Win Round Trip Airline Tickets to Anywhere in the World!

By Nomadic Matt | Published July 23rd, 2012

plane flying around the worldRemember last year when I gave away all 400,000 of my American Airlines frequent flier miles? Well, I’m doing it again. Every year on the anniversary of when I left on my trip back in 2006, I decided I will give away my current balance of frequent flier miles so that other people can go out and explore the world too.

I rarely use my miles. I care more about elite flier status so I can get upgrades and lounge access rather than having miles for free flights. I want those perks on every flight I fly, not just the ones I use miles for.

So instead of having my miles just accumulate, I want to give them away because I want other people to experience the wonder of travel just like I have.

As of today, I have 55,000 AMEX membership reward points and 80,000 United MileagePlus points. All of which I am giving away.

What do you win?

First Prize: One round trip economy class ticket on a Star Alliance airline anywhere in the world.

Second Prize: One round trip domestic economy class ticket.

(Note: For the purposes of this contest, the word “domestic” means the following: Australia, Canada, China, India, and United States – within your own country, European Country – anywhere in Europe, Southeast Asian Country – within the region, Africa – within the half of the continent closest to you, New Zealand – your country plus the east coast of Australia, East Asia – within the region, Central America – the region plus North or South America, South America – within the continent).

How do you win?


Who can enter?

Anyone 18 years of age or older with a valid passport at the time of drawing. This contest is open to citizens of the world – doesn’t matter where you are from.

Picking the Winner

All entries must be in by August 6st. I will pick a winner on August 15th. You must book your trip with me by October 1st, 2012, but I don’t care when you actually depart on your trip.

All that Other Legal Fine Print

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must have a valid passport.
  3. All visa issues and costs related to your destination are the responsibility of the winner.
  4. All airline ticket dates and bookings are subject to availability.
  5. All ticket change fees are the responsibility of the winning party and are not liable by me.
  6. Winner absolves me of any and all liability regarding accidents, mishaps, problems with airlines, and anything that might be bad in the universe to them prior, during, and after their trip.
  7. Void where prohibited.
  8. If the winner does not meet the entry requirements or rules, he/she forfeits their ticket and a new winner will be chosen.
  9. Once the ticket is bought, winner accepts all responsibility for any and all fees or contact with the participating airline.
  10. Winners of one prize are ineligible to win the other.
  11. Nomadic Matt is not responsible for any expenses beyond the cost of the ticket.

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Matt! What a champion! How generous of you. Hope I win :)

I was just looking at RTW flights, must be fate haha. Great newsletter too, worth signing up for sure. spreading the word!


Amazing! Never been out of the country and would love to win!

Mark Bowness

Great idea – very generous! There are so many places in the world I would love to visit. Spreading the word also!


How generous! If I win first place I’ll be able to travel to take that language class I’ve been saving for. If I win second place I’ll still be happy because this means I’ll be able to visit my family. And if I don’t win ….. well, please post pics so I can live vicariously through you ;)

Thats generous Matt!! Excited to enter!
Just a question though! I subscribed to your newsletter quite a while back. How does it work in that case?


If you are already a newsletter subscriber, you will get something in your inbox later today! Short version: If you are a newsletter subscriber, you can do this too!

Great idea, too many destinations bouncing around in my head.

Thanks Matt!


So generous, Matt! I might just have to win, fly to Japan again and ship you back that 14,000 Yen sushi dinner as a thank you. :P


Epic giveaway! Thank you for being so generous and Happy Anniversary :)

Saeyoon Chung

Hi Matt.. thank you for being generous.

Regardless of the outcome, I’m definitely heading back to S.Korea this year to travel and find ‘the meaning of life.’ I’m burnt out.

Let me know if and when you’re travelling to S.Korea. I don’t know how long I’m going to be there so..


hi’re being so would be great if i can fly to Turkey or Oslo for free…i hope u pick me..heheheehe
i always enjoy ur blog..i got a lot help from ur blog for my Austalia trip..
thanks and hv a great day


Wow!! That is such a kind thing to do! A trip like that might be what I need to kick me off to travelling more. I could soooo see doing photo all over the world, a photo blog!!

Chris Barragan

So pumped about this! Crossing my fingers! I have been trying to get back to the Middle East for two years now!


You are very generous. Thx for sharing your experiences.

