Why I’ll Never Stop…

This last weekend was the 2nd annual Travel Blogging Conference (this year in New York City). During one of the panels, they showed a video about travel. More precisely, it was about backpacking but the thoughts, ideas, and themes apply to all travel. Sometimes I think “maybe I need a break.” Sometimes I feel like I’m over it all. Sometimes I’m just bored with it. Then along comes something like this and I am refreshed, renewed, and re-inspired all over again.

(Video from SMU Travel Bug, which is sadly not updated anymore!)

Since I got the link to that video, I have probably watched it a dozen times. I was feeling a little down about traveling lately but now I’m set right and I realize that I’ll never change my life. I love what I do too much.

  1. Anis Salvesen

    The world Is amazing! Thanks for sharing it, Matt!
    I’m currently on the opposite end of the spectrum, sitting in my office with four workmates (note: not a cubicle!), wondering what happened to my day. This video inspired me; there is more to life!

  2. Ali

    Wow! That video was great! It spoke to me & reminds me of how much more I want to travel beyond my little 3 weeks of vacation per year. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

  3. jaime

    WOW thank you for posting this video!!! Stuff like this (along with your blog post) is what makes me keep on saving & makes me realize the sacrifices I am making now will be well worth it. I am not a backpacker yet but I will be in a year!!! I am saving enough money to be able to backpack for a year then come home for a bit and leave again for another year!!! I bought your books and loved them. I plan on starting a blog after I am done with school (DEC) and going to document what I am doing to get ready and all the lil thoughts that have crossed my mind. I dont want to give to much away but I think I have found my niche (I havent been able to find it anywhere) & thanks to one of your blog post I have found the name of my blog as well!!! People think I am crazy for wanting to leave it all behind but I know I am not. I tell them that this world is our playground and we should go out and play in it!!!

  4. Cool video Matt, thanks for sharing :) I wish I had joined you this year! Hopefully they’ll make a second TBEX in Europe apart from the Vancouver one next year. I would have gone to New York (it’s not that expensive or time consuming from Europe) if the timing had been slightly different, but Vancouver really is as far as they could possibly make it from anywhere except North Americans…

    FYI that video is blocked in a lot of countries (like Germany) due to copyrighted music included. If anyone else has this problem, they can open the URL from a proxy site like hidemyass

  5. I’ve gone through periods of thinking that I’m bored of travelling and would rather stay at home but it never lasts long. I’ll be at home for a couple of months and I’ll be like, omg, I need to go somewhere! The desire always returns.

    Great video, I’m tempted to book a trip right now!

  6. Nice video, I slightly beg to differ on the context. Lately I have been running into many “travelers” that are not willing to take 5 and visit or even say Hello. So I think it really depends on a person motivation if it is based in selfishness in seeing the sites only, or a true interest in the locals and their culture and the dynamics of the country.

  7. Thanks for sharing this – at (almost) 26 years of age and with (almost) a PhD under my belt, I’m constantly getting questions about ‘what next’. When I tell people I plan to just travel after I finish get my doctorate, they look at me like I’m wasting my life.

    However, it’s all I want, and it’s the only thing that makes me truly happy. I’ve spent more time traveling in the past four years than I probably should have, but I have the most amazing memories, and I know that the next trip is only ever a few months around the corner.

    I hope this video inspires a new generation of generous, fun, amazing travelers who are willing to share their experiences and get to know others and do things that scare them.

  8. What a great video, I too have been feeling a bit of travel burnout but it reminded me why I am doing this. And while, yes I’ve met some people who aren’t the friendlies, it reminds me that I need to extend myself a bit more.

  9. Dylan Lowe

    Thanks Matt for sharing, great vid! It did restore a lot of faith in me for travelling. What’s been bothering you? Whatever it is you’re not in this alone mate!

    Happy travels buddy :)

  10. vicki j

    Great stuff…which led to this question…does anyone backpack across the US? Particularly young adults from overseas?

  11. Thanks for sharing this! Even during this little biz trip I’m on, the mini adventure I get from taking the trains and stumbling along to the airport helps me feel like a mini-backpacker… And continues to fuel the travel itch. Day-job dwellers, you can still pretend and find little ways to live like a backpacker! Ready for Spain- France- Italy this summer… and more train adventures.

  12. CJ

    Matt – Have checked out your website a few times over the past couple years as I had been living in NZ and traveling the world from there for the past 5 years and I was glad to see that your travel video didn’t focus on the partying/drinking and rather the outdoors and cultural activities and friendships formed across cultures and languages. Some people have false perceptions about young people traveling (partying) the world and as Americans we often get a bit of a reputation, but its really can be such a healthy, positive experience. Most of us respect the cultures and environments of the places we visit and I am glad this video can portray that. Cheers Mate!

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