What’s in Store for 2013

By Nomadic Matt | Published January 2nd, 2013

welcome to 2013 readersWelcome to 2013! I’m really looking forward to this year as it will bring just as many changes as the last one did. Last year was a big year for me: I finished my book, realized I want to settle down, lived in Sweden for a bit, redesigned my site, launched a blogging course, and somehow still found time to visit 20 countries and enjoy life.

This year will also be full of change and I want to kick off the new year with a little preview of what you can expect this coming year. One of the big things that will change in 2013 is that I’m going to be featuring community members on the site more often to share their inspirational stories. 2013 is the year of the interactive website.

So here’s my five big projects:

Travel App
I’m in the process of building my first smartphone app. It will be released sometime in the middle of April, and will allow you to enter your expenses, track your spending, and compare your budget against my suggested budget, based on where you’re visiting and what “style” of travel you pick. My goal with this app is to give you a better frame of reference for knowing how much to spend and whether you are staying on budget or not.

If you’re interested in the app and want to be part of the first group to try it out, enter your information below. You’ll also get first access to the app for a discounted price before it’s released to the general public.


Book Tour
Next month (February 5th), my book finally comes out!!! You’ll be hearing more about it starting next week but one of the things I’ll be doing to promote the book is a two month book tour around the U.S. I’ve never done a book tour and I have no idea what to expect from it. But I am excited and it gives me a great chance to meet many of the readers of this site. At each event, you will get to hear firsthand my story, information about the book, and some of my best travel tips. Plus, there will be drinks and food involved. I’ll be writing a longer post with all of the details in 2 weeks. If you live in a major city and want me to stop there as part of the tour, leave a comment.

More Videos
I say this every year, but this year I am serious about it. My YouTube channel is barely alive and I’m going to bring it back from the dead. Now that I am slowing down in 2013 and settling in one place, I’m going to have more time to work on the videos. Plus, my assistant knows how to make good videos, so getting her involved should speed up the process. I’m already working on one about choosing a backpack. I’m going to revive my monthly question and answer series as well, so leave a question in the comment section below if you want to be part of January’s Q&A.

Nomadic Matt’s First Tour
Sometime during September or October, I’ll be leading a two-week tour around my favorite spots in Europe. I’m thrilled to explore this opportunity; I really enjoy being a tour guide so I can’t wait to lead a group and teach them about my favorite places. The group will be small (no more than 15 people) and details haven’t been worked out yet, but if you’re interested in learning more as this develops, join this list:


The tour is just a sketch on my whiteboard but I’ll be keeping costs down as much as I can!

More of Your Stories
While I was in Africa, I hosted a week-long series featuring readers who have gone out and lived their travel dreams. I plan to do that on a much more regular basis this year. If you want to be featured on this blog, e-mail me at [email protected] with the title “Success story” and give me some background on yourself! At the moment, I am looking for people who fit into these four categories:

  • Have used this site to save money on a short term (2-3 weeks) vacation.
  • Are 50+ as I want to demonstrate this type of travel is not just for young people.
  • Traveled the world as a family on a budget.
  • Returned home from a long and re-adjusted to life i.e. new job, new apartment, no problems. A lot of people worry about what happens when they return.

So if you fall into one of those four categories, I — along with everyone else here — would love to hear your story.

In addition to the book launch (which is probably the biggest event of the year), these are the other projects I’ll be working in 2013. I can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store but whatever it is, I have a feeling that it’s going to be good.

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Come to Raleigh, NC, for your book tour!

I second that. Raleigh would love to meet you!


Well, maybe if we can find some more Raleigh folks, this is will happen!

Carole Kanoff

NASHVILLE…..would love to meet you :)

Angela O.


Chicago please for book tour! :)

Nathan Aguilera

Please come as close to OKC as possible. Dallas maybe?




What a wonderful year you have scheduled!

Book Tour – Nashville, Tennessee

Come to Memphis, TN. It’s listed as one of National Geographic’s top destinations of 2013. I’d be glad to give you a tour!


The app you want to make is already been done by http://www.neverendingvoyage.com/


There’s thousands of similar apps out there. I know they have a similar app because I spoke them in September about building mine or working together. Mine will have a lot more functionality than theirs. I’m not going to stop building mine because someone came out with a similar product.

I mean after all, no one wakes up thinking “I’m not going to open that Italian restaurant. Someone else already has one!”

So I move on with mine.

I respect your comment about the Italian restaurant, Matt. Stick to your plans. If you’re ever in Hobbit Country I’d love to show you some of our sites. Yours, from sunny Auckland!


Thanks Mark!


That’s the way to go Matt. There are so many apps on the android market offering the same thing albeit differently. Its for the user/customer to decide what they prefer. Go for it!


That’s two of us in Auckland. Must be good for a book tour – even if NOT in the US!


Good point my friend… I just thought I’d point it out just in case you didn’t know :) Good luck!


I know! I tried to partner with them on it and they turned me down.

Welp – here’s to kicking their butts in sales and customer reviews 😉 Cheers from wintery MN!

Any Canadian cities? Hope so.

Sounds like a lot of business in 2013! Also hope you have enough room for semi nomadic travels!


Book Tour – Kansas City


If you’re able to make it out to Canada, I would love to see you in Vancouver!