That’s a pretty awesome thing to do Matt : )

What a great (and generous) idea Matt. If I were to be lucky enough to win I’d use the miles to visit my boyfriend’s home island of Mauritius so that I could finally meet his family and tie the knot!

Happy travels!

Very generous Matt. You’re providing the opportunity for the winners to create life-long memories. I’m considering doing some solo travel in 2013 … Winning a trip would be the perfect catalyst to stop talking and go! I look forward to hearing the stories from whoever wins.


Thank you for being so generous!


Dear Matt,
You are a gem!
How utterly amazing and kind of you to offer up a chance for someone to take that *magical* trip they have always dreamed of. I know I’ll be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it might be me, but my best wishes go out to whoever the lucky person is!

Sue's Kid

Wow, Matt, you are amazingly generous. Just in case I’m lucky enough to win, my Mom and I are out of town and out of internet range from Aug 15th-31st and you’ll get a big ‘ol fuzzy hug over cyberspace when we get back.

Really enjoying your blog.

Best wishes to whomever wins!

Annie McIntyre

Dear Matt,

Thank you for giving us all the chance to see places that we have only dreamed of going! Your travel suggestions rock! As a long time traveler I appreciate your unique viewpoint.

Thank you for your generosity and graciousness with this contest. I hope you have an amazing time in Sweden, as well as on all the side trips you are taking – like Croatia. Lucky you!!!

I look forward to the possibility of wining a ticket to a destination I have planned on going to for years. (I’ll get there one way or another, but winning would be a dream come true!)

All the best to you,



This-is-awesome! I’m pretty excited about this contest – and you know whoever wins will appreciate the heck out of it! Just one question, how many times can each person enter? I didn’t see that in the rules.
– Leah

Lisa Crozier

How gracious of you! I would love to win so I could fly to Norge to visit “min soster og beste venn” and help with lambing (lamming) on her family farm! I’m learning to read and write en Norsk with her help!

Nice giveaway Matt!
It was awesome to read that you have been in my hometown croatia ;-)

AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!! And THIS is why you stay on top! Come one – Chrystal wants to go to South Africa!!

I LOVE this idea and that you’re giving back to your readers. My top choice is Seoul, South Korea with Paris coming in at a close second! Fingers crossed.

Maryanne Wilson

How generous of you! You’ll be giving someone an invaluable and hopefully life-changing experience!

Wow… generous!! Thanks for offering a giveaway like this :) A question, though – for the 2nd place domestic ticket, how do entrants determine their ‘domestic’ country? Is it the country of citizenship or the country of permanent residence? They’re different for some readers…or maybe could it even be whereever you’d like? ;)


Wow..a great newsletter today..I hope to win and see the world, thank you Matt


Im feeling lucky :-) …..thanks for the opportunity.

Wow! Awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed!


aww I die to win It is really the dream of my life, that’s why I have subscribed to your newsletter long time ago because makes me happy to read it thinking I will have the chance to use all your advices someday :) thank you


Thank you for your generosity Nomadic Matt :)

You are definitely an inspiration to people like me! Hah. Still working on save enough to travel the world for awhile :)

love your generous spirit Matt – an example for all of us!

Justin Benko

This is amazing thanks Matt. I am already a subscriber and I entered my info into the contest page. Is that enough to be entered? Thanks again!

What an amazing and generous offer! I would be over the moon to win – you rock!


Love it…the guy who inspires us to travel also provides the means for us to do likewise. Thanks, Matt!

Awesome! Thanks Matt. Hope we win;-)


Hi Matt!

So excited you are running this competition again! :)

Now comes the silly question from me – on the entry form, are you wanting us to explain why we have chosen the destination we would like to visit? or are you simply wanting the destination with no explanation?

Just making sure i have covered all bases ;)

Have fun on your trip to Croatia!

Georgia :)

Simona Minca

Thumbs up for doing this, Matt!Great people do great things and summer became a little bit more exciting for your readers now thanks to you:).
I’ll keep my fingers crossed while thinking of my favourite destination!



Dear Matt,
At this point it isn’t the most original comment, but anyway, it is true: this is so generous of you!!!!!
Throughout your blog, people (us, readers) may agree or disagree with you on different topics, however you’ve consistently proven that your interest in encouraging people to travel is genuine, and this is just the icing on the cake!
Thank you for inspiring us, and good luck on your trip to Croatia!

