Auckland Travel Guide

Auckland, New Zealand skyline
Auckland is the largest and most populous city in the country (it is not the capital though, Wellington is). As a tourist city, it’s not one of New Zealand’s best. I found the city to be a bit ugly, sprawling, and sort of bland. There’s some fun activities, food, and nightlife in Auckland, so I wouldn’t write the city off, but I wouldn’t spend a lot of time here as there are more exciting and more beautiful places in the country.

Typical Costs

Hostel prices – Dorm rooms range from 15-40 NZD, and private double rooms range from 60-90 NZD per night.

Budget hotel prices – You can find budget hotels for between 65-100 NZD per night. If you go outside the city center, you can find rooms as cheap as 40 NZD per night.

Average cost of food – Budget meals, such as sandwiches, pizza, and fast food cost between 7-23 NZD, while sit down restaurants cost around 30 NZD. A week’s worth of groceries will cost between 60-75 NZD.

Transportation costs – Bus fare ranges from 2.50 NZD for short trips to 10.50 NZD around the entire city. The link bus on Queen Street runs every 10 minutes and costs 2 NZD. Train fares run between 1-2 NZD . The AT HOP is good for one day unlimited travel on most all buses for 16 NZD. HOP passes cost 5 NZD to purchase and can be topped up around the city and can also be used to purchase snacks and newspapers at certain retailers. HOP cards save around 10%. Ferries to Rangitoto and Waiheke cost 30-36 NZD for an adult return ticket.

Money Saving Tips

Free wi-fi – Don’t pay for the internet. Go to McDonald’s, and get it free.

Visit backpacker bars – Going out in New Zealand can be expensive. The best way to save money is to participate in the happy hours at the backpacker bars. They usually have 5 NZD drink specials. Start here to save money.

Watch cricket for free – You can watch cricket matches for free if you head to Victoria Park on the weekends and watch the amateur teams play.

Top Things to See and Do in Auckland

Bungy jump – One of the world’s first bungy jumps is operated by AJ Hackett, the man who created bungy jumping. Here you jump off the bridge into the harbor. If you want something higher, head down to Queenstown for the 143-meter Nevis jump.

Explore the Hauraki Gulf – The gulf has an amazing array of sealife and activities. You can go scuba diving, boating, sailing, fishing, and whale watching here.

Go up Sky Tower – This tower is over 1000 feet high and is the tallest in the southern hemisphere. It gives you panoramic views of the city and has a revolving restaurant at the top. It’s also connected to the city casino.

Shop at Otara Flea Market – Every Saturday, there is a large Polynesian and Maori market, full of clothes, food, and local items. You can get some amazing deals here as well as delicious food.

Hang out on the Auckland Domain – This giant, beautiful park in the middle of Auckland. During the warm summer months, this place is filled with people running, playing sports, and just laying out. There are a lot of nice walks here and beautiful gardens.

Visit Auckland Zoo – This zoo has 150 animal species, 500 animals, and a number of different habitats such as the Rainforest and Pridelands. Most people don’t normally visit zoos but they have a lot of wildlife from the region.

Head to Waitakere Ranges – Waitakere Ranges have impressive waterfalls and rugged but beautiful beaches. They are a popular day trip for locals, especially during the summer time when temperatures get really hot.

Visit the north shore – Auckland’s main beach area is popular with locals and tourists alike. The nightlife here is also very active and you can even do some surfing. Every local will tell you this area is a “must see.”

Check out MOTAT – Also known as the Museum of Transport and Technology, this interactive museum is host to more than 300,000 technology and transportation-related items. If you happen to be going to the zoo, you might as well stop here, as it is a few blocks away. Admission is 16 NZD.

Head underwater at Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium – Here, you can peer through the depths at an array of fish, stingrays, and sharks, which swim around you as you travel through a long transparent tunnel. Additionally, you can experience the Antarctic in the permanent winter exhibit.

Go back in time at Howick Historical Village – This is one of those ‘living museums’ that really makes you feel like you are in another time. With staff dressed in costumes dating back to the mid-1800’s and speaking in peculiar accents, it’s fun and cheesy all at once.

Walk through Waikumete Cemetery – This is the largest cemetery in the country. It is home to a number of heritage buildings, including the Corban family mausoleum. It is really interesting to walk around and the dates on many of the tombstones can be startling to really think about. If you happen to be here on the first Sunday of a month, guided tours are available at no charge.

See the Gannet Colony at Muriwai – Along the Muriwai beach, you can find thousands of breeding gannet birds nesting between the black sand dunes. They are here between August and March. There are two viewing platforms from which to watch the birds. If you’re not a bird person, you can also come to Muriwai for the surfing, biking, or hiking. A surf school is set up at a spot on the beach.