here are his tips and advice for how he travels and resources you can use if traveling as a veteran and/or in a wheelchair.

How (and Why) This 72-Year-Old Is Backpacking the World

You’re never too old to travel the world and Sherill is proof. At 72 years old, Sherill has been budget traveling for the past 10 years. In this interview, she discusses how she sold her stuff and went out to finally realize her travel dreams. This interview is filled with practical tips for others looking to do the same!

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