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Do you like to read? ME TOO! I average a book a week and read everything from travel to history, biographies, business, psychology, and self-improvement. Not only does reading a book kill a lot of time on planes, trains, and buses, it also makes you a smarter, more educated, well rounded person.

I recently started a monthly book club to share the best and most helpful books I’ve read with you. If you are looking for more reading ideas and suggestions, join our monthly club and get a list of books sent to once a month! It’s free and there’s only one email per month!

I love reading and want to share all the amazing books I read with you in hopes they will inspire you to travel more and live better.

– Matt

Six reasons to sign up for the book club:
  1. Each month, you’ll get one e-mail with four to five book suggestions for you to read and enjoy.
  2. You won’t have to wonder if a book is good or not.
  3. You’ll get obscure, literary wonders you’ve never heard of.
  4. You’ll learn more about the world and the people in it!
  5. You’ll get ideas for future trips.
  6. Because books make you cool!
  7. Bonus reason: I often give away books, Amazon gift cards, and other literary related items!

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“I want to thank you for helping me rediscover my love for reading with your book suggestions and book club. It helped me create my goal of a book a week this year. Almost there! And the four books I just bought will get me a little bit closer.” – Chris S.

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Some recent suggestions

To get book suggestions sent to you for free, just enter your name and email below:

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