Karen Connors

Looking forward to the newsletter!!

Kathryn I

Thanks for offering such a great opportunity to see the world!

Anna Victoria Martinez

This so great! Thank you for the opportunity!

Wooohooo! I was just about to buy my flight to Phuket but I’m going to wait now! Hope I win! :)

Moraima Diaz

So many places, so little money! Would be so awesome!!!


Amazing competition… Love how you’re sharing the wealth and willing it upon others to get a taste of what you experience whle travelling

Wonderful and generous idea. Thanks for sharing! And tweeting it…now….


Thanks for doing this Matt! I applaud you for opening our eyes on the world of travel. I could use the miles to visit home in Malaysia :)

Sandra Mara

Aww! I haven’t seen my family (parents and siblings) in 10 years and I’m looking for RWT so I can see them. Fingers crossed!!! :)

This is amazing. You are enabling people’s dreams through this contest and I can’t thank you enough!

Miles giveaways are the best kind! Great contest!


What a brilliant idea! Will keep fingers crossed. I am excited, too, to know the places everyone would wish to go. Will you be sharing that in some sort of summary of entry responses?

So impressed! What a cool thing to do, Matt.

Laura Patton

Really sound of you.

Now must quell hopes of winning. Too awesome to contemplate!


Thanks so much – that is really kind and I really appreciate the chance to win!

Love to be in Paris…

Great stuff Matt, keep it up…


Thank you for this opportunity!! very nice of you
Who knows, if i’m lucky I might get the chance to go back to my country for a bit :)


All your good karma points are totally cancelling out any of our carbon footprint points. :) Seriously, this is an incredibly generous and amazing thing to do!

Of course, I hope to win but I think anyone on this website is deserving. WANDERLUST, GO!


amazing offer! hope i win…even if i do not, i shall be following your tips and guides

Waiting, will see…………


I loved just thinking about where I would go.

Thanks for the generosity and making me really think about where i would love to go.


Matt, whether i win or not, i have been subscribed to your newsletter for a long time and enjoy it a lot, plus giving away all these miles to someone else shows you are a good at heart person, very few will do this.


a great blog and a great man who gives away a prize of this kind !! If i win i hope i can visit Russia my country of birth again, i have never been back since i left 21 years ago and would love to see my family and friends . Best of wishes

carlo bravo

Hello matt,

thanks for sharing this great opportunity to bump off other peoples’s mileage! i recently got my passport at age of 26, and feel that i have lost golden time to pursue travelling. i am now certified travel enthusiast and cant wait to see the world more from what i have already seen and experienced!

Matt – Great giveaway and cleverly serves two excellent goals! I sent an email BTW, asking about a certain travel conundrum..and give a holler if you crave some Northern Cali coastal wine country!


hey! I came upon your site just because of this giveaway but as I’ve explored the site I absolutely love it! I’m a 22 year old female from Canada who wants to travel but is scared and thanks to your site I’m going to get my a$$ up and do it lol.

Thanks for the chance to win and I love the site!

So exciting! I entered :) Ooooh lala !


Thanks for being so generous! I hope whoever wins shares their stories and photos so we can all enjoy what you’re giving away (and obviously hope more that it’s me).

Could be tricky if if one of us Austalians wins second through, as we don’t have domestic Star Alliance flights. You’d either have to go to a domestic destination via international routing (SIA or Air NZ) or hope whoever yours points are with is a Vigin partner :)

maria jacob

ahhhhhhh matt you would change someone’s life with this kind of prize! fingers crossed!

This is awesome. I want to go to travel more. Or at least have a way to go back and visit my family in Maine.


Tony Chan

You’re the Champion Matt!
What a generous offer!
Thanks for hosting this contest!

Looking forward to it! Great initiative regardless, good on you Matt!

This is huge!! Exciting opportunity, Matt! Many thanks for this! :)


Thank you for such an exciting and generous contest :)

I live in the Middle East (Israel) – what would my “domestic” area be? Very few of the surrounding countries accept visitors from here! lol


People start travelling for all kinds of reasons and sometimes one needs a way to start the process and you can be my lucky star. Cheers

Actually got me digging really hard for my dream destination :) Fingers crossed! Great work on the blog and the contest!

Annie B.

Woaw! Seriously? So generous of you! Thanks for such opportunity.