What I’ve Been Doing Since I’ve Been Home

keyboard for bloggingFirst, I’d like to tell everyone: don’t worry. I am not giving up traveling, nor am I giving up blogging. After I wrote about ending my nomadic ways, my inbox and social media streams were flooded with questions and concerns. However, don’t worry. As I said at the end of that blog post, the only change in my life is that I am no longer going to be a nomad. I am going to have a home base and I’m going to put down roots — but I am still going to travel and I am still going to blog about it. Already during my time in Sweden, I am planning visits to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Jordan, and the Arctic. And in two weeks, I’ll be touching down in Tokyo for a two-week tour with G Adventures.

But now that I am no longer a permanent nomad, what am I doing with my life?

After returning to the United States, I spent a week in Las Vegas with friends. It was a good way station back into the states. A good adjustment period. For the past week, I have been home at my parents’ house outside of Boston. Life in suburbia has actually been quite busy. It’s tax time in the states and I have been busily going through all of my 2011 receipts so I can figure out how much I spent and can deduct. I’m pretty sure I am going to get walloped in taxes this year; I don’t look forward to getting the bill next week.

When I’m not buried in my receipts and crunching numbers on my adding machine, I’m writing. I’ve started the editing for my novel and that is taking up much of my time — plus I have a head full of content to write about and I’ve been busily writing blog posts. The next few weeks will be a tidal wave of travel stories, tips, photos, and advice.

This coming week I’ll be applying for my 6 month Swedish visa. Over the past few weeks as I’ve researched how to stay in Europe longer than 90 days, I’ve learned a lot. It’s all going to be put together in a long blog post for those of you considering a long-term stay in Europe; I just need to hear back from a few more embassies on their procedures first.

This weekend I will be in New York City for four days before I come back home and get ready to visit Japan. I leave on the 21st of April for two weeks and then I spend another week in South Korea before heading back to Las Vegas.

What else is going on?
I’ve been updating a lot of my old travel tips with new information. So if you are traveling soon, these pages have just been updated for you:

How to Get Travel Insurance
How to Find Cheap flights (and the opposite post on why cheap flights might not always be great)
An In Depth Guide to Round the World Tickets
Picking a Travel Backpack

Note: Are some of these posts filled with affiliate links? You betcha! I don’t really write blog posts selling you stuff so those posts have affiliate links that earn me a commission whenever you buy through them. They are companies I use myself but by shopping through these links, you support this site – at no additional cost to you. In fact, come check out my travel store and buy the products I use on the road. After all, web hosting isn’t free! :)

On the net, I’ve recently written guest articles for Hostelworld and StumbleUpon.

I’ve updated my book on “How to Make a Successful Blog” and now offer two hours of one-on-one coaching session as part of the package. You can check that out here.

Now that I am home, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of writing and projects I have planned. I didn’t realize how much stuff I’ve put off the last few months until I came home and made a list. But being in suburbia has allowed me to lock myself up in my parents’ house, sit down undistracted, and actually get things done.

There’s a certain satisfaction in being productive but I know in two weeks time, when wanderlust comes over me and I can’t take being still any longer, I’ll be boarding a flight to Japan, ready to take my first “vacation” in years. And that is something I am really looking forward to.

  1. Sounds like a great transition period on most fronts. FYI, I was up in the Norwegian Arctic last summer, and it was so well worth it. Seeing polar bears in the wild (and in our case, we even saw cubs)…well, I’m sure you’ll write a post about how spectacular it is :)

  2. Is the novel going to be an ebook, or a full-fledged book? Either way, I’m sure it’ll be a well written piece of literature. Best of luck on all your endeavors!


  3. Dana

    Good luck, Matt. Very envious you can shack up with your parents temporarily, rent-free I assume. I don’t have that option, or I’d be doing it to save more money for travel!

  4. Jay

    Matt, from what I know, you can overstay your Schengen visa and fly in that area without any trouble. Don’t you think this can extend your stay years if you want? I’m sure you’ve met many people who overstay their Schengen visa without any problems ever. Especially if you are American.

  5. This is one of the busiest travel “plans” I’ve heard lately, so I’m sure you’ll have plenty of material to keep updating this site. Iceland and the arctic are some of my biggest travel dreams, so I look forward to reading about them and seeing your photos. Glad you keep on living in your own terms, whether it means being a nomad or having a home base.

    • NomadicMatt

      I’ve been dreaming of Iceland for years. I’m going to go in the fall in order to catch the Northern Lights when they are peaking near the solstice.

  6. my husband & I live in Vegas – I love your posts. We are on the road 2-4 months each year, after having lived in NZ for a 18 months.

    next time you are in vegas, maybe we can grab a drink. I lived in New England for 5 years, too.

  7. also, we are checking our Malta as a place to relocate – great location, low taxes, international feel, lots of English & I can practice my Spanish and bone up on some Italian. Ever been??

  8. Briannagh

    Hey!! You should totally go scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan! I lived there for 8 months in 2011 and worked as a Dive Master/Instructor… amazing!!

  9. Can’t wait for your post about long-term stay in Europe! 😀 I’m planning on moving to there this fall (most likely Germany) and am planning on living in Europe for a few years (at the very least!).

    The thing I love about Europe is how easy it is to travel around once you’re there. Hopefully I’ll get to visit Sweden as well! I have some friends in Finland and Norway, and it’s right in-between 😛

  10. vincent

    good blog for travel and all importance tip include in this blog. I want to share a information 4 dangerous roads in the world.

  11. It will be interesting to see what form the travel bug takes after you have been on the road for so long!

    Exciting stuff about the book, how is the editing process coming along?

  12. Ohh, interested to read up on staying in EU for extended periods of time!
    I’m planning my transition from nomad/homeless to having a base myself later this year. Hopefully that doesn’t keep me from traveling.

  13. I’ll be waiting for the blog post regarding long-term stays in Europe as an American! I accquired a student visa in Austria that needs to be renewed every year as long as I’m going to school, but I’m looking for other alternatives.

  14. Hey Matt, glad you are settling in well! I’m sure the transition is hard, but much needed after being a nomad for so long! Nothing wrong with having a home base, I’m sure all of the awesome adventures will continue, just not for such extended periods.

    Eager to read how the Swedish Visa research played out, hope the upcoming trips are gnarly!

  15. Nomadic Matt not being a nomad anymore? I just don’t know what to think any more. Up is down, white is black… haha. Glad to see you’ll still be travelling the world!

  16. Great breakdown of the rumors out there. What about (I don’t have high hopes for this one) the two passport trick. Even the US will give you a 2-year passport if, say, you’re planning on going to Israel and Syria or something similar. If you left the Schengen Area within your 90 days and returned to have your second passport stamped, would you be in the clear? Is there any way of linking both of those passports to you and getting snippy? (If there was, I imagine it wouldn’t work for the Israel/Syria situation, which it does.)

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