Canada isn’t on the list yet but it will be sometime this year.

Another vote for Vancouver!


Book tour – Pittsburgh!


A lot of votes for Pittsburgh….guess I’ll have to add that city!

Yes, Pittsburgh please :)

Belfast Northern Ireland, bit of a trek for you!? 😉 but sure you’re used to that!


Austin, Texas!!!


See you there during SXSW!

Would love to see you in Denver! Are you going to do a Chris Guillebeau style unconventional tour and visit all of us? That would be awesome.

We are a family that travels the world on a budget… still in the process of travel, but I would be honored to share our story with your readers. Thanks!


Send me an e-mail then!

If your book tour takes you to Denver, don’t forget about the capital of Wyoming, Cheyenne, only 2 hours north. I’d be happy to serve as your local host.

Jen Walker

Would love for you to come to Cincinnati!


It’s a possibility for there.


D.C of course. You CAN’T NOT tour there.


Already going!

Chicago, Grand Rapids, or Detroit!


Chicago is already on the list.

Looks like a good plan Matt. Looking forward to your new book. I would love to share the story of the trails of returning home after a year abroad when I was 16.


Send me an e-mail!


SF is on my list but not until the end of March!


Hi Matt
Love for you to come to Christchurch New Zealand :) its beautiful here in Hobbit and Lord of Rings country, great to meet you and get an signature copy of your book
Travel is on the cards for me too this year yay!
Happy new year


Book Tour- Pensacola, FL or Mobile, AL! Can’t wait for the” families that have traveled around the world” stories. This has always been a dream of mine, since we homeschool!


Don’t forget a visit to Seattle.


Another vote for Seattle!


Book Tour – Portsmouth NH just an hour north of Boston!

I’d be up for Portsmouth! I was going to say Boston! =)


Louisville KY for the book tour Matt! It’s a great city with lots of stuff to see and do!


Check out pin my travels, and visit portland soon.

Sounds like you have an exciting year ahead! It will be interesting to watch as you become somewhat less-nomadic :)

Wow! Your 2013 looks amazing. It’s wonderful to see a fellow travel blogger expand their business to include more of what readers need. I’m excited to follow your progress and look forward to watching Nomadic Matt grow! Happy New Year!

Wow! Your 2013 looks amazing. It’s wonderful to see a fellow travel blogger expand their business to include more of what readers need. I’m excited to follow your progress and look forward to watching Nomadic Matt grow! Happy New Year!


COME TO DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m really curious to find out what are the ‘favorite spots in Europe’ you are going to include in the tour :)

NYC. Oh, wait! You’re already here! 😉


Los Angeles please :)


Another vote for Louisville, KY on your book tour.

Hi Matt,

It is always fun to start a new year with so much anticipation. I enjoy following your escapades, and have a few of my own to look forward to as well. It is among the free spirits of this world that I find a form of companionship, even when only virtual, that I can find with no other group of people. So, here are a few of my plans for the upcoming year. I just became an associate writer for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. I will be the Travel and Living Abroad Expert. Yes, I am a boomer! I also will publish my third book this year. I will be studying Spanish at the Malaca Instituto and reporting back on the ups and downs of the boomer learning curve. Thailand is on my list of places to go as well. Video content will be a big part of what I do now, as I will be collaborating with a media group who wants to follow my adventures. I continue to reel with shock and awe at the opportunities that abound for those of us who relish a true adventure.

Cheers, Matt, and happy new year…………………..

Come to Milwaukee before July 2013?? Your 2013 sounds amazing! We leave for our RTW trip July 2013!!!

Simonne Macadam

I don’t care which city, because as long as it’s in New Zealand, I’ll be there!


Hi Matt,

Shouldn’t you broaden your category “Returned home from a long trip and re-adjusted to life” to “Returned home from a long trip”? I mean it will be comforting to know the good stories of re-adjustment, but I think it wouldn’t harm potential ‘nomads’ to know that it can also be very difficult to re-adjust.



Haha so I’m guessing New Jersey isn’t on your list but I’m close to NYC…see you there!

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! It sounds like 2013 is off to a great start for you. All the best with the book tour, the new app, being a tour guide and working on things that may have been put on the back-burner.



One vote for Baltimore, MD or DC!


Come to London, UK!

Wow, you achieved so much Matt!!! You have great plans for 2013, good luck!

Jen D

You MUST come to DENVER!!!!!!! :)

I would really love to try out the Android app! My email is maxrabbit AT streamingfreebies DOT com :)


New Orleans or Baton Rouge!

Will the app also help you predict your spending ahead of time? In other words, we often visit islands in the Caribbean and each one we visit, our dollars go further than others. It would be cool to be able to compare and make decisions prior to booking.

Just tonight, I stumbled on your blog and all I can say is wow! This is the best travel blog I come across with, ahm next to mine! LOL! That one is a BIG joke. Truth is, I realized how pathetic my blog is compared to yours. And because of that, I need to improve it. This travel website is my inspiration. Seriously, your blog is great! And I know I must bookmark this!


Thanks for such kind words. This didn’t happen overnight and took years to build so just start now!


St. Petersburg, Fl for the book tour!

i am also excited about what the year 2013 in store! but whatever it is! bring it on!!!:)

Why are you just launching it in US? Come to Europe! :)

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