Welcome, New Readers! (What I’m All About!)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gained a lot of new readers through a plethora of conferences and lots of guest posts around the web. So as I go on vacation this week, I wanted to take some time to say hello to all the new readers of this site and let them get to know a bit about me and the site.

What’s Nomadic Matt all about?

In 2005, on a trip to Thailand, my whole life changed. I met five backpackers who showed me that I didn’t have to be tied down to my job or be rich to travel. How? By just existing. I had never even considered the option of long-term travel before I met them. I knew it was for me.

After that trip, I went home to Boston. I decided to leave the rat race and explore the world so I finished my MBA, quit my cubicle job, and, in July 2006, I set out on an adventure around the world.

I’m still going.

This website is here to inspire you the way those five backpackers in Thailand inspired me. I’m here to show you that it’s possible to travel long-term without a lot of money. People always tell me how much they would love to do what I do, even if just for a little while. I’m here to tell you that you can. I’m here to show you how you can. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Forget what the magazines say about travel and that “budget” hotel for $100 USD per night! I am living proof they’re all wrong. If I, a lazy guy from Boston, can make this travel thing affordable and work for me, you can too!

Where can you connect with me?





Where should you start planning?

Below you’ll find links to some of the best articles on this website. These articles will help you plan your trip, give you insight into my philosophy on travel, and give you something to do at work!

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Destination Advice
For specific destination advice, visit my travel guide section. You’ll find information, things to do, budget travel tips, and money-saving tips for over 200 destinations from around the world. It will be the easiest starting point for country- or city-specific information. These guides also point to relevant blog posts.

This blog is 100% free, and I don’t solicit donations. Read to your heart’s content, and if you want to support the site, you can book through the companies listed here, which helps keep the lights on at Nomadic Matt HQ. (But that’s up to you!)

My goal with this site is to keep people out the door and traveling better. So while I’m on my cruise this week, poke around the site, read, leave a comment, email me any questions, and I’ll see everybody else next week!


Nomadic Matt

  1. Hello Matt:

    Great post… I am one of your blog readers. I have gained more inspiration and ideas to drive interesting posts on my blog.

    I blog about my windy city Chicago. I am not pro like you but have been good about writing posts as it comes.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Ashley

    Hi Matt.

    I had a similar experience as you. I traveled SEA for three months as my first OE and Thailand changed my life. I am now back home in Montana to finish school and plan my next trip to South America. I am ready to travel for as long as possible but find my head clouded now that I am back home. I will use your blog to remind myself about how I felt while I was away, like anything was possible, material things are of little need and I was the happiest I have ever been. At home I am struggling with being on a different path from my family and friends and no longer wanting the “American Dream”. I knew exactly what I wanted out of life while I was in Asia but now America is making me question the way I felt. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. Help me stay strong while I finish my last semester of college and remind me why I never wanted to come home!


  3. I really appreciate the things you’ve been sharing with the readers – your awesome experiences on your travels, great place that we didn’t know until you featured them and all sorts of good vibes and other traveling tips. Keep up the good work Matt! More power to you!